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  • 304 Stainless Steel+TPE
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • ✔ [EXCELLENT MATERIALS] This Ice Grips with 19 stainless steel spikes offers excellent traction and grip on snow, icy and slippery conditions. And high quality silicone--Flexible, non-ageing, recyclable material promises you a durable and safe winter outing companion. Feel free when shoveling snow, hiking, Jogging, mountaineering and walking your dogs on trails etc.
  • ✔ [MORE SAFE AND DURABLE] The link of our crampon uses welding chain and more stronger stainless steel chain. This ice traction cleat would give you more confident while walking on the ice or snow. Our ice cleats would not rust and would more firm and durable., which can keep you safe and injury-free.
  • ✔ [EASY TO WEAR ] Proprietary silicone provides a flexible, lightweight, all-day traction solution. They fit easily and securely over your own shoes or boots . Easily slip-on around footwear in seconds. You can easily fit it on your shoes and easily take off when don't need.
  • ✔ [WIDELY USED&UNISEX] Suitable for various kinds of sports/hiking shoes and boots, mountaineering boots to use on angled terrain, ice roads, icy driveway, mud and wet grass, dangerous sections of trail, etc. Our ice cleats is very great for trail running, hiking and ice fishing. Whoever male and female of any age of teenagers, adult, elders can use it.
  • ✔ [SIZE CHOICE]19 spikes Ice cleats: Medium-(Women(6-10)/Men(5-9)/EU:37-42) Large-(Women(8.5-13.5)/Men(7-13)/EU:40-48) 8 spikes Ice cleats: Free size-(Women(4.5-11)/Men(5-9.5)/EU:35-43)


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Ice Cleats Muti-functions
a. Rock Climbing b. Cross the River c. Outdoor Sport d. Snow Walking e. Swamp Walk f. Mountain Climbing g. Cave Exploration h. Mud Walk

1.material :
-19 stainless steel spikes+TPE / -8 manganese steel spikes + TPE
-Thicken silicone, not the general TPR rubber, highly elastic and won't tear or snap
2. Cold Resistance: -45°C
3. Ice cleat fit boots, sneakers, casual and dress shoes
4. Spikes offer excellent traction on ice and snow
5. Put on and take off just 5 seconds.

SIZE Choice Guide

19 spikes Ice cleats:

8 spikes Ice cleats:
Free size-(Women(4.5-11)/Men(5-9.5)/EU:35-43)

1. Traction Cleats ONLY, shoes displayed in pictures are NOT included.
2. This is an outdoor mountaineering auxiliary tools, please do not use it as a professional rock climbing tool or other tools. 
3. For oversized shoes or boots, we recommend purchasing one size larger than your normal shoe size. 
4. After each use, please keep clean and dry before store it.

Product Warranty:
We promise money back in 30 days if there is any questions you have. If you like the ice cleats, click 'Add to Cart”

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Since we're in this odd 60 degrees on Christmas instead of White Christmas weather, I have no idea if these will work... looks like they will.. perhaps, IF the climate changes don't create more of a problem (like budding Midwestern plants in December...) I'll be able to toss them on and walk to local venues... but, until then, they're hanging in the bag they came in (didn't realize they came in a bag - good surprise), next to the dog leashes. Hopefully I'll need to use them soon... snow/ice is NORMAL for some parts of the world... and when it's NOT there - something really bad is going on ....

After a heavy snow on Tuesday a co-worker came in with chains on her boots. I thought "Wow!" I live in Denver and we get a fair amount of snow. I'm older and always afraid that I'm going to fall. I even asked my daughter if she wanted a pair. She said, "Yes." They arrived a daay or two after I ordered them. We had a lot of snow the next day. I wore the chains and I loved them! I had no fear of falling and felt so much safer and totally confident on the snow and ice.

This thing works! While people fall around me. I was able to walk on ice as I hike without an issue. A must if you walk on hike and go up and down hill. Be sure to spray wd40 when done using to avoid rust

I like everything about these cleats. Easy to put on and off and very strong. I can run in them and have without worry of slipping on the ice (Houdini dog escapes again!) It comes with a little carry case so you can tuck in your backpack, etc. It was a great price too.

The product meets the description. They are easy to put on and the large size ones fit my hiking shoes perfectly.
The rubber band is very strong , the spikes ains are sturdy . they are a little bit heavier than the pair I bought before(same price range), but the quality is much better and seem to have more grip (based on the design, yet to test on ice/snow)

These really have great traction out in the ice. But, don't wear them on hard surfaces. They are like skates on tile. Ok, not that bad but I did slip some on tile. These go on my boots and stay on until the ice is gone.

Purchased these for those super icey days. So far they are great. Only had them for a couple of weeks so I will keep you posted if it changes. They are well made and very easy to get on and off the boots. Because they are crampons and not a screw or the springs, I think they work lot better because of their ability to bite into the ice.

I bought these after a bad fall on icy pavement. The medium size fit perfectly over my chunky boots and I felt comfortable wearing them when I went to clear snow from my driveway which had ice patches under the snow. I also like the fact that they came with a nice pouch so I can carry them with me. I’ve recommended them to several friends.

I bought these for my husband after he slipped and fell many times this winter when out and about doing his everyday chores. They are heavy duty and actually have chains and spikes so he can even walk on our steep hill with no problem. Easy to put on, but to save time I just put them on one pair of boots so he can doesn't have to deal with putting them on and off. I should have got them sooner...a must for anyone walking around in icy conditions. Hasn't slipped since and is very happy about that!

The "free" size appears off. I couldn't get them over the top of my boots.Found it very difficult to put them on ,and even when I got one onto the upper edge of a boot,the cleat fell off when I took a few steps in the snow. My boots are Sorel XT, this shouldn't matter given the pair {non cleat, walker rated}these replaced always stayed on on the same boots for seasons.The 3 stars are for the quality, really liked the silicone used,the carry pouch,and the orange is nice in case they come off .

Pas facile à étirer mais ils tiennent bien en place. Avis pour vos planchers: les crampons sont en pointe de flèche et non pas des petits cylindres.
Remarquez la broche à droite sur la photo. Elle va à l' arrière de la chaussure. Sinon la plupart des crampons se retrouvent dans la cavité en avant du talon.
Une fois que vous aurez réussi àà les installer; je crois que vous serez satifaits.

Excellent product, I can walk in the ice and I feel safe and I do not slip and slide and lose my balance

Really well built, tested several times and worked great.

Works really well... I can literally run on ice with this grippers.
Works well in ice slopes and ups. I recommend for this item.

Bien satisfait. Merci

I used them for winter hiking.

These got me safely though the Khumbu Icefall on the approach to Everest. Okay, just kidding, but these are some serious ice cleats, not like the ones with tiny steel or tungsten studs that are stretched over a shoe or boot and eventually lose their elasticity. These are like tire chains strapped to your feet! I got them just at the end of this winter, just before a freezing rain storm that turned my sloped driveway into a bobsled run. They were easy to put on, either before or after putting on my boots, and the adjustment strap made the final tightening easy. Should the rubber on these stretch, they will never be loose because of the adjusting strap.

The cleats are deep enough to cut through a layer of snow to reach and grab the ice below, something the ones with the little studs can't do. I dried them as soon as I was finished to avoid rusting. If ever they get rusty I will use the battery charger method to get them shiny again!

My boots are fairly thick, heavy rubber but I can imagine that on soft, moccasin-type boots they might be uncomfortable, on the bottom and top, so rigid boots are the way to go with these.

The steel spikes on these ice gripper are very aggressive, meaning they spikes have an average depth of 1cm. Their effectiveness depended on the terrain. They worked well in snow or snow/ice combinations. However when ice fishing we notice on sheer ice found that they were often dug in too much and could cause tripping if not careful in fully lifting feet. Though the chain hookup between plate spike holder allows for some flexibility when walking, on some terrain like gravel they could be difficult to wear,either cause foot to wobble from uneven ground or dig in too much. The silicone web that goes over top of the boot/shoe hold very well plus there at additional canvas straps to help hold in place. On first couple of tries the silicone web was difficult to stretch to put on but that may due to arthritic hands. Therefore putting the cleats on the boots before actually putting on the boots was the solution, just had to make sure to do it while outside which can be a problem in the cold. The ice grippers look well made and have used them in -30C weather and the silicone part did not harden up or crack which was a majority concern. When tried out, they did not feel heavy footed, did not seem to slide or slip off and none of the chains let go or broke. Comes with a small but decent zippered carry pouch. The size we have is a M and works well on ladies 6 to 9. For myself, a smaller size cleat depth that did not dig in as much might have worked better.

These ice grippers are top notch! The chains are welded, and the teeth are sharp enough to dig in well, but not sharp enough to cut yourself easily. I use these for fishing steelhead in the winter, where one is fighting icy banks, and icy slippery rocks while in waders. I still have a pair of Corkers I bought many years ago, and they have served me well, but they are very heavy. These new ice grippers are quite light. Stretching them on to your boots (or waders, in my case) was a bit tricky. The ones I received for this review were mediums, which is supposed to fit up to my size 9. My advice would be to order the large, which fits 9 and above, and it will be a lot easier to put these on.
There is a velcro strap that goes over the foot to hold the crampons on. Easy to mount and adjust. They feel very secure when walking, and don't shift or slide on your foot. These are a definite winner!

My wife does a lot of rugged hiking in all kinds of conditions, so she has cleats similar to this. My son and I have needed to use them on occasion, but he's less experienced than I am.

As with similar cleats, the spikes and silicone band stretch out to fit your boots or shoes. This does require some effort, but you'll want that as this will keep them on better.

There is a velcro strap that you attach separately that will hold the cleats in place and prevent them from coming off and getting lost (I've been on too many trails where I find other people's cleats to know this is a MUST).

The quality of this product is quite good and they perform well outdoors on both ice and frozen paths.

I wish these came with some kind of carrying bag as the spikes don't allow for easy storage or carrying in a backpack.

These ice cleats by Samyki don't come with instructions, which a terrible idea for someone who may not know how these go on or how to attach the support strap. This is especially important because if you don't put the support strap on properly, you may end up tearing the silicone and ruining these cleats.

Overall, a great product, especially if you're on a lot of ice.

These crampons appear to be well made and the sizing chart is pretty accurate. I ordered Large (rated at men’s size 7-13) and take a size 13 show… they fit but definitely as large of shoe as I could get under the spikes.

I originally planned to leave the crampons installed on my old size 13 Sketchers shoes, but found that they fit so tightly that they deformed the shoes. They also fit on my size 12 (UK) Steel-toed Blundstones which is much better – the Blundstones have support in the areas where the elastics squeeze, so there is virtually no deformation.

Installation is straightforward, but the rubber needs to be stretched over the sole of the shoes. I wouldn’t recommend frequent install/removals – instead (as mentioned), I’ll be dedicating a pair of older Blundstones to these crampons in the winter. The rubber is not clearly marked with “front” – check photos online for proper installation – I put one on backwards without realizing it… it was very difficult to get over the heel.

There are two clusters of spikes. Under the front of the shoe is a cluster of 4 separate pieces consisting of a total of 12 spikes. Under the back of the show is a cluster of 2 separate pieces consisting of a total of 7 spikes.

The problem with this style of spikes is that you can’t walk indoors (even at the front door), and you’ve got to be careful not to gouge the plastic around the car door (if you put on before getting out of the car). Nothing unique to these particular spikes, but something to be aware of.

The spikes grip packed snow and ice extremely well. Also included are Velcro straps to prevent the spikes from separating from the shoes – I lost one of the Velcro straps but the spikes have stayed in place without issue so far.

Overall, this is a solid set of spikes but due to the strength of the elastic, I recommend putting them on fairly rigid boots to avoid deformation.

I've owned 3 pairs of this style of ice cleats and probably a half-dozen of other less aggressive styles that you typically see in local stores at this price point.

This type of ice cleat is definitely the best if you're looking for grip on an icy surface including glare ice and is the only style that has never fallen off my feet during wear. That said, the major downside is that these are awkward on clear pavement and you can't wear them on any interior floor surface so you just have to decide on your main use case. I usually wear these to clear our rural driveway of snow and they're an absolute lifesaver.

These ice cleats are made exactly the same way as my favorite pair of ice cleats I've used for 2 full seasons now. The double links on most connections to the elastic part are not only stronger but also easier to put on. And actually, this pair is by far the easiest to put on thanks to a more stretchy rubber part that fits around the boot and an oversized pull tab at the back. These ice cleats also came with a couple of tightening straps and a nice zippered pouch.

I would also say that the sizing is roughly accurate. My wife's US9W winter boots are on the small side for these clips while my size 14 mens boots are on the large side.

Overall, these definitely get two thumbs up, especially from my wife since this is the only pair we own that she can out in by herself! On other pairs the elastic part is just too stiff for her to stretch them onto her boots.

If you get these, just pleasemake sure to hang these to dry and/or spray them with some silicone to minimize chances of them rusting. I've learned this lesson the hard way as I had my original pair rust out a few years ago during the summer because it was stored in a ball rather than hanging on a hook.

I'll update this review if these ice cleats die prematurely (yes I really will! I check back on my reviews often and provide updates where products die or many folks find the review helpful).

Another pair of cleats that’s smaller than it says. At this stage, it occurred to me I’m doing something wrong maybe (they don’t come with instructions) but I found a video guide for identical cleats and I am doing it right. These, we were at least able to get over the shoes, but not the boots. However, they were so tight they were malforming the shoes and it was difficult to stretch them that far in the first place.

We both wear size 10, so both on size ten women’s and men’s, the large size wouldn’t fit. I would recommend it for a size seven, maybe eight. What’s shocking is they claim to go to a size 13, which is just not accurate in the slightest.

I have no idea how everyone is getting them on their huge boots, but I found they just didn’t stretch well enough, even when pulling my absolute hardest. Maybe it depends on the style of boot you have, we have clunkier, totally waterproof snow boots.

Apart from not fitting, they seem well-made. But I don’t recommend them for larger sizes at all.