ODIER Shoe Ice Cleats 24 Teeth Ice Grippers 10 Teeth Cleats Shoes Designed for Walk on Ice Snow and Freezing Mud Ground Must Have Accessories for Outdoor Sports Activity Accessory


  • Easy to Use: The product is made of elastic silicone straps, you can easily fit it on your shoes and easily take off when don't need.
  • Multipurpose: Designed for outdoor recreation and outdoor work in cold weather. Walking on Freezing lake/river/mud road/grass ground/snow.
  • Sturdy in Low Temperature: Still works very well under 0 degree, you can wear it for ice fishing/ice walking/hiking/clamp hills/running and so on.
  • Widely Compatible: This cleat fit business leather shoes/boots/sneakers/casual shoes and etc.
  • Please be aware of these without a verify purchased lable reviews, some malicious competitors is try to misleading you. We are reporting this to Amazon Team.


Brand: ODIER

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ODIER ice cleats for winter activity

Material: Silicone, Plastic and Steel.

Size for "10-Teeth-A"
Small---5.1*7.3 inch (US WOMEN:5-7/ US MEN:3-5);For Children
Medium--- 5.7*8.5 inch (US WOMEN:7-10/ US MEN:5-8)
Large--- 5.8*9 inch (US WOMEN:10-13/ US MEN:8-11)
X-Large---6.3*10.2 inch (US WOMEN:13-16/ US MEN:11-14)

Size for "10-Teeth-B"
Small---For Children (US WOMEN:4-5/ US MEN:2.5-3)
Medium---5.1*7.3 inch (US WOMEN:5-7/ US MEN:3-5);For Children
Large--- 5.7*8.5 inch (US WOMEN:7-10/ US MEN:5-8)
X-Large--- 5.8*9 inch (US WOMEN:10-13/ US MEN:8-11)

Size for "24-Teeth"
Small---5.1*7.3 inch (US WOMEN:5-7/ US MEN:3-5);For Children
Medium--- 5.7*8.5 inch (US WOMEN:7-10/ US MEN:5-8)
Large--- 5.8*9 inch (US WOMEN:10-13/ US MEN:8-11)
X-Large---6.3*10.2 inch (US WOMEN:13-16/ US MEN:11-14)

NOTE: 1. Please choose the right size for your shoes/boots.
    2. Don't use ice cleats on cement or tile floors.

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  • ASIN: B076Z8DSTK

These are a knock off of "Stabilicers". I have owned a pair of stabilicers for at least 3 years now, but they are slowly beginning their down turn though I still use them often; so I ordered a set of these. The rubber mold on these is far inferior, it is literally the consistency of a very, very weak rubber band. These may be good for say...ice fishing with no more than an inch or 2 of snow. Any snow deeper than that and the slight friction of your foot steps "rubs" them off your shoe/boot SUPER EASY!!. Do not be fooled by the convent rear tab to help pull them on because it is a marketing gimmick. Please do not order these and spend $3 more for the real deal "Stabilicers"!!!

I got these as a gift from my friend. I was worried though because I wear a 7 to a 7.5 which is why I never buy shoes online. Anyways I got the small one and my friend who bought them put them on for me (I wanted to make sure I wasn't putting too much stress on the rubber cleats. Nope perfect on my Sketchers sneakers which also have a Dr. Scholls (sp?) custom insoles. It all works perfectly. I am disabled and I live in New England. So when I HAVE to get out.. I can. I've had 14 surgeries one, was snapping my foot completely off my ankle. After that, I broke my other ankle foot femur hip and knee. And 2 broken shoulders I didn't know I had broken cause of the pain just from snapping my femur. Anyone older, or disabled... Or shoveling all that we go through in winter - these will help you. For 20 bucks? They easily come off any shoe. I also have traumatic vertigo from 10 concussions. So for me walking on spikes and not a flat surface is difficult for me but I always feel unstable. Ice makes that hard. Standing on metal spikes I feel much safer. I also use a Hurrycane - you can get it anywhere now but I bet Amazon has it cheaper. If you need one, I assume you might feel more comfortable, At least safer. I think anyone who needs ice melt - you should buy these; Mens and Womens.

While I love the way these cleats grip the ice they can easily come off. Because of this, I lost one so I'm going back to my Yaktrax Pro. The Yaktrax Pro have a strap that goes over my foot so I've never had a problem with them coming off of my boots.

One of the spikes came off and is lost after wearing for just one week. They don't quite fit as well as some I have had in the past.

Update: the evening after this review in which I said the fit was not good I realized one of them came off while I was out and it has become lost. I will attempt a replacement.

They keep falling off of my boots. I have lost them multiple times and then I have to go back and search for them. I wouldn't recommend.

Easy to use, but flawed design.

With the teeth only being on the front and back, it offers NO arch support, and the arch tends to sort of "sink" between the sets of teeth. Which for someone like myself with arch problems, makes it less comfortable. This also makes walking on clear/snowless/iceless areas awkward.

Also the teeth wear down pretty quick. They do the trick for a hand full of good wares, but then they start to turn to nubs. Gaining less and less traction with each wear.

they'll really grip the ice and you won't have to worry about slipping outside. i wear a size 10 or 10.5 shoe which should've fit a large based on the sizing table, but they're super tight. consider ordering a size up. while they will keep you from slipping while on, they provide zero help when they squeeze off your shoe while you're out and about which has happened a few times.

This is my third pair of cleats and is the best by far. I dont know how long they will last since part of my 1/2 mile walk to school is on concrete but that applies to all types of cleats i have used. the 'replacable spike ones are much more wiggly on concrete and they tend to fall out. these are much more stable on the hard surfaces. LIving in the north of South Dakota i have lots of icy patches to contend with that randomly appear on the sidewalks so these are a must.