MEILAN X5 Wireless Remote Control Smart Bike TailLight Rear Light Automatic Brake Light with Turn Signal Light USB Rechargeable Safety Flashing Light Fits on Any Road Bicycle


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  • 【ULTRA-BRIGHT LED BIKE TAIL LIGHT】MEILAN X5 bike tail light has 30 LED lights bright enough to be seen from 150ft away in foggy/rainy day or even in dark night. Unique ground laser lane warns any possible incoming vehicle, giving the rider their own virtual lane, further increasing visibility.
  • 【WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL 5 +1 MODE】Switch the bicycle tail light in different modes by the four buttons on the wireless controller, Total 6 Modes are Red lighting mode (Super brightness / Normal light / Flash lighting mode / Turn left / Turn Right /Laser line).
  • 【AUTO BRAKE LIGHT & TURNING LIGHT】Simply turn on right/left turn signals through the wireless remote control. Automatic emergency brake lights and ground laser lane alert get drivers' attentions from several blocks away, securing your safety when riding in traffic.
  • 【USB RECHARGEABLE】Our riding rear light with 2200mAh USB rechargeable Battery, only takes 2 hours to be fully charged and keep running for 8 hours on the flashing light mode. The remote control 's battery can keep working for 18 months without replacement.
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bike turn signals

Meilan X5 Bike Taillight with Wireless Remote Control

Have you ever own a smart bike tail light with automatic brake light? Just like a car back taillight, but it is cheaper and smaller?

A smart wireless remote control on bicycle handlebar that you can choose left/right turning, emergency flashing, dual side laser line on the ground to alarm the cars or pedestrians to keep a safety distance from you. Such a cool & smart bike tail light will help you catch more attention at night to keep you safe!

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meilan x5 bike tail light

bicycle turn signals

bicycle turn signals

Ground Line Alert

After pressed the "laser" button on the remote control, the two wings of the bike taillight will project two laser lines, which will alert other vehicles and pedestrian to expand your safe riding range.

IPX4 Waterproof

Made of an waterproof plastic casing, it can effectively protect this product from rain damage.

Note: It may not be suitable for use in heavy rain.

USB Rechargeable

No more hassle of changing batteries. Just connect the rear light to your power bank, car changer, or AC outlet adapter for a quick charge.

Please use the original USB cable to fully charge it before using it for the first time.

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bike tail light with turn signals
Package Content

1* X5 Bike Taillight

1* IR Remote Controller

1* Tail Light Holder

1*Mounting Bracket

1* Rubber Strip

1* Rubber Band

1* Charge Cable

How to Install the Bike Taillight and Remote Control?

Install the Taillight on the Bike Pipe

Install the tail light holder on the seat tube and use a screwdriver to tighten the screw.

Insert the taillight into the tail light holder.

Install the Taillight under the Bike Saddle

Insert the taillight into the mounting bracket, put screws through the hole and put them under the bike saddle.

Install the Remote Control on the Handlebar

Use the rubber band to fix the remote control on the handlebar

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  • Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 5 x 1.7 inches ; 9.9 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 10.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B075PYDN5V
  • Item model number: X5
  • Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Not one bad thing to say except make sure you identify the on and off tiny switch on the right side of the light frame. If you don’t turn it on, the remote cannot possibly work! When you charge the light, it lights up and you think it is on qnd ready to connect with the remote. Not so! The light is what is says it is and does. I love it and bought two for each of my bikes and motor vehicles notice me well at night. The turning signal is a must function here, but I use every function. The speed sensing stop light function does not work for me on either light I bought, but I can turn it on manually.

Bern using this for one year and the durability and battery is excellent. This light is full featured and very bright. The laser projection adds extra level of safety and remote control works very well instead of hand signals leaving only one hand on the handle bars. I think it is well worth the cost over regular blinkers for all the extra safety features. Excellent product would buy another.

 A sturdy little device with a cool design. The light and laser make riding the bike feel like driving one of those motorbikes in Tron. It takes about 4 hours to charge up and should last for several days of intense use. Don't forget to take it down after use though. It's pretty easy to steal.

Excellent functionality with versatile installation! My biggest issue is finding a tail light that mounts in other locations besides the seat tube. The under-seat rail bracket allowed me to mount this on the rearward-most point on my bike - baggage rack. Very sleek design and perfect for my early morning rides. Turn signals are fantastic as well!

Super Bright, Perfect for my ebikes

I was really stoked when this item arrived. I was pleased that this light came with a mount that attached to the saddle rails as opposed to the seat post as I have a detachable splash guard which attaches to my seat post and having 2 items on the seat post was a bit of a squeeze. I was also stoked about the wireless remote as I sometimes would begin my ride and forget to turn on my rear light and I hated unclipping from my pedals and stopping to turn my light on. With this if I forgot I could just use the remote.

So here's my issue with this light. You initiate a long press of the single button on the light to power it on. It comes on in solid mode. Press the button once again and the light enters flashing mode which is what I use. The first day I used this I got it mounted to my saddle. I had charged it the night before. I power up the light and put it into flashing mode. Its nice and bright and looks good. I run through all the turn signal functions and all works as it should. I run in the house to grab my coat and helmet. When I come back out the light is in solid mode again. I press the button and it goes back into flashing mode. I head off on my ride which lasts an hour and a half. When I get off my bike the light is in solid mode again. At this point I'm beginning to have a slight concern but don't think it's anything serious. On my next ride which lasts just over 2 hour the situation was similar. I put the light into flashing mode and then go inside to get ready to ride which takes about 10 minutes. When I came out to ride the light is in solid mode again. This the when I get home the light is off completely. Not ready to give up I bring the light in and charge it overnight. I go on a 2 and a half hour ride the following morning and when I get home the light is completely off again. I have now reached my conclusion. This light is simply a piece of junk. I cannot recommend that anyone purchase this.

Very good tail light for my bike
Very bright.easy to install.I put it on my rear rack if you don't have
a rack you can put on your seat post.I recomend covering the light sensor with black tape
sensor turns light on automatically at night.light won't work during the day unless
you cover the sensor. instructions
say you can do that when you you cover sensor light stays on until you turn it off.

If you are NOT going to use the turn signal, it's OK. But you can get that functionality for $17 less. In testing it out the turn signal it would reliably indicate a right hand turn. However, when subsequently indicating a left hand turn, the light does not indicate a left hand turn but merely cycles through the various light modes. (solid, flashing, etc.)

Additionally, the left/right buttons are so small that it was easy to hit the flashing mode switch instead . Also, during testing I was looking at the remote with the light sitting right next me. I would never be confident around cars that I was properly indicating my intentions. Also, around cars, you should never have to look down to make sure you're hitting the correct button. I have a recumbent bike with all kinds of flashing LED lights. I will use the traditional left/right hand signals to indicate my intentions. I want all my attention on looking out for cars not fumbling with a tiny remote device never knowing if the correct mode or direction is actually being indicated to the cars around me. Just not safe.

J’ai eu un peu de difficulté à contrôler avec la télécommande mais je suis heureux du résultat je me sens plus en sécurité car la lumière est très brillante que ce soit dans la ville ou en campagne .

très heureux de mon achat. exactement se que je chercher finalement. bonne intensité lumineuse après avoir installer wow im happy now very nice mercii beaucoup

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