JOYSTAR Pluto Kids Bike with Training Wheels for 12 14 16 18 inch Bike, Kickstand for 18 inch Bike (Blue Red Orange)


  • DESIGN FOR KIDS - 1. This bike comes with stable training wheel early rider. 2.Quick release seat simplify the height adjustment. 3.Saddle with holder to learn riding when the training wheel is off. 4.Foot brake suitable for young rider don't have enough power to manipulate the hand brake.
  • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE - Made of premium steel to survive the bumps of learning, the durable steel frame is backed by our limited lifetime warranty. The bike comes with black tire & single speed, only little maintenance needed due to the simple design.
  • DIY DECAL & SAFE CHAIN GURAD - Your child will get a DIY decal, they could make a unique bike with the decal by sticking their name on the frame or chain guard. The chain guard well protects the chain, it will last longer than other bikes, your child will not get hurt when try to touch the chain.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - The children bike comes with 85% Pre-assembled body and the basic assembly tools, only pump needed for tire, normally takes a novice about 20 minutes to assemble it. If you have problem about assembly or the bike, please contact us.
  • RECOMMENDED SIZE CHART - 12" BIKE FOR 2-4 YEARS (33"-41") TODDLER, 14" bike for 3-5 years (35" - 47") child, 16" bike for 4-7 years (41" - 53") boys & girls, 18" bike for 5-9 years (43"-59") boys & girls. Note: child height may vary even at the same age, please take the height into consideration.



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Riding a bike is one of the best parts of growing up, and JoyStar offers a full lineup of kids' bikes to start making memories.

From the first wobbly strides on the balance bike to the first time hitting real singletrack, our all-new kid's bikes are designed to create amazing first rides - and second, third, and seven-hundredth rides as well.

Unique Bike for Your Beloved Little Hero

Ideal Option for Beginners

Starting early is the key to teaching your young ones the joys of bicycle life, and there's no better way to do so than with our JoyStar Kids Bike.

Bring Joy and Fun

Our goal is to bring joy to the young generations and hope they are growing with love and care. Our bikes fit for boys & girls 2-9 years old.

Quality Gurrantee

Every bike comes with unique serial number on the frame to track the quality information, the sturdy bike frame gets throught rocky and bumpy terrain.

  • DIY Sticker to name your bike
  • High-tensile Frame
  • 85% assembled body
  • Full Cover Chain Guard
  • Resistance Rubber Tire
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low maintence

bike frame

bike seat

training wheels

Minimun Maintence

Come with singlespeed, easy for the little one to manipulate the bike and only need minimun maintence

Sturdy Steel Frame

Tough HI-TEN steel frame is durable and elegant, easily survives the multiple bumps.

Parent Helper

The saddle comes with a holder, for parent to grap and help their little heros to start exploring new world.

Training Wheels

This extra help in the balance department will support them as they learn to master two wheels.

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Bike Sizing Chart & Installation Guide

Bike sizing

What is JoyStar's purpose?

Bringing Happy Riding

The time has come to teach your little one to ride, and you want to make it a great memory. You're looking for a bike that's comfortable, durable, and fun. Simplicity and adjustability are key, and you want to be able to pop off the training wheels and adjust the fit of the bike easily when the time is right.

Let’s ride together!

SILVER BIKE blue bike black bike beige bike lavender bike pink bike JOYSTAR TOTEM JOYSTAR WHIZZ JOYSTAR CRUISER JOYSTAR RETRO JOYSTAR STARRY JOYSTAR ANGEL Available Wheel Sizes 12-inch 14-inch 16-inch 18-inch 12-inch 14-inch 16-inch 12-inch, 14-inch 16-inch 12-inch 14-inch 16-inch 14-inch 16-inch 18-inch 12-inch 14-inch 16-inch 18-inch Age Range 2 to 9 years 2 to 7 years 2 to 7 years 2 to 7 years 3 to 9 years 2 to 9 years Frame Material High-tensile Steel High-tensile Steel High-tensile Steel High-tensile Steel High-tensile Steel High-tensile Steel Tire Type 2.125-inch Pneumatic Rubber Tire 2.125-inch Pneumatic Rubber Tire 2.125-inch Pneumatic Rubber Tire 2.125-inch Pneumatic Rubber Tire 2.125-inch Pneumatic Rubber Tire 2.125-inch Pneumatic Rubber Tire Brake Options Coaster Brake, only 18 inch bike with hand brake Coaster Brake Coaster Brake Coaster Brake Coaster Brake and Hand brake Coaster Brake, only 18 inch bike with hand brake Gender Boys Boys Unisex Unisex Girls Girls Drivetrain 1-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed 1-Speed Colors Available Silver Blue Black Vintage Beige Lavender Fuchsia Training Wheels 12 Inch 14 Inch 16 Inch 12 Inch 14 Inch 16 Inch 12 Inch 14 Inch 16 Inch 12 Inch 14 Inch 16 Inch 14 Inch 16 Inch 18 Inch 12 Inch 14 Inch 16 Inch Kickstand 18 Inch NO NO NO 18 Inch 18 Inch kids bike

Brings JoyStar Riding!

“Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” — Mark Twain

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I bought this for my 4 year olds birthday. It's sturdy, rides well and he loves it. You have to assemble it and the instructions aren't great but it was not difficult. My son is a very average size for a 4 year old and it fits him perfect. Very happy with my purchase!

**2 years later and my son still loves it. He’s almost ready for the next size. The company reached out to me shortly after leaving my original review and let me know that the handle bars were backwards so we fixed that right away.

We got this for my son's 4th birthday. He said he wanted a really fast, orange bike. Well, this fit the bill. He was so excited to see it put together. Really good packaging and instruction. It even came with a cute little booklet with a bicycle diagram for learning the parts of a bike, as well as a whole sheet of alphabet stickers so they can put their name on their bike. Adorable! There were enough stickers to put my other son's name on his bike. It is very well made, solid, sturdy construction. Even comes with a little bell for their handle bar. Perfect!!

We bought this for our 4 year old son to be entertained during this COVID19 quarantine and so far it’s working. It was easy to assemble and it is very sturdy. We originally bought a $48 Walmart 12” bike and it was very cheap so we returned it. I love that it has a handle on the seat to help with guiding and stability. The one complaint I have is that the seat is extremely slippery. It could be that my son happens to own a lot of slippery material shorts but it has become a source of frustration. He is trying so hard to learn how to pedal but his booty keeps slipping back or off.

Over all very happy and we believe the slipping issue will be resolved with cotton shorts and more practice.

This bike is great. Very high quality. Very easy to assemble, as far as bikes go.

The instructions are terrible. The didn’t even make a book for this model. All the different bikes they sell are jammed together in the book and you have to hunt through it to find what you need.

As someone in the publishing and printing business, I can tell you they are just being lazy. They could easily produce a book for each model of bike.

Other than the pathetic manual and instructions, the physical bik is exactly what I wanted to give my son. He loves it and has been riding every day it’s not raining.

You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, one last thing, a critical part had fallen out of its package, but was luckily rattling around in the main box it came in, so beware of that too.

Ok. Here’s the deal. I bought this bike as a gift for my nephew’s 3rd birthday.
We have been taking him to the local BMX Ramp Park with his Strider bike for a few months, and it seems that he’s ready for a ‘pedal bike’ - so, here we are.

I wanted to get him a bike that looked similar to the BMX stuff that the bigger kids at the Ramp Park ride, but didn’t think it was a smart idea to drop $300(+) on a ‘real’ (Fit Bike Co, Kink BMX, etc) that he is going to grow out of in like a year.
All of the inexpensive 12” bikes tend to look pretty ‘childish’ with all the stickers & crazy I decided to simply modify one of them to fit what I wanted for him.

Anyway. I grabbed this bike, and upon unboxing, I just eliminated all the nonsense I didn’t like. I took off the chain guard & used a grind to remove their mounting tabs. I cut-off the silly hand grips and replaced them with inexpensive ‘true’ BMX style units. I pulled-off all the ‘silly’ stickers and swapped them for ‘real’ BMX brand logos. Finally, I took off the dumb reflectors from the wheels.

Now he’s got a bike that ‘looks’ like a true BMX Park bike - and it ended-up costing me about $10 more than the price of the bike (and about $200 LESS than a Fit Bike Co).

Anyway. Build quality seems really good for the money. Assembly was super-easy & tools required to do so are all included with the bike.

All-in-all. It’s seeming like this was a good purchase.

* note: Attached pictures do not reflect the ‘out of the box’ product. As stated above, this bike was modified to suit my wants/needs.

My husband put the bike together before I got home so luckily I didn’t have to. The instructions are lacking a bit, but he was able to figure it out. My son has not had a chance to ride it yet, but it appears to be a nice, sturdy bike. I wanted to leave this review because after reading the product description I thought for sure the 18” bike would not come with training wheels so I purchased them separately. I spent a solid 10 minutes looking over the page, the photos, and reading the Q&A’s. Well, to my surprise training wheels were included. I have to return the wheels I bought separately, but I get my money back so I’m not complaining.

I purchased the 18" bike for my grandson and, as other reviewers have mentioned, the instructions were not completely helpful and not very detailed-- but it was easy enough to figure things out as I went along the assembly process. (I watched the video that the seller posted on the item page but the video is for the smaller bikes and the assembly is a bit different. I hope they will consider uploading a video for assembly instructions for the larger bikes). This bike is solid and really nice looking. Even though the 18" bike came with a kickstand, training wheels were also included which is great for a child who hasn't completely learned to ride on two wheels! Overall I feel this was a great purchase and will be a big hit as a Christmas present for my grandson.

Good quality. Bike is a bit heavy for our large 3 year old but he has figured it out. A fast walk will keep up with him for now as he can only maintain faster speeds for a short bit. Lots of indoor and outdoor riding and it has held up. Bought a kids basket for the front and the kid loves it. Easy to assemble, training wheels came loose at one point but I added a little lock tight and non issues since. I recommend it for the price, size, and durability.