Thirty48 Elite Compression Socks Women & Men Graduated 20-30mmHg for Running, Athletic, Flight Sock - Performance & Recovery


  • Made with 57% nylon, 25% lycra spandex, and 18% nylon. This high quality material blend ensures flexibility and reduces odors. We understand that each foot has its own curves and features. That is why each sock is designed specifically for the right or left foot for optimal fit and comfort. For correct sizing, MEASURE the CIRCUMFERENCE of your CALF [S/M is for a CALF 9-14 inches; L/XL is for a CALF 13-17 inches; XXL for a CALF 16-19 inches]
  • PREVENTS INJURIES & IMPROVES RECOVERY: Lower leg pain and leg cramps are the leading cause of abandoned jogging routines. Compression socks can help prevent shin splints, aching muscles, and post workout soreness. Our compression socks enable more oxygen to reach your muscles which is scientifically proven to improve leg muscle recovery. Some people use our compression socks instead of foam rollers after working out, or in place of compression sleeves during leg exercises and weight lifting.
  • NOT JUST FOR ATHLETES: Thirty 48 compression socks will sooth your legs and feet during air travel by improving blood circulation and by preventing blood clots. They are also great during pregnancy, for nurses, or anyone who is on their feet for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, our socks can be used to treat, and to help with symptoms of, varicose veins, metatarsalgia, ankle swelling, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other medical conditions.
  • BEST COMPRESSION SOCKS: Our premium quality compression socks make a great addition to your workout gear for running, cycling, basketball, football and many other sports that force your blood to pump quickly.


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Graduated Compression Compression Sock

Thirty48 - Science + Technology

We strive to deliver the most advanced athletic socks you have ever experienced. Through extensive research and development, we create state-of-the-art, moisture wicking and synthetic blends for every environment. Our premium line of athletic socks allow your foot to breathe, provide support where needed, and contour to the shape of each specific foot for an experience like none other.

Great for All Occasions

The average person walks 3-5 miles a day during their job, which can be 5,000 to 10,000 steps. Many people endure aching legs and feet that ruin all motivation to exercise any further. By using our compression technology you can improve your recovery rate and prevent injuries that commonly occur during moderate to intense exercise.

Graduated Compression

Graduated Compression (20-30mmHg)

Enhances Blood Circulation: Compression dilates Arteries bringing oxygen-rich blood to muscles and increases velocity of veins removing deoxygenated blood.

Reduces Injury: By supporting the entire calf, impact vibrations from your stride are minimized, reducing the chance of injury. A great way to reduce Shin Splints, Aching Muscles, Pulled Muscles, Blisters, and DOMS and Post Workout Soreness.

Supports Ankle and Mid-sole: With an increase in pressure around the Achilles and plantar ligaments, your muscles stabilize for peak performance.

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No More Pain!!

Runners and Athlete

Nurses and Doctors

Gym and Weightlifting

Travel and Hiking

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Moisture Wicking and Breathable

Minimal Thickness, Maximum Durability: With precision stitching and blending techniques, Thirty48 Compression Socks achieve an unprecedented level of breathability and resilience.

Premium Quality Design: Nylon resists Bacteria Colonization, reducing the Risk of Unpleasant Odors and Infection for a safer adventure every time.

Moisture Wicking Pattern: Between the tracks that line the socks lie pockets of air that separate sweat from the body. Less sweat between you and your socks = more traction and comfort.

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Precision Quality and Longevity

Performance Socks

Premium Material


Maximize Your Performance

Thirty48 Elite Compression socks provide 20-30mmHg compression to maximize your performance during workout/exercises and recovery during post workout.

Our Product Team design the socks to fit the contours and features of the left and right leg to strengthen muscle force and movement efficiency.

Premium Material

57% Nylon, 25% Lycra Spandex, and 18% Antibacterial Nylon.

Thirty48 Elite Compression Socks are made with premium materials to ensure their durability and comfortableness while wearing them.

  • Stretches to support your unique contours
  • Stays tight without choking circulation
  • Odor resistant and Premium Quality Nylon


Elastic garments worn around the leg, compressing the limb. This reduces the diameter of distended veins and causes an increase in venous blood flow velocity and valve effectiveness. Compression therapy helps decrease venous pressure, prevents venous stasis and impairments of venous walls, and relieves heavy and aching legs.

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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Package Dimensions : 7.1 x 5.2 x 0.9 inches; 2.4 Ounces
  • Item model number : ECS1BKG
  • Department : Mens
  • Date First Available : April 10, 2018
  • Manufacturer : Thirty48
  • ASIN : B07C2ZMYD3
  • Best Sellers Rank: #33,211 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #18 in Men's Sports Compression Socks

I bought this product because of the compression and i work on my feet. I needed something a little stronger than what I'd buy in Walmart. So? I bought these. I got the correct size for what I wear and OMG they are just too tight to wear. I can get them on but they cut off the circulation in my legs and hurt like the devil. (and might cause a blood clot instead of keeping you from having one!) Now. granted. I have bigger legs because I'm on my feet working and they do swell sometimes.. but the over all tightness of the product just keeps me from being able to comfortably wear them. I think they're more for folks that have skinny legs..*younger folks that play sports maybe? But for an old geezer like me...I can't do it. BUT!! It's not the company's fault they don't fit me...they checked back a few days after i received my product and asked how they were. They've been nothing but cordial...and show that they care about their product. IS it made well? YES! I got the PINK ones and they're also quite pretty for "compression" socks. However? I just can't wear them. I think it would help to have some sort of *disclaimer that says, "If you have bigger legs? Order a size up...or these socks are for "THIS CIRCUMFERENCE" leg at the calf ...etc. Would I buy them again? (IF they fit correctly? YES) but as they are" no...they're laying in the floor in front of me and I'll probably never wear them again. Giving them to my sister!!! (her legs are smaller. LOL)

I love these! I’ve worn them on a 13.26 mile & a 13.95 mile walk the last 2 Sunday’s. This upcoming Sunday (11/11) I’m doing the Mission Inn Half Marathon. Can’t wait! I’ve been wearing compression socks for years ~ these are by far the best EVER! I’ll definitely be ordering more!
UPDATE: I wore these socks yesterday in the Mission Inn Half Marathon and set a PR! Last night and this morning, while sore as usual, not nearly as much as in the past!
PS: I ALSO LIKE THAT THEY ARE MADE FOR SEPARATE SIDES! One is labeled for left foot & one is labeled for the right foot! This gives you much better support on each foot than you’d get with a “one sock fits either side!”
I STILL USE THEM & LOVE THEM! I own several pairs.

Very good quality for a reasonable price. I have a medical condition that requires me to wear at least 20-30mm compression socks pretty much every day. I’m in my 40’s and prefer the look of athletic compression stockings (rather than the medical appearance of the ones made for edema etc...). But, the compression quality of the blue and black pairs of the Thirty 48 brand of athletic socks is just as good in my opinion, as any of the medical brands. They are far more comfortable and easy to put on than the medical grade stockings too. I did notice that the most recent time that I purchased the socks, the sizing options were different than they had been in the past. There used to be three or four size choice options, but the last time I purchased, there were apparently only two size choice options. I got the smaller of the choices, but that size was still larger than the smallest size I had previously purchased. It worked out okay for me (womanwith a size 8 foot) but, if you are a particularly petite woman, I’m not sure that the socks will be tight enough if there are just the two size options. I’m a little heavier now than I used to be, so the small/mediums size is working out for me now, but if I was 20lb lighter, I think I woul need the option of the smaller size that was previously available. That had been one of my favorite things about the brand- that the smallest size fit my somewhat shorter-than-average and thinner-than-average calf size at that point in my life. Now, the smaller of the two sizes is fitting my foot and just barely avoiding being too tall for my calves. But, I think this size might have been too big if my calves were still very thin. For me, these socks are s great fit, great value. I have pairs that I have had for four to five years, and they are still in quite useable condition with good compression and no holes despite many years of wear and many many trips through the washing machine..... so VERY durable and long-lasting. Lastly, these socks don’t cause itching for me! Any of the medical-grade products seem to be constructed of a material that I find very itchy after wearing all day. These socks still have a very elastic-feel, but don’t cause the itchiness that I,personally, find is common among the medical-grade stockings/socks.

These are made of what I wanted in a summer compression sock. Not nuts about the looks, but I don't wear them for looks. I wear compression near 24/7 for medical reasons and these work and are very comfortable. I have 25 pairs of different brands and have thrown out at least that many. So, I have real experience in what works for my needs, and what will last. These get my full 5 stars, which I don't hand out easily!!!!!!

Well made. Good quality material. They feel wonderful on my legs and feet. Great value on amazon, they cost much
more on their website. I walk quite a bit in my threadmill and suffer from
Plantar fasciitis and I need some good compression socks that also support my arches. I would highly recommend these socks.

These socks are labeled with “L” and “R” for Left and Right. They are thick, soft and fit tightly which is why they are compression socks and it provides a comfortable fit for tired legs and feet. I often drive three hours a day so the doctor recommended compression socks. They have provided relief for my tired legs.

I purchased 2 pair of the THIRTY48 Compression socks. They will not even stay up for 5 minutes while walking through the airport. You will have to stop and pull them up about every 2 gates you pass in an airport. These were brand new socks and both pair worn for the first time. Terrible to have Compression socks that will not stay up above your ankles for more than 5 minutes. I wish we could have a negative stars for products like this.