TSLA Men's Cool Dry Fit Mock Long Sleeve Compression Shirts, Athletic Workout Shirt, Active Sports Base Layer T-Shirt


  • Designed for all seasons (Releases heat and wicks moisture with a cooling effect)
  • Mix of Polyester & Spandex. Excellent elasticity with enhanced range of motion.
  • Non abrasion fabric material with excellent elasticity and durability
  • Moisture Sensing/Quick time Dry/TWO-WAY Air Circulation.
  • Safeguards your skin from harmful UV rays by more than 99% (UPF 50+)


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2-Way Moisture Wicking

  • Quick dries after wash and even when sweating and wicks moisture
  • Designed for excellent ventilation and breathability, dissipates heat easily.


All-season Baselayer designed to be worm throughout the year.

  • Wicking +++++
  • Breathability +++++
  • Compression ++++
  • Comfort ++++
  • UPF50+

Ergonomic Pattern Design

Body Geometry Fit R&D engineering with lab tested approval for maximize mobility and top tier fit

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Product details
  • Package Dimensions : 8.5 x 6.7 x 0.6 inches; 7.13 Ounces
  • Department : Mens
  • Date First Available : June 17, 2020
  • Manufacturer : Tesla Gears
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #6,246 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #21 in Men's Sports Compression Tops
    • #22 in Men's Base Layers
    • #1302 in Boys' Fashion

I am 90% happy with the item only because the back of the collar is black not red, small thing. Item is otherwise as expected also as exactly as shown by seller.

My husband loooves these! Great Christmas gift.

Excellent quality. Especially, for the price. Much better than under armour for the price. Get this brand and be able to buy more. Really impressed with the fabric material quality.

The material is soft, smooth and silky. It's also very durable. Great for jiujitsu and MMA trainers. The length is nice and long. The colors are so bright and vibrant. Fabric doesn't move around during jiujitsu. Quality, smooth, durable martial and colors.

Of note: This isn't the thickly lined material that guys wear for MMA. In the case of the shorts models, this is the under armour-type garment that you would wear under MMA or exercise/fitness shorts. I wish this company also made the thicker, designed to be worn alone, MMA or fitness style layers. Of course, tops can be worn alone.

My husband does wear these tops alone or the shorts, above silky sport boxer briefs, "alone" to places like hot yoga and sometimes to jiujitsu no-gi. He always wears these under his gi. Great layer for under gi's.

My husband is 6'2", 210-215lbs, long and lean, 32-34 waist, but broad-chested and muscular. I got him the large in both these shorts and the long-sleeved top. They fit perfectly. He normally wears a large in fitted, stretchy athletic wear like this. So it's true to size.

I have purchased four of these shirts. They were all extra large, as previous reviewers said that you should order one size larger than normal. This order seems to be a little larger than the other extra larges.

Then I looked through all my old orders and noticed that some of these compression shirts have slightly different numbers and titles, so while they look alike other than color, there are differences.

For example:
1. Men's Mock Long-Sleeved T-Shirt Cool Dry Compression BaseLayer MUT02
2. Men's Mock Long-Sleeved T-Shirt Cool Dry Compression BaseLayer Top Athletic (mut 12)
3. Men's Mock Long-Sleeved T-Shirt Cool Dry Compression BaseLayer, Zero Block (t12)
4. Men's Mock Long-Sleeved T-Shirt Cool Dry Compression BaseLayer, Zero Block (mut32)

They are all on the this page in one form or another. The first 3 fit the same despite the entirely different model numbers at the end and slightly different descriptions. The 4th is slightly looser. Now I am confused as to what I will get if I order another one. It is not baggy, and is completely usable, but it is just loose enough to notice the difference.

i live in arizona and looove these shirts. they are thin, great for layering or not at all. when hot, i dont show the sweating areas and cool off easier while having some sun protection.

they are thin, so i use woolite, gentle cycle and hang dry only. if you care for them properly they will last awhile.

they make me look like i have some fashion/style sense when i really have none ;)

only thing is sizing. i had read many reviews before buying so had a heads up ;). im a medium sized guy, but buy the 2xl size shirt. no idea where these are made, but i can overlook the tag for a great all around shirt.
i wear them mainly when horseback riding

This is definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. I was looking for this type of shirt to wear under my uniform. It works perfect. It’s just like having an extra layer of skin. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an athletic workout shirt. As far as the pricing goes that was right on point as well. Please let me know if they go on further sale because I will order more now even before I wear through these. Thank you again.

Initially, I was a little skeptical about how good a compression top I could expect for roughly $14.00. However, after using for two days as a base layer when running, I am pleasantly surprised. Overall, I see this as being better suited for temperatures in the 30s-and-up, versus the low-to-mid-20s, like the last two mornings. The fit and movement were excellent and comparable to Nike Pro-Combat and UnderArmour ColdGear. In fact, I liked it enough that I ordered a second one.

I used this as a base layer for the North Face Borod 1/4-zip, the temps were 22 and 25 degrees respectively and I only felt the cold slightly, until I began running. Although this is a compression top, it is not a garment intended to be worn by itself, especially in colder temperatures. A thermally-insulated layer would be required on top of this in order to maximize the performance.

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to brand names, this would be it. While I can't speak about long-term durability, I am pleased thus far with the results.

I got this a part of a Mr. Incredible costume for a party along with some compression red pants. The shirt was a bit long but I'd rather have it long than short. It fit like a glove and I was quite surprise that given the very thin material I actually got a bit warm in it. I will be using it for undergarment during the cold winter months with another shirt over it. I like the fit of the long sleeves. The black thread things were not of any interest to me and I don't care one way or the other for them. It fit as I expected it to and while I won't wear it a lot the construction and seams seem to be of decent quality. Overall, very pleased.

A something of a compression/base layer shirt connoisseur, I found the Tesla shirt to be nothing short of its description. I do agree with other reviews that say you have to go at least one size larger, if not two for a looser fit. I like the design of these shirts and will probably buy more. Not bad for a product unrelated to Elon Musk.