ELITA ONE MTB Carbon Fiber Downhill Handlebar 660/720mm 3°/9° Rise Ø31.8mm Carbon MTB Handlebars (Blue 272×350mm)


  • The ELITA ONE Advantage: From ELITA ONE many years of OEM product technology accumulation,We understand carbon fiber better.F2C's sales model, bringing you better products and more competitive prices,Ultra-light design and manufacturing, Lighter riding experience
  • Rest assured material:From Japan Toray Carbon Fiber T800,Ultra light weight,Super tough,Outdoor riding, Bringing you a safe, ultra-light journey experience
  • More extensive compatibility:Φ31.8mm size Handlebar Stem clamp,Suitable for most bicycle stems;660mm/720mm(Flat /Riser ) Width,Riser: approx.3°/9°, keep you in a natural riding position and reduce pressure of your wrists and shoulders.
  • Suitable for MTB, road bike, fixed gear bikes.Clamp diameter:31.8mm. Bar end diameter:22.2mm.weight:680mm(155±10g),720mm(168±10g)
  • ELITA ONE Tips:Please choose the right size for use,Avoid unusable experiences,One year warranty provided by the manufacturer ELITA ONE,During use,Product breaks,We offer unconditional replacement,Refund service



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Born in 2010, ELITA ONE carries a beautiful mission, "beyond the limits",Enjoy the ultra-light experience of mind and body,We are more responsible, ELITA ONE insists on full carbon fiber design and production.We always consider product rigidity and extreme safety.Young us,Have different pursuits,ELITA ONE insists on providing you with ultra-lightweight carbon fiber.Extremely safe product,We hope to provide high-quality ultra-light accessories and bicycle service for the majority of bicycle riders.We are always committed to providing quality and competitive price services.

From our 8 years of product technology accumulation,Market insights,We insist on being different,Young us,Be more inclusive and absorb better ideas,Carrying dreams and highlighting the colors that young people should have,Join us and realize more dreams,Traveling in a distant journey, not the same direction, different scenery.

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Additional Update:

STILL no replacement sent - this company sells dangerous products and then blatantly lies about how they will resolve matters and put them right.


I received this eMail in response to the online review but, as of today (5+ weeks later) NOTHING has happened:

"Hello: xxxxxxxxxx
I am sorry for the inconvenience of your riding. This seat post has some defects in design. We have stopped production. We have already produced another seat post using full carbon fiber [sic]. If you agree, we can send it for free. You have a new carbon fiber [sic] seat post, it is very light and very strong
Kind regards,"

I've taken the time to fully document this matter as it is not simply an inconvenience or unnecessary cost, it is potentially exceedingly dangerous.

This seat-post was acquired to replace an aluminium one fitted to my 'winter bike', something which made the ride somewhat harsh. Given it only gets ridden in the worst possible weather, since I purchased the seat-post last year the bike has been used approx. 20 times (verifiable on Strava!)

As it hadn't been out since the beginning of the year (i.e. winter 2019) last week I took it out in moderately wet weather to double-check all was OK on a shortish 30-mile ride. Thank Heavens I did!

As I sat back down onto the saddle, after pulling off from stationery at a staggered junction (across a main road), the saddle fell off as the entire cradle assembly fell apart. The thread on one of the (alloy) rail retaining nuts - all of it - had sheered, allowing the bolt (steel) to pull straight through.

Thankfully I only lightly bruised my backside on the exposed seat-post and, because of reasonable MTB bike handling skills, I stayed upright ... but thank Heavens there was no traffic approaching on that road or it would've been more than pride that was hurt!

This week I took the failed and remaining nuts to a machine shop to see whether I could get 2 new ones manufactured in steel (as the product is over 1 year old and I just know the excuses and B-S I'll likely receive from the retailer/manufacturer and/or Amazon) and several of their experienced machinists who examined it stated:

i) The nut should not have been cut from that particular alloy - it was too weak for its intended purposes. Its use demands a weight limit on the rider;
ii) The washers were inaccurately machined and they too were of an unsuitably soft alloy (see photos); and
iii) They did not believe the nut had been reamed with the correct size tool as the hole (even allowing for the 'missing' thread depth) appeared oversized.

As you can see from the photos, the curved washers are clearly damaged and there is a perceptible 'lip' on the failing nut where the metal has been stressed. A bike shop simply responded with "...well!? What do you expected from cheap rubbish?" Vested interests aside, they have a point!

I'm under no misapprehension that sometimes one pays your money and takes your chances with unbranded Chinese imports and, for that very reason, I seldom take the chance; however, given the infrequent use, short distances covered and the fact I'm not rough on my bikes and clean them frequently - not to mention I read as many reviews as possible concerning products from this manufacturer - I did not expect this type of catastrophic and highly-dangerous failure.

My advice: beware - whilst this is not a justification of the old adage:" You get what you pay for", in this case the engineering lacks credibility and the other old adage 'caveat emptor' definitely applies.


absolutely tremendous. lasted me a while now and i have had no problems with it. the one i received was so light weight and ridiculously sturdy

Feels quality...haven't fitted it yet. ..but feels expensive