Bike Valve Adapter Set, Presta Valve to Schrader Valve to Presta Valve Converter Bicycle Tube Pump Air Compressor Tools,3 PCS


  • Different adapters can be used to adapt unsuitable valves to air pumps or filling station compressors.
  • Sclaverand and dunlop on schrader/sclaverand on dunlop/schrader on dunlop (contains a non-return valve)
  • All bike valve adapter use 100% copper, good quality, durable and prevent rust!
  • O-ring of bike valve adapter using environmentally friendly imported rubber, internal thread using Japan's Fu Shisi made into a smooth thread.
  • Package Included: 1*PRESTA to SCHRADER valve 1* SCHRADER to PRESTA valve 1*PRESTA valve Expansion adapter


Brand: wollcocer

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Material: 100% copper
Color: Gold / Silver
Condition: Brand new
Package Included:
1 * PRESTA to SCHRADER valve
1 * SCHRADER to PRESTA valve
1 * PRESTA valve Expansion adapter

Product information Package Dimensions 4.57 x 2.87 x 0.55 inches Item Weight 0.458 ounces Manufacturer Wollcocer ASIN B01M3XXRMM

Both adapters worked well with all the pumps I've tried them with so far. I'm not sure what the longer Presta valve expansion adapter is for, but the two parts I care about are fully functional. I store the two adapters together in my bike pouch along with a patch kit for extra versatility on rides.

Presta Tire Valve to Schrader Pump:
Open the tire's presta valve fully, then carefully slip the copper adapter past the valve and onto the threads to not lose air before pumping. From there, get the adapter finger-tight so the valve can be pressed by the pump pin.

This adapter doesn't leak air when attached, so it could be stored on the stem when not in use. However, I would recommend taking it off and closing the presta valve when it's not being used to prevent the presta valve from leaking since they can be a little touchy when open.

Schrader Tire Valve to Presta Pump:
This adapter slowly releases air while it's attached, so have your pump ready to go if you don't want to lose air before pumping. This also means it can't be left on the valve stem when not in use. Once the adapter is installed, you can put your finger over the presta hole to prevent air from seeping out before you attach the pump. Once the tire is inflated, remove the pump and put your finger over the hole while unscrewing the adapter to prevent unnecessary air loss.

Good quality. Economic price. Twice the value. Fits my road bike and my mountain bike. Not to mention the many other inflatable items around the household.

Buy a fancy bike pump that only works with presta valves only to come home and see you have a schrader? Well that's what I did, and this works fine. The schrader -> presta adapter does let some air out. But if I had wanted peak performance out of my bike, I wouldn't be such a cheapskate would I?

long time coming - just what I needed though

it fits my need properly

Works fine. Should have been sold in pairs.

It took a slow boat from china but the price is right and I got more than I needed.

exactly as described works perfectly

This solved a problem for me connecting an old pump tube to a bicycle tyre of a different kind