Kolo Sports Bike Pannier Bag | Durable & Waterproof Nylon with Extra Padded Foam Bottom & 3 Side Reflectors | Shoulder Strap Rack Rear Trunk Tote Bag | Strong Velcro, Zipper Pockets & Bottle Case


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  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL BICYCLE GEAR BAG: If you are looking for the most multi-functional and easy to carry around travel bag, then we got you covered. This bicycle saddle bag is designed to satisfy even the most demanding biking needs to the fullest and will certainly become your favorite on the road companion no matter where you are going either by bike or on foot!
  • DURABLE NYLON & WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION BIKE BAG: Kolo Sports has meticulously designed this portable bike bag from high quality Nylon fabric. Forget all those poorly made Polyester bags and trust our durable and water resistant bike trunk organizer. The bottom bears double cushioning padded foam so as to enhance the support and keep your belongings absolutely safe!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN BICYCLE STORAGE BAG: Our pannier bag is made in such a way so as to be extremely ergonomic and comfortable to use. It is equipped with 2 zippered pockets to keep your most valuable stuff inside like iPhones, cameras or cash and credit cards. The strong Velcro will keep the bag where it belongs and the spacious interior compartment will hold anything that comes in mind. The side water bottle case has an elastic drawstring that will secure your bottles in place.
  • BICYCLE REAR RACK BAG FOR VERSATILE USAGE: This bag can be used not only when you are riding your bicycle but while walking, shopping or picnicking with your friends. Besides the durable Velcro straps that will securely attach it behind the saddle, this bicycle gear bag can be used as a tote bag from the top handlebar or as a messenger bag via its shoulder strap! It’s simply all up to you!
  • UNISEX BAG FOR VERSATILE USES IN A SLEEVE GIFT PACKAGE: Try today our unisex rear rack black bag which is suitable for both men and women and even children and make a thoughtful present to a friend. Take it along at beach excursions, hiking with friends, camping in the woods, picnicking in the park, field trips and to many other occasions. It comes in a nice sleeve packaging and is a wonderful gift idea for a dear friend or a beloved family member.


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Bike Pannier Bag



  • Forget about cheaply made bike bags that would fall apart after a while!
  • Forget about small rear rack bags that cannot hold a thing.
  • Forget about saddle bags with messy installation and weak straps!
Invest in a Kolo Sports bike tote bag today and find your peace of mind again! Crafted
from high quality, reinforced and waterproof Nylon, you may rest assured that this bike
pannier is ready for some heavy duty use!
Fill it with all the things you need and off you go. Being generous in size and thanks to its
many compartments, this rack bag can carry all the absolute essentials.
Its ergonomic side water bottle case keeps your water bottle, energy drinks, smoothies,
shakes,or coffee tumbler in place, no matter how rough the ride is.  


Save your precious time and energy with a smart Kolo Sports bike bag!
It is extremely easy to install via its durable Velcro straps.
Worry no more about bags falling down. Worry no more about losing
your precious belongings. We’ve got you covered.

Adjust the well designed straps as much as you want to achieve a
snug fit. Secure the rear rack bag and pedal along!  


Explore the multipurpose nature of our fashionable bike bags today!
Ideal for bike rides and commuting to work!

Perfect for camping, hiking,hunting, fishing, road tripping,picnics in the park,
boating, pool parties, beach excursions, open air festivals,field trips, BBQ gatherings,
and other indoor and outdoor occasions.

Use it as a diaper bag or keep it at the back of your trunk in case of an emergency! 

bike pannier

bike pannier

From towels, wallets,snacks,lunch and food containers,your umbrella,books,cell phone,a water bottle to stay hydrated,and anemergency kit to your sunglasses,suntan lotion, mini air pumps, a map,or a camera!Its unisex colors and fashionable design makeit ideal for all men and women.

Upgrade OCT. 2018

Unlike other back saddle bags,our bag has reflectors on all 3 sides so as to make your rides safer and you happier!It has 3 side reflective strips that will make you visible during nighttime.Hop on your bike and feel safe again.

  • 1. Reinforced stitching
  • 2. Reinforced Insert Padding (prevent sagging)
  • 3. Extra Long Velcro Straps
  • 4. 3D Style packaging (Great for gift)
  • 5. Waterproof coating
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Stay Safe & Protected

Even At Night!

Love night bike rides either solo

or with your kids? Going to work on a

foggy day? If so, then this rear rack bag is the way to go.

Holds All The Things

You Need!

Designed to accommodate all of your needs, this tote bag is large enough yet not bulky

at all! It carries all the things you want.

Choose your Carrying Style!

Use this bag as a bike bag via the Velcro straps, as a tote bag from the top handlebar

or as a messenger bag via its comfy shoulder


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  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 7 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B01LWV07KR

This is a great bag for my work commute. This bag holds a surprising amount, but I could not fit my shoes. So I brought my shoes to work on a day I drove and left them there, now I just change into them at my desk. The rest of my clothes I can fit just fine, rolled up to save space and keep wrinkle-free. I am posting some pictures to show what I fit into it.
Picture 1 - the two side compartments I use for my wallet, lipstick, face powder, cartridge for my travel curling iron and jewelry.
Picture 2 & 3 - the other side compartment I keep my deodorant, sunscreen, other face items, ziplock baggie of wet wipes, and my travel curling iron.
Picture 4 - here's the main compartment with just my basic bike repair stuff and an extra plastic bag to put my phone in if it rains
Picture 5 - main compartment now has my rolled up work pants and top in it
Picture 6 - added bra and sweatpants
Picture 7 - added fleece lined leggings and long sleeved lightweight top
Picture 8 - last, my light nylon rain coat that folds up and fits in the hood, earmitts on top
Picture 9 - all zipped up - a little fuller than I would like. The zipper seemed to hold fine but I would guess too much overstuffing would put stress on the zipper and wear it out sooner.

I also have had no problem with the velcro straps. I was doubtful at first and carried my bungee in my bag too, just in case. But the straps hold it super secure and I've had no problems, unlike my previous canvas bag that would often slide down or the bungee would pop off if I didn't have it secured just right. I'm really happy with this bag overall.

Unfortunatly this bag did not live up to my expectations. The reviews are decent and i usually have pretty good luck following good reviews.

The third time I zipped the main compartment open the zipper pull tab came right off the end of the zipper. It was supposed to be sewn together to prevent this from happening but somehow it was not done or was not done correctly.

The biggest disappointment was the way Kolo sports handled the defect. I looked around on the amazon listing and I could not find any warranty information. I decided to write to the company direct from the Amazon site and was happy to get a response. i explained the situation and the fact that I had literally mounted this to my bike and rode to the climbing gym three times before the zipper broke. The company requested pictures of the problem which I promptly sent. Nothing but Crickets after that. I wrote again to follow up and make sure they got the pictures but again no response. Disappointing to say the least.

I have no misconception about the fact that this is one of the cheapest bags on the market and I got what I paid for. i did expect that they would at least stand behind the product enough to have a conversation about rectifying the problem. I have emailed 4 times now and continuing to try is just not reasonable. My time is now worth more than the bag cost. I would have rather left a great review about how quick they stood behind a malfunction that just didn’t make sense but that is not what the Kolo company decided to do.

Bummer, wasted money. Bag is useless with a broken zipper on the main compartment.

I'm giving this 4 stars for having some great construction. However, it's not very big. Here are my pros and cons:

- The bag stays upright and doesn't sag to either side.
- The velcro attachment straps are thick, sturdy and strong, a welcomed upgrade from other cheap bags. I tried a $16 Roswell bag before this one, and the straps were so bad they fell off the first day. This bag, however, has *really* nice straps
- Large enough to hold basic necessities, but that's it.

- Size - it's not as big as the photos would lead you to believe.
- Value - You're not really paying for a lot of bag here. The best things about this bag are the really nice velcro straps, and the fact that the bag doesn't sag.
- No expandable top. If this had an expandable top, it would be a perfect bag for the money ($25 currently). There are other bags of similar size that are $10 less than this (around $12-16).

Rode across the US (Pacific to Atlantic, 3500 miles, 2+ months) through freezing temps, scorching sun, torrential rain, etc. This bag handled itself well. Some pros and cons:

-Very durable, it really took a beating
-Versatile, the D-loops allowed me to tie some paracord to each end and use it as a day pack on our off days (I think it came with a strap as well but I didn't end up bringing it)
-Sturdy, the bag was immovable once it was strapped to the bike rack, the mounting system was very well done
-Spacious, was able to fit a surprising amount of stuff into it
-The pockets, really helped with organization

-Definitely not waterproof. Water resistant, sure. But the "waterproof" claim is certainly misleading. I went into the trip expecting this though so I bought a rain cover for it (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BTHK5U8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). Even with the cover, the little bit of moisture that got through the cover was able to also moisten the contents of the bag. However, even with torrential rain, the contents never got soaked (with the cover). Things were just very moist.

Overall a good buy, probably the best value for a touring cyclist. However just make sure you buy a cover if you're expecting a lot of rain

Ordered it on Saturday nite and got here on Monday morning, wow! Seems to be of reasonable quality and the water bottle carrier even fits a water bottle. I think that it will probably work well for the next few years. The attachments (Velcro) seem to be really secureThe zippers seem pretty good, only problem I have with it is that it's shorter then I had imagined. That 14" length seems to include the extended water bottle carrier, so it won't fit my ulock. For internal size think of maybe 8 beer cans in the main compartment. So it does work and seems to conform to what was advertised, just wish the main compartment were 2 or 3" longer

Didn't have high hope of it given the low price but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Had it for five days now and already have had three medium distance (~50km) rides with it and it stayed on solidly.

1) Smart arrangement of pockets - repair kit, spare tubes and lights on the right hand side; pump, maps on the left; bottle in the rear; food and everything else in the main compartment.
2) It's actually quite roomy despite the appearance. I put a lunchbox and a cable lock in it and there's still room for a small first aid kit. That's after I put in the "insert" to keep it in shape (as advertised).
3) The velcro straps are very strong.
4) For the size and capacity, the dimension is perfect. It doesn't sit too tall and above the seat. It also doesn't stick out on the two sides too much, if aero's your concern.
5) Shoulder strap makes it easy for a quick stop for shopping, coffee or bathroom breaks. If you don't use the should strap the handle at the top is also convenient.
6) The material is very strong, compare to some other (and more expensive) products. I expect it will last for quite some time.
7) Reflective strips on three sides for safety.
8) Shipment was extremely fast. It came way sooner than expected.

Con (if you insist):
1) The zippers may get stuck in certain places but nothing can't a candle stick solve the problem.

1) Haven't ridden with it in rain but I'm quite sure it will perform well.
2) Not sure if it's machine washable (after a rough off road ride).

Note: It may be quite a pain to take it off and put it on at every stop given the way the straps work. It may also be hard on the velcro too. There's a loop on the left hand side so that you can pull a bungee cord through it to secure the bag, as an alternative.

At the price level I don't think you can get a better product than this.

This is a well made bag. Many people will find it very useful. The only downside is for people like me who are old fashion and like to mount their bike by lifting their leg over the seat after pushing off. Seems most people like to straddle the frame before pedaling off.
If you are like me you may want to look for a pannier that sits lower with no bag above the carrier. It can be exciting when your leg gets stuck on the bag during a dismount.

Received these 2 today and mounted them on our 2 e-bikes. They are exactly the correct size and fasten on securely. Pockets are a good size and overall the bag holds it's shape well. I think they will serve my wife and I very well.

As others have commented, it is smaller than it looks in the website, but appears to match the website for Kolo when I went and looked. It is 12" long (30cm) approximately.

The zipper for the main compartment is not very sturdy for this type of product. I have my concerns about how long this will last. Kolo claims a lifetime warranty, but I would rather a more robust design.

Price seems appropriate for the quality.

This is a must-have accessory; it's also well made and spacious for a bike bag. On the ride to my girlfriend's place, I can easily pack a bottle of wine into it along with some chocolates, and that usually gets me where I want to be. You guys that don't have a good bike bag, well I guess you'll just have to drive over or show up empty-handed and heartbroken.

Really awesome. I use it as my DSLR lens bag as well sometimes. The extra padding that came with it really helps keep my lenses from getting damaged while riding.

Great bag at a great price. Side pocket holds a 7inch tablet w/cover, another for tools & lights, wallet pocket & bottle holder. Main compartment can hold a large bunch of bananas or loaf of bread, or a light jacket gloves & glasses. Zippers, velcro & material look durable. Great for shopping with my backpack or lunch. Not to big or small. Has a loop at back to clip on a light. Excellent design.

nice quality bag for the price, fits well to my bike rack, does not go on and off quickly, but it comes with a strap to make it a great meesanger type bag for when you do need to take it off. Needs a little help keeping its shape, easily fixed with a cardboard box!

Its a little smaller than you might think from the photo but still big enough to be useful for carrying things back and forth to work as I do. (Tablet, lunch bag, coffee mug, etc.) But given the price a good deal on the whole.My only concern is that the zipper on the main compartment isn't as sturdy as I'd have like to see. So I'm careful to be gentle with it. Had it about a month and OK so far.

Quality is good. Has lots of room and weather several rainy rides without issues. Water did come in the zippers a bit, but this was not advertised to be water tight. Bag itself repelled most of the moisture.

Love it, not grossly oversized yet holds everything I could want. Definitely designed by someone that cycles. The rear loop for your light is a nice touch

The velcro straps are spightly too long for the rear rack on my bike. After a few tries l managed to fasten the velcro straps in a way that worked for me. The bag is now securely fastened. Not sure if l will be able to store a jacket in the main compartment. Future updates to follow.

Extremely easy install, holds everything I need when I'm biking (air pump, tools, wallet, miscellaneous items, etc), and keeps its shape well, even after being accidentally left in a heavy rainstorm. For the price, you can't beat this!

This is a very good trunk bag! It works perfectly on a smaller rack for one of my bikes. I have a larger trunk bag that is too big for that bike. So I was glad to find this one at a reasonable price to fit my needs. Useful extra pockets and a water bottle holder too. Seems very durable.