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  • Two grocery panniers attach to the top of the rack with two metal hooks and the bottom of the rack or bike frame with a bungee and S Hook.
  • Each pannier will accommodate one full sized grocery bag.
  • When not in use folds flat for storage.
  • Dimensions: 14" Length x 9" width x 11.5" height


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The Omaha grocery panniers are perfect for a quick trip to the market. They secure to the rack of your bike with a three-point mounting system. Each pannier will accommodate one full sized grocery bag, and when done folds flat for storage. Dimensions: 14" Length x 9" width x 11.5" height

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First of all let us get this out of the way: “How big are they.” My first picture should show one of them with six (6) each two (2) liter beverage bottles. That is big and that also weighs right at 30 pounds. That bag in the picture is mounted to my Travoy trailer. A more reasonable approach for rack-mounted bags is to lay two bottles side by side in the bottom of each bag (also alleviates some of the bowing problems). One will have lots of room left on top for other things.

As much as I like these they do have a few problems:
1) No way to keep things from bouncing out of the tops
2) When loaded with heavy items the top bows out and the bottom bows in
3) Needs second handle to carry as market bag
4) Inconvenient steel hooks protruding when carrying as market bag
5) Steel hooks are mounted close to middle of back exasperating the bowing problems
6) Location of hooks can not be adjusted to fit bicycle rear rack
7) The bags are designed to be fitted to a rack that has a flat vertical plane (mine did not)

Thus I consider these to be more of a excellent starting point rather than a ready to use solution ….

I have an Ebike with a rack-mount battery. The way my rack was designed there were tubes that bent around other tubes making for a very uneven mounting surface (ebike battery racks are notoriously for being poorly designed). The only way to resolve that problem was to cut away the offending bits of tubing. This is what I had to do to originally mount the Bushwhacker panniers with the standard mounting hooks. Today I finished reworking the Bushwhacker bags to resolve most of the other problems.

I installed three (3) each quarter (1/4) inch inside diameter brass grommets  along the top front of each bag so that I would have somewhere hook bungee cords. One might also make a second handle to hook into these grommets.

My rear battery rack has two levels. With the stock hooks I had to mount the panniers to the lower rack. This interfered with inserting and removing the battery as well as being a MAJOR inconvenience. First I removed Bushwhacker's awful steel hooks. I decided to use a strip of three-quarter (3/4) inch wide fastening tape (the type with hooks on one side and loops on the other) at each rear corner and the middle of each bag. I doubled over six (6) inch long strips and put a quarter (1/4) inch brass grommet in the bottom of each strip. Then I drilled quarter (1/4) inch diameter holes through the fabric and ABS plastic that forms the rear of the bag about one (1) inch down from the top. I used quarter (1/4) inch SST carriage bolts to attach each strip. The square under the head of the carriage bolt seats into the the ABS plastic and keeps the bolt from turning. Those heads are also much smoother than the nutted bolt end that Bushwhacker had used. The three connection points close to the edges of the bags eliminates any bowing at the top of the panniers (and they are plenty strong).

Lastly I also wanted to be able to use these panniers with my newly acquired Burly Travoy bicycle trailer. I straightened the Bushwhacker hooks. Then I marked another point symmetrical to the existing mounting holes. The end holes were drilled to quarter (1/4) inch diameter and the extra material cut from the end of each bar. An additional carriage bolt with two spacer washers was used to mount the bars below the outside hook-and-loop strips. A Travoy Tie Down Strap was routed under the mounting bars.

That leaves the remaining problem of a support bar in the bottom rear of the bag to resist bowing. The optimum solution would be some sort of twelve (12) inch long tube that could be slipped over the ends of the quarter (1/4) inch diameter metal frame. Getting it slipped into place would be a major challenge.

The weight of each bag (including the Travoy straps) is now 915 grams.

I've had these for 3+ years and they've held up incredibly well with near-daily use. I've used them for everything from groceries, to sports equipment, to (this morning) carrying my 27lbs puppy to the vet. They're extremely durable, light, mount firmly, fold very thin, and are well sized. My only criticism is that they're don't mount/unmount very quickly, so I tend to leave them on my bike at all times.

These work great when they're full of groceries weighing them down, but they are not secure when empty-- even using the bungee, there's simply not enough downforce to keep the hooks attached.

On my second trip with them, one of them bounced out at the slightest bump on a well paved road, tangling in my rear spokes, and bringing me to an abrupt stop in the middle of traffic. Thankfully I wasn't hit, and the bike wasn't badly damaged, but the basket itself is thoroughly mangled. I was lucky to have extra bungees with me to secure it from doing further damage.

They are sturdy and fold nicely, but I would not recommend using them without rigging extra attachments to keep them in place. And there are much cheaper options out there if you're going to bother modifying them anyway, I spent the big bucks on these because the reviews said they wouldn't get caught in your spokes and become a hazard. Would definitely not recommend if you want something that can be removed easily and stay on securely, find something with a decent clip mechanism instead.

Fits my bike's rack, (Bontrager), nicely, needing no fiddling to make it work. A reusable grocery bag fits perfectly in each side, and they handle weight with no problem. 12 pack of beer on one side, gallon of milk on the other, with all the other groceries, works good. Just be mindful of the weight when loading and unloading as the bike can become unsteady while using the kickstand. Bottom line, they make my trip to the grocery much easier, and more productive. I like this product!

Nice and sturdy and carries a load. My big feet do bump the panniers when they are not in folded mode, if I keep my toes on the pedals, but this problem is easily remedied by moving my feet slightly forward on the pedals while carrying a load. This slight inconvenience is vastly outweighed by the convenience of carrying two full grocery bags (not counting what you can put on the rack itself). The fact that the fold flat while mounted gives the added convenience of leaving them on the bike all the time, which is good for unplanned stops at a store.

These panniers are perfect for grocery shopping. I've used them twice now and they give me everything I need. Attaching and unattaching the bags is super simple. It takes seconds to mount these. And when they're empty, they fold up nicely. Now, for the durability. These bags can hold a lot. I must have put fifty or so pounds between the two bags, and they handled it fine. The first time I used them, I definitely went overboard with the grocery shopping. I'm still relatively new to biking everywhere, and loaded up my grocery cart with the mindset of driving. However, these bags fit it all. You can easily fit a whole week's worth of groceries. The bags also feel very durable. Overall, excellent quality.

My only qualm is the handles for each bag are only on one side. It would be nice if it worked like a tote bag for easier carrying around the grocery store. This shouldn't be an issue if you just set them open in a grocery cart though.

These baskets are a good size and handy to have when shopping. However, the hooks are not idea to hold to the rack, they are too short and wide. If I hit a bump, one hook usually pops off the rack, so I'm constantly stopping to check to make sure they are still in place, and once the whole basket popped off my rack, when it was folded and empty. I had to add some Velcro straps to the back of the baskets, which seems to help.

This is very convenient to use and holds a reasonable amount of groceries. I had to add a bracket to my existing bike rack to fit the lower hook on the bags. I think some rack tubing will be too thick for the hook to attach to but there are a few simple fixes for this. I use this pannier all the time now.

can hold my backpack without problems. easy to use