Innovative Scuba Concepts Deluxe Diver Tool & Repair Kit


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  • Fits most scuba regulator 1St stage attachments
  • Crescent wrench and needle nose pliers included
  • Spare o-rings and O-ring removal tools included
  • Silicone grease
  • Tie wraps and more


Brand: Innovative Scuba Concepts

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Innovative scuba deluxe diver tool and repair kit comes in zippered Pouch and includes 2 specially developed scuba wrenches (wrenches have 4 sizes which fit most Regulator 1St Stage hose attachments), high quality crescent wrench, Phillips head and flat head screw drivers, 8 piece hex wrench set, needle nose pliers, professional O-ring tool, 8 tie wraps, 1/4 oz. Jar Silicone grease, and 10 piece O-ring kit.

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The tools are are VERY flimsy and cheap feeling, the pliers blades are rusty colored before even used, the cardboard case is extremely cheap feeling and looking, AND the case comes WITHOUT the described Silicone grease bottle described, and to make things worse, there is NO easy way to contact anyone to send the missing piece.

it's a WAY overpriced, cheap product. don't waste your money on it, you can get these items at any Lowes, much better quality for same or likely lower price ... I will be returning mine

The tools work fine, although will rust if you dont take care. My biggest gripe is that the case falls apart if it gets wet. You know, like if you use it for the intended purpose of scuba diving near the water? I did a quick dunk rinse and the next day it was all floppy and deformed. Thought they might have made the front/back from plastic NOT cardboard. Still a fine deal for the price, but COME ON GUYS!!!! My case is garbage after 2 uses.

Pros: The overall quality of the tools were slightly higher then expected.

Cons: The dual-end wrenches are slightly smaller then their labeled measurements making them useless in some scenarios.
The kit is also a little heavy (for air travel) weighing in at 1 lbs 10 ounces. my replacement kit weighs in at less then 1 lbs. Every bit matters when you intend to pack a bag with SCUBA gear all the way up to the limit for the airline.

I ordered this tool kit mostly for the light dual-ended wrenches. What I found was that the 9/16 wrench in particular was punched just barely too small to fit over the various 9/16 hoses that I tried it with. I tried this wrench with 3 reg sets including hoses from 4 different manufactures and not a single hose would fit into this kit's wrench. Just to be sure I pulled a 9/16 wrench from the garage and it fit perfectly on all hoses that I had been trying with the kit's 9/16 wrench. For me, this made the kit useless since I already have every other tool in the kit in a lighter form.

For the price has everything you would need for simple repairs of equipment when away from home or on a boat. Has only been exposed to fresh water dives so can not comment on corrosion yet. Tools included in here have helped out multiple times however. Wrenches fit all the nuts around first stages and regs. If not for whatever reason, an adjustable wrench is included. Allen wrenches work well for pro valves that need to be converted. A few o rings that once used will need to be replaced but are the common sizes for the o rings you will most likely blow. O ring picks easy to use. I added in another small o ring kit as well as tape and trauma shears to have a complete kit.

Got new reg. and after checking it out in the pool went for a dive. 200 miles from home, blew a o-ring on the tank valve and one of the hoses came lose. While I had o-rings the pick came in handy and the thin wrenches made tightening the hose very easy. Right tools always help.

The tools are of fairly mediocre quality, they will suffice for occasional replacement of the hose and some O-rings, but certainly not a professional quality. Also, the included plastic box which was supposed to contain a selection of 10 o-rings came in crushed and with no o-rings. I actually requested return of this kit, but then decided not to bother. I guess, overall quality of the product correlates with it's low price, one should probably not expect more

I’m an instructor and needed a small kit easy to take with me during trips and whenever I went diving (often) and this works great. The tools seem quality, and i’ve Already used it multiple times. You may need to add a few O-rings to the kit, and the O-ring container does open VERY easily even when the kit is closed, but overall its worth the money.

Part of my save a dive kit and it is exactly what is needed on any boat. Have used it so many times to make last minute repairs and adjustments that always seem to befall professionals and amateurs alike. Perfect set for basic dive equipment maintenance. Every professional diver should add this to their bag. Be warned, the needle nose pliers are prone to rust. Add extra zip ties and a more sturdy o-ring capsule/ziploc.

I bought this tool kit specifically for the stainless steel wrenches. The wrenches are available separately but at higher cost. The stainless wrenches are stamped out of sheet steel but they are nicely polished, they fit nicely and should serve well. Unfortunately, I discovered that many of my regulator hoses are metric so I will need other wrenches in addition to these. The rest of the tools are what you would expect: low quality but serviceable for light work.

Great little last minute repair kit. Have used it a few times and has never let me down.

Just. Recently I found a downfall with this kit but still am great full to have it. Only downfall I have found is that there is no Allan key for the DIN valve adapter. While on a dive another diver needed it and I would have thought one of that size would have been included

Perfect kit to have on hand while diving. Has the standard tools and pieces to perform most basic repairs.
Highly recommended