Speedfil F1 Bicycle Water Bottle, Hands-Free Frame Mounted Hydration System with Refill Port


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  • Allows rider to maintain an aerodynamic position while staying hydrated
  • Wind tunnel developed, frame mounted system, smoothes airflow around the frame
  • Dual splash resistant opening allows for fast, on the fly refills with minimal splash
  • Hands free drinking with the bite valve that holds fluid at the ready
  • Frame Mounted to optimize handling (low center of gravity) and minimize drag


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hydrate faster, ride faster, race faster.

Speedfil Hydration Systems are continuously tested and refined for both profesional and amateur athletes who simply want to perform at their best. These inventive and patented systems deliver hydration, aerodynamics, safety and ease of use.


Speedfil F1

The F1 Speedfil Hydration System is a revolutionary cycling product designed to enhance athlete hydration and aerodynamics. The wind tunnel developed, frame mounted system, smoothes airflow around the frame while the rider is in motion. The rider is able to maintain an aerodynamic position all the while drinking up to 40 ounces (1.3 liters) of fluid. Hydration is immediate as a bite valve and tubing keep fluid at the ready for whenever it is needed.

Other unique features of the F1 include user ability to refill the system on-the-fly, which minimizes the need for additional bottles, as well as a unique dual splash resistant opening that allows for rapid refills with minimal fluid splashing.

PLEASE NOTE: The Speedfil F1 is designed to be mounted using standard water bottle cage bolt mounts located on the bicycle down tube . This product is not compatible with bikes designed with bolt mounts only located on the seat tube.

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Speedfil has you covered from A2 to Z4

Speedfil branded hydration products are available for front, frame and rear configurations. Find the system that is right for you.


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  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 2.5 x 7.5 inches ; 4 ounces
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  • ASIN: B004LY6AWS
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  • Item model number: Standard

If you are a triathlete, you want one of these. I know a lot of athletes are always concerned about weight on their bikes, but then they cram 2-3 full water bottles in cages. This system hold the equivalent of two bottles (about 40 ounces), and saves you from having to come out of the aero position to take a sip. Just trim the tube to where you want it (pro tip: trim it long on purpose the first time, you'll thank me later), and you have your hydration right there.

The sleeve that goes over the tube has a wire in it that is just stiff enough to bend it down out of the way when not using it, so it's not hitting your face when not in use. The bracket is a very stiff, durable plastic that holds the bottle snug, it's not going anywhere, trust me. The toughest part of this whole deal is getting the bottle out of the bracket - the plastic is that stiff and hard. You'll cuss a bit when removing it, but it's worth the aggravation because you know that thing is secure when it's in place.

Comes with all the ties (and they are re-usable) you need to secure the tube in place wherever you want it to be. My wife and I both have one, and we mostly use water in them, but be warned that there are some hard-to-reach corners inside, so if you use a colored drink, it may stain the inside (they make a sleeve/cover for these that works awesome for that).

Great product, and they also sell parts and pieces separately so you can replace the tube or bite valve later. For comparison, I'd guess this bite valve and tube deliver slightly more than a camelbak big bite valve per sip, as the tube seems to be just a tad larger than theirs. Liquid does drop back down into the bottle when you're not sipping, so the first sip is always air to get the liquid up to the valve - not an issue for me at all.

Considering adding the A2 type bottle/valve from this same company for my fuel during triathlons. Means I'll have two tubes, but won't have to come up off my aero bars for fuel or water in long-course triathlons.

I went away from this unit to try a bar mount system. This system is better as it splashes much less. It also mounts lower, for an aero and handling advantage.

A few tips for those struggling with it:

1- Buy an extra guard and apply two under the lid for an absolutely spill proof ride.

2- If you live in a hot area, install two neoprene covers for added insulation.

3- Don't fill it until it's on the bike.

4- To wash it, fill it with hot water and drop a denture cleaning tablet in. Let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing.

5- Flush the hose out with a high pressure water hose.

6- If you you are using sugary drinks, wash your bike regularly.

I used this during ironman Boulder in August. The product does perform as expected. I just don't know if I actually like it. There are a couple problems. 1) I basically had to slow down a TON to get my liquids into the reservoir within the trash zone on the race course and in rushing to squeeze the fluids in, I found that I often squeezed the bottle too fast, which made sticky liquids come out the top and onto my frame. 2) Once the bottle is mounted, it really is not very easy to take off and on my Cervelo p3, it interefered with putting my bike on my hitch mounted bike rack. Basically the bottle is right where one of the rack arms needs to go, so it's kind of a pain. I noticed some people complaning that this isn't good for training. This is the type of thing you put on your bike before a race. Anyone that buys this for use in training is a glutton for punishment. In summary, I can see this working well for some people, but I just feel like in actual race conditions, when the Ironman races are so strict about having to throw your trash out within about 50 yards of the aid station (or get sent to the penalty tent), you end up wasting any aero advantage that you gain from this bottle when you try to refill the bottle. I will probably try a different set-up on my next race. Also just a side-note, the Cervelo P# that I ride only has 1 cage mount on the frame. On a frame with 2 cage mounts, this product might be more worth it. The reason being that you could leave the seat tube cage empty and use it to store the empty bottles after you fill up the aero bottle, thereby eliminating the problem of feeling like you don't have enough time to fill the aero bottle within the trash zone on course.

The bottle is sturdy and sleek. I was looking for something that was easy to access but didn't make a mess. They say the bottle between the arms is more aerodynamic, but it invariable makes a mess, and if you have something sticky, it can get nasty on long rides.

This keeps things clean while keeping fluids in easier reach than the behind-the-seat water bottles are. Some reviews mention that is difficult to remove, but that also means it won't be moving around on you while riding.

Also, I had to contact customer support for some things - they took care of my problem FAST, and shipped some replacement parts the next day with no charge. Great support if you happen to need it.

If you're on the fence like I was for awhile, this is a great 40 ounces of fluids that is easily accessible - definitely worth it for the long rides.

Works well. I like the 40 oz capacity.

So far, I have only used water, and I use a separate bottle cage for Gatorade. I have not yet had to wash the reservoir, but if I have to, my plan is to invert the bike and use a garden hose with spray gun. Hopefully some water would also then flush out the hose.

After each use, I have kept the lid off and removed and washed the bite valve so that the reservoir and hose can dry out and not get mildew.

As others have commented, once you get the plastic reservoir in the cage, it is very difficult to remove, so much so that I gave up and will only attempt to do so if I absolutely have to (in which case will need tools and maybe also a second person to help pry the black cage open).

The above inconveniences are my justification for 4 instead of 5 stars.
My plan for now

Same perfect quality only downer is the price. Perfect fit. Just got to piss about getting the straw the right length now

I was excited to receive this product but it didn't work for me . The stability of the straw was not enough for me to drink while aero . In addition the sucking end was a lot of work ,,,Sorry I now need to buy something else