JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards Protective Gear Set for Biking, Riding, Cycling and Multi Sports Safety Protection: Scooter, Skateboard, Bicycle, Inline skatings


  • IMPACT RESISTANT- Made of tough and durable PP, PE materials with breathable Polyester sleeves, It allow JBM user to enjoy the riding experiences with safety protection to their knee elbow and wrist
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The adjustable straps could be flexible to different sizes of knee elbow and wrist, the knee pads elbow pads with wrist guards could offer custom flexibility what the user desrie, they could choose to hold its tightly to keep their position right when they are riding thier BMX, Bike, Inline Skate, Skateboard, Biycycle, Scooter or choose the comfortable way to have breathable air between the pads and body
  • PACKAGE:Wrist guard, Knee pads and Elbow pads Included
  • DESIGNED For Adult: Adult normally explore their riding experiences with more agressive move than the younger, therefore to wear a set of anti-shock gear should be consider seriously before the incident happen, the sport such as Skatboarding, Riding normally get people hurt when they fall on the ground and it happens a lot even a professional rider with rich experience and knowledge
  • FASHION OUTLOOK: The desgin are designed for a more awesome outfit to our JBM rider, with the cool knee pads elbow pads and wrist guards outlook, the riders should feel more comfortable to explore their riding adventure in multi sports purpose


Brand: JBM international

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We are professional on Sport Equipment set.

Impact Resistance

  • Tough and durable PP, PE materials with breathable Polyester sleeves offers you safe sports playing experience.

Multi Sports Gear
  • Suitable for Skateboarding Scooter Roller Skate Inline Skating Cycling Bicycle Mountain Biking Road Bike BMX MTB and Other extreme sports.

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  • Item Weight: 1.27 pounds
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  • ASIN: B016U4R5J8

I was going 20mph on my OneWheel skateboard today. I had a nosedive. This is the damage...

No knee damage at all. these pads saved the day. Get some now.

I originally ordered the ADULT size as it is listed, thinking "Yeah, I'm an adult." My logic was wrong, however. The adult size was too large, and I had to return it for the TEEN listed size. Apparently I'm not adulty enough for adult sized things.
Jokes aside, the sizes on the pads are labeled "S" for small, "M" for medium, and "L" for large. Think along those lines instead of Adult/Teen/Child. This cost me just an extra $6 in return fees, but still disgruntling.
The manufacturing materials are fair for their price. The wrist pads are a bit loose on the thumb side (knuckle strap), but everything else is fine. Good quality for low price.

BUYER BEWARE!! The adult is double the price of the Large but they are actually the same size! The youth/teen are also the same as the Small!! So there are really only 2 sizes but they give you 4 options with different pricing.

These pads are very good quality. Well constructed and pretty easy to put on. However, in my case since I am not the "average" American habitus they are too big for me. (If I were over 250 lbs, they would probably fit perfectly!) Fortunately, my Mother taught me how to sew, and I was able to fold over the Velcro straps and sew them to make them work. But I use these almost daily. Glad I purchased them.

The sizing on the elbow pads is ridiculous. Small/child knee and wrist were okay for my first grader but the elbow pads hung on him. Large/adult knee and wrist were a bit big on my teen, but the elbow pads were insane even when we tightened them as much as we could. They'd be great if the sizing weren't so off on the elbow pads; the wrist guards in particular have already prevented multiple injuries for my little guy. But those elbow pads...

Ive fallen many times with these on an electric longboard. For the price, I absolutely love these things. Totally worth it and i would totally buy again. They will get messed up if you hit the ground pretty hard. But if you dont hit the foam part hard it will last a long while. I skate almost every day and have actually fallen on them about 5 times. And they are going strong. Keep in mind they are just plastic and foam. So they are definitely not for falling 30+ miles an hour. But they will definitely save your life. Or a whole hell of alot of skin. By the way you cant use the remote controller for my electric board with the hand guards, unless you only use one hand guard.

Knee pads too small; elbow pads are okay; wrist guards too big. They seem to be good quality and coverage so I'm going to try and make it work.

I got the adult size; and I am 5' 8" (average build). All the pads run a bit big and very loose fitting. The knee pad comes loose as the straps won't hold in place. The glove is probably the worst designed in this set, the plastic, rigid parts will most likely cause minor injuries by themselves. Very rigid and not as malleable/flexible that I'd like. If I were to re-do this purchase again, I'd have passed. Price was good, shipping was fast. Came in a nice carrying bag - which we appreciate. However, the quality and fit were both downers.

very sturdy products - well made - grandsons loving them

Good quality

Now if I can just get her to use them...

Very good

Teens = Größe M und ist Silber.
ich bin 1,69 groß, trage Größe 36/38.
Die Handgelenksschützer passen gut, dürften aber auch nicht nur einen Tick größer sein. Hier muss ich den Klettverschluss so eng wie möglich einstellen.
Die Ellenbogenschützen passen perfekt.
Die Knieschützer sind mir zu eng, dabei passen meine Beine und Knie zu meiner restlichen Statur. Schade, dass hier an Klettband gespart wurde, sonst könnte man das Band etwas lockerer befestigen.
Erscheint mit durchschnittlich. Trotzdem besser als alles was ich in einem Sportladen in der Stadt zum mindestens doppelten Preis entdeckt habe.
Da ich die Schoner höchstens 1 mal die Woche für ein-zwei Stunden Inlinerfahren auf dem Radweg nutzen will, brauche ich aber auch keine höhere Qualität.

um es vorweg zu sagen, absolut nicht das, was bestellt wurde.
Angeboten wird hier ein Set in drei verschiedenen Größen (Kinder, Erwachsene und Teens). Bestellt wurde das Set für Kinder. Leider ist es für diese ( bis 12 'Jahre nicht empfehlenswert, da einfach zu groß. (Siehe Bilder). Ich habe auch keinen Hinweis auf dem Produkt oder der Umverpackung gefunden, die auf eine Größe hindeutet.
Der Erste Eindruck zur Verarbeitung ist positiv. Solang jedoch der Verkäufer keine genaueren Angaben zur Größe macht, kann ich das Produkt für Kinder hier nicht empfehlen. Für Jugendliche/Kinder ab einer Körpergröße von ca. 135cm und einem Gewicht von 25-35kg sollten diese Schützer geeignet sein.

My son is so small in the upper body that the elbow pads are loose, but we will be able to figure something out. Other then that they are great quality and seem like they will do the job intended and protect him.

I bought these as Christmas gifts for my 2 grandchildren who received hover boards from their parents. The youth size fits them both. They haven't yet been used enough to rate them further (ask me in the spring!).

Las usa mi mujer. Las protecciones cumplen bien su cometido. Son cómodas y protegen bien. Por poner un pero, las que cubren la muñeca podían ser un poco más anchas. No obstante, mi mujer ya se ha caido varias veces y sin problema. Muy bien.

The pads look like they are great quality. My child is 10 and on the smaller side. While the knee pads and wrist guards fit well, the elbow pads keep falling so I will manually need re-stitch the velcro so it's tighter.

Top,erstes Protektoren Set was wie angegossen passt. Tolle Verarbeitung und das für den Preis!! Hatte bisher Protektoren von Markenhersteller und war jeden an enttäuscht,rutschten oder passten so nicht schnürten ab und das für ein Vielfaches von diesem Preis.
Volle Kaufempfehlung.

Uso le ginocchiere come protezione pere andare sullo snowboard.
Solo fantastico mi ha salvato le ginocchia da un sacco di botte, e quando non le ho messe ne ho prese tante.

Cracked from the first fall!
Unfortunately, I missed the 30days return window so they're just collecting dust in my garage!

Sind mit dem Set sehr zufrieden, das einzige kleine Manko die Ellbogenschoner sind unsrer zierlichen Tochter zu locker wenn sie nicht gerade eine Jacke trägt.

Ottimo prodotto ottima qualità