Flybar Skateboard Helmet- Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport Impact Protection for Youth and Adults for Bike, Inline and Roller Skating, Skateboarding, BMX, Scooter, and Sports Activities


  • NEW FLYBAR DUAL CERTIFIED HELMETS: All our helmets are CPSC & ASTM Safety Certified for bicycling, BMX, roller and inline skating, aggressive/trick skateboarding, scooter, pogoing, and a number of other multi-sports activities
  • STRONG ABS OUTER SHELL & EPS FOAM INNER LINING: Made of high-quality ABS shell, high-density EPS foam inner shell, the Flybar Dual Certified Helmet protects you from potentially harmful impact while engaging in sports
  • 9 DIFFERENT COLORS AND DESIGNS: Whether you want a cool printed design or a simple solid matte color, every helmet offers the same trustworthy safety certified protection to keep both kids and adults safe during multi-sports activities. 12 wide stylish vents on each Flybar Helmet provide even air flow to keep cool during active sports sessions
  • AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES: S/M (53-55cm/20.8-21.6in); M/L (55-58cm/21.6-22.8in); L/XL (58-61cm/22.8-24in). For a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head starting in the middle of your forehead to ensure you choose the correct size
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: The Flybar Dual Certified Helmets feature an adjustable spin dial on the back of the helmet to ensure a perfect and safe fit


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Flybar Dual Certified Multi-Sport Helmets

Great Looking Helmet In Many Options...

  • Each Flybar helmet features 12 wide vents to keep the air flowing and your head cool.
  • Flybar Multi-Sport helmets comes in 7 different colors/design: 
    • Black
    • Teal
    • Pink
    • Grey
    • Cloud Formations
    • Warning
    • Flyscraper
  • Each color comes in 3 different sizes:​
    • S/M (53-55cm/20.8-21.6in)
    • M/L (55-58cm/21.6-22.8in)
    • L/XL (58-61cm/22.8-24in)

Comfortable Fit

  • ABS outer shell with either a smooth matte finish or cool pogo themed design.

  • Thick EPS foam liner will provide you with protection to withstand impact keeping safe and protected. 

  • Soft foam inserts for adding protection and comfort.
  • Meant for multi sport use like aggressive/trick skateboarding, in-line/rollerskating, bicycling, longboarding, & pogoing.

Stay Safe & Secure...

  • Padded chin strap for extra comfort.
  • Adjustable straps to ensure the helmet is on tight.
  • Strong and secure buckle so your helmet stays in place.

  • Adjustable dial on the back of each helmet to ensure a safe and comfortable fit.
  • Makes sure your helmet is snug and secure on your head.
  • Turn right to tighten, left to loosen.

  • Strong, protective ABS outer shell with a sleek matte finish.
  • 12 wide vents to keep you cool no matter what sport you're doing. 

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  • ASIN: B01M6UQSW4

Got this for my son for Christmas. He really liked it but it didn’t last - the plastic clasp under his chin cracked, then broke all together. I don’t think he wore it more than 6 times (& that’s being generous) before it broke. He is one unhappy camper .

*Edit* changed my review to 5 starts. After contact Flybar customer service directly they made it right. I sent an email with some pictures showing the issue and they immediately offered to send another. That's the kind of company I like to spend my money with.

The helmet itself was a good fit and quite well made / sturdy, but within 18 months the straps on both sides ‘dissolved’ at the points where they met the helmet (see photo) simply as the helmet was being put on. It was never left in the rain and my daughter wore it approximately 40 times during that period. I would be concerned that if the strap integrity is that questionable, the helmet could separate from them during a collision. I’m glad we didn’t discover this flaw under such critical circumstances.

I use this helmet for riding on my electric skateboards. It is rugged and keeps me safe on my rides. I took a basic bike light and clipped it through one of the holes on the front. This helmet is good value for your money.

It was important to me that the next helmets I purchased for my kids, who are starting to go to skateparks and doing tricks on their scooters, be ASTM certified as well as CPSC certified. In my research, it seems that the ASTM certification is more rigorous. This helmet is solid, well made, and comfortable with plenty of padding. It may be a bit on the heavy side, but not much. It also looks great and was a good value for the quality of the product. Happy with purchase!

This helmet is a super buy. It's lightweight and easily adjustable. The close fit is comfortable and breathable, plus it looks great. Both my kids love the feel of the helmet and are able to adjust the helmet themselves without any trouble.

I was little skeptical with this order cuz wasn't finding any reviews about adults using this item. All is for their kids reviews but im 29 years old and got e scooter to get around in cuz work just few blocks from where i work. Helmet fit great and really like the padding in it, super comfortable and black one is super dark

So I ordered the black l/xl helmet and rc'vd the m/l grey one. I was not happy about that because I actually needed this right away since my sons helmet was destroyed by some kids at school. I called amazon and they made the trade for the correct one super easy, refunded my money, I ordered the new one AND they let me keep the wrong one. Lucky enough my son's head size was right in between the m/l and l/xl so he barely fits the one we got to keep so it will go to use.

Enough about that issue. Besides that, the helmet itself is really nice, very sturdy, nice color and the paddings is fantastic. I absolutely love the adjustment option on the back. So did my son. He likes that extra option of making it a little more snug by twisting that adjustment nob. He wore the helmet today and said he had no complaints and really loved it a lot. It was comfy, fits great and looks cool. So i'm a happy customer. The right size should be arriving tomorrow. Thank you amazon for fixing that so quickly.

I am so happy to come across this line of helmets. My son's previous helmet was a Nutcase, and while I loved that helmet, I was dreading the price tag of replacing it when he outgrew it. This helmet looked like a pretty solid alternative to the Nutcase (certainly a much better option than what we saw at Target or Walmart), and at half the price we decided to give it a try. It turned out to be as good as (maybe even better than) our last helmet. The venting is great, and the turn dial for sizing the inside is awesome. It's a great fit, super sturdy, and the design options all look great. We'll definitely stick with Flybar in the future.

Fits well, looks good, priced right.