Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet


  • Dual Certified skateboarding and bike helmet with ABS shell and impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards
  • Ideal for biking, skateboarding, scooters, BMX, roller derby, and commuting
  • Includes two different sets of removable, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads to customize fit; adjustable chin strap with side release buckle
  • Size XS/S fits 18.9 – 21.25 in (48 – 54 cm), S/M fits 21.5 – 22.75 in (55 – 58 cm), L/XL 23.25 – 24 in (59 – 61 cm)


Brand: Triple Eight

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The Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet is the perfect blend of classic Triple Eight style, with unparalleled fit and protection. Dual-certified for both bike and skate, its ABS shell with impact-absorbing EPS foam liner is engineered for a close fit and low profile. Ideal for biking, skateboarding, scooters, BMX, roller derby, and commuting, the helmet complies with U.S. CPSC Bike and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards. The Triple 8 Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet includes two different sets of removable Sweatsaver Fit Pads to customize fit, and has an adjustable chin strap with side release buckle. Available in three sizes: Size XS/S fits 18.9 – 21.25 in (48 – 54 cm), S/M fits 21.5 – 22.75 in (55 – 58 cm), L/XL 23.25 – 24 in (59 – 61 cm). To determine size, measure with a soft measuring tape or string. Helmet liners should be used to further customize the fit. Manufacturer’s 180-day limited warranty.

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This helmet is very, very good quality. It saved me from serious brain and skull injury. I hit a lip from uneven concrete crack at 20 + mph and my Evolve bamboo GTX stopped cold. I flipped face first into the concrete........ massive impact!!! I broke my arm and have scrapes everywhere, but.... No bumps, wallops or tender spots on my noggin. NOTHING but a couple small scrapes to my nose and lip. I cannot believe it. The helmet took the blow. I would have had a serious brain injury, lost all my teeth, broken my nose and very likely could have died without it. I walked away and am forever grateful. I am ordering another right now. Friends....please ALWAYS wear your helmet.

Thank you Triple Eight!

Suffered a mishap in August of '16 where I was ejected off my bike. Initial impact was left rear area (occipital?) of my skull, followed by my left shoulder & upper torso, onto a concrete surface. Broke my left clavicle, damaged some ligaments & muscle, and turned a lot of soft tissue black & blue. Even though my head took the landing I suffered NO injuries there; no concussion, no loss of consciousness, no bumps, nothing. This helmet did everything I hoped it could do.

OK, so I have to vouch for this helmet because it just saved my life. I am an experienced skateboarder, arguably too old to still be doing this at 39, however. I was riding my electric skateboard at the park a couple days ago, and mistakenly hit the trigger while I was not ready for it. The board shot out from underneath my legs, causing me to fly back and bang the back of my head on the concrete about as hard as a 6 foot tall man can do.

Aside from being embarrassed, my first thought was “holy shit, this thing just save my life.“ No concussion, no cranial fracture, no subdural hemorrhage. That could’ve been a very bad injury, and like most bad injuries came when I was least expecting it. I was barely even moving at the time.

Buy this helmet. It might just save your life. It literally saved mine.

Helmet probably saved my life, at the very least saved my skull from getting a crack. Had a bad fall off an e-board which took my head directly into the street. Helmet did its job. Bought the exact same Triple Eight as a replacement post accident. You can see the impact in the pics on the right front side of the helmet. The foam collapsed as it should on the right temple. Thank you Triple Eight!

Perfect fit (got the s/xs per Triple Eights sizing guide), very soft feel, comfortable and stable. Other helmets of this shape tended to make me feel top heavy while I was riding and slid all over the place on my head because they were never quite the right fit. This helmet is super comfy and I feel confident it will keep me safe. It was also much cheaper through Amazon than through Triple Eight's online store. If you are ordering though Amazon though, this is VERY IMPORTANT: Before ordering, go to Triple Eight's website, locate the product page for the EXACT helmet you want to order and follow their sizing guide. Different models of helmets have difference sizing guides, and for all the products that I have ever bought from Triple Eight (helmet, slide gloves, knee and elbow pads) their size guide has been spot on.

This helmet is worth the money. Custom fit, amazing selection of colors, and just seems like it will last a long time.

When my daughter got her balance bike, we did the responsible thing and got a helmet for her. Unfortunately, we felt less responsible when we didn't justify getting a new one after the dial-fit head band became loose. It was a hazard and we tried not to acknowledge it. Our little one thankfully (and I say thankfully with hesitation and embarrassment) did not want to ride her bike that often, perhaps due to the poorly fitting helmet.

After finally doing my diligent research, I went with Triple Eight. It was hard to justify the expense without being able to find one in a store, but I was very happy with it. My daughter is 4, average sized, and we use the extra thick padding to get that perfect custom fit. I saw some people say it was too big or too small for their child, but it's just going to depend on shape and size. But I think this helmet does everything possible to give the best fit possible.

I will also add that the gold sparkle color that my daughter refused to change her mind about, was worth the extra few dollars. The coating is solid, no glitter coming off, and I am confident that it will last a few years with the quality and size adjustments.

My daughter says, "I love my helmet. It protects my head!"

My only issue with this helmet is that I don't have one yet! Here's hoping for a sale or coupon, or just being smart and getting a good product in the future instead of other junk I don't actually need.

Nice helmet! I wear a 7 1/2 in hats and the L/XL fits perfect. Awesome looking helmet, and I don't feel like a dork riding with this one. Haha. If I could go back and make this purchase again, the only thing I would do is get the moisture wicking model(pads).. because I can get pretty sweaty cycling in the L.A. Summer heat.. still, great buy and the price didn't hurt my wallet. Buying one for the girlfriend next.

We have had this helmet for almost 5 years now. When I first bought it, my kid’s head circumference was within the range of the XS/S. Now, 5 years later, his head circumference is still within the range. However, this helmet does not fit him. No matter how we adjust the straps, the front of the helmet always sits at least 1-2” behind his hairline. It does not stay “2 finger widths above his nose” as is recommended for proper fit. What good is a helmet that doesn’t fit?

I commute to work on cycle, in the summer ive been using a Giro Helmet, as its gotten colder and darker i wanted something with less vents because of cold air and with more protection.

* I have a very large cranium, its got its own moon and seasons, i have struggled with sizes of helmets and hats for years, this large size fits very well. Its snug without being overly tight, i would have loved a little extra cushioning by means of interchangeable pad inserts, you do get some with it but they are like for like, which in fairness is also a decent feature.

*The helmet is less than a hundred grammes heavier than my Giro lid which is very lightweight, at under 450g its light considering the amount of plastic casing it has.

* I still wanted some vents to allow partial air travel into the lid, this does just that, theres no need to get sweaty in a full lid. I didnt think i could fit a helmet mounted light, or a camera if i decide to get one, however i have done using cable ties as pictured. One tip would be not to tighten them too much as they could cut into the foam, however they are not noticeable on the head when wearing.

* After a month of wearing it has not become less comfortable, the pads are intact and cushioning remains the same as the day i put it on, it feels robust, its obviously got a lot of fans in extreme sports so the fact its also so versatile as an everyday commuter lid is great.

* With having minimal vents i find it useful for storing gloves, keys etc, something i couldnt do before with a fully vented lid.

* The chin strap is totally adjustable and fairly easy to do, fits right under the chin and doesnt sit on it, a cushioned pad might be useful if you want it really tight but you can easily make one yourself out of the extra pads supplied if necessary.

* It appears solid, im not shy in chucking it around and so far no scratches or dents etc, that said the ultimate sturdiness test is a crash and not something you really want to test! I feel confident however it would perform well and so for me this is the most important factor.

* Overall its a fantastic looking helmet, the large size is nice and snug and its lightweight but with obvious protection advantages over a more traditional cycle helmet. Buy one if your looking for a well made premium helmet thats both great looking and sturdy!

Using my bike a lot more now and thought it wise to invest in some protection. I didn’t want anything that looked to nerdy and this helmet looked exactly what I was looking for. I’ve got an odd shaped head and hats / caps etc often look silly on me, but I am very pleased with this item, I had the 58mm size and although just a little tight, the padding will settle and I’m sure it will be fine.
I am so pleased that we have ordered another for my wife.

Used as a cycle replacement helmet. The “rubber” description is a bit misleading and could put people off. It’s not made of rubber, it’s a rubberised plastic shell.
It feels good quality and is reasonably comfortable and fits well. I have. 58 headband ordered large. The padding strips could be thicker for better comfort but these are available through other sources so no biggy

I have a large head and thick hair and was concerned it wouldn't fit since I usually have problems finding a hat or helmet my size.
But the L/XL option is perfectly fine. Good fit! :)

Top notch helmet. Very comfortable and friends tell me it looks good which is more than can be said of what goes in it!

This is a great helmet. Only grip is it seems to be "taller" than what it shows in the pics. Or maybe it's just my weird head. Yeah, probably that.

I've added some photos as I think it will help you decide. I wanted a bright colour for visibilty which covers a larger portion of my skull, it's lightweight, fits my head well using the sizing guide in description, and the outer shell feels sturdy. Easy to put on and remove and has ventilation holes for airflow. I would recommend. Sunglasses fit well with helmet on.

Excellent. Use this whilst mountain biking as I like the sense of safety this style of helmet offers. Its light and feels very sturdy

Great fit and lightweight, could not fault the helmet in any way other than the unsightly triple eight logo that adorns the rear of the helmet which is not shown in any of the photos.

Love this helmet! Quite unique and makes me stand out. Feels comfortable and fits well. I can recommend.

Great fit, check sizes, yep, very happy with this, bought for urban cycling, good comfortable chin strap, very light but it's good for impact protection, cycling is dangerous, buy a good helmet, that's what this is!

Very light and pretty.
I am an adult with small oval head and S/M fits perfectly. You get extra pads to put in if needed so I'd say it should fit even some kids too.
Color is beautiful and it doesn't look huge on your head.

Been wearing this helmet while riding my electric scooter for the last few months. The L/XL fits me well. Usually I find large hats and things still too small for me. I don't consider myself to have a massive head or anything though. But this helmet works well and it has 2 sizes of padding. I actually used the thicker padding so that it would have less movement. Comfortable and feels like good protection.

Delivered a day early direct from Kate’s Skates. Fit is superb looks great and was brand new in box. Great seller of a great product. Tony Hawks wears one so what do you expect. Brilliant!

Awesome helmet. Had an accident recently where I broke my arm falling off my skateboard at 30mph into concrete. My head struck the concrete at the same time as my arm, but the helmet saved my head. Hit my head pretty hard too. What a great helmet! It would've been a different story without it.