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The AquaSketch Minno is the world's most convenient and durable way to take notes underwater. Not only does it simplify the task of writing or drawing, It also offers unlimited paper capacity making it unnecessary to waste time erasing during a dive. Small enough to fit in a pocket, the Minno can be worn on your wrist or attached to your BC with a retractable lanyard. 2¼" X 3½" Writing/Drawing area. Holds up to 8 feet of vellum. Rugged design, made of poly carbonate and acrylic.

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I do love this slate. The strap, however, is awful. It is partially elastic and therefore does not stay as tight as it needs to be. It is also highly frustrating when you attempt to wrench it down tight only to have the strap pinch together and flip the "loop" vertically (see photo) negating any efforts to tighten it. It would be a perfect product if they ditched the elastic in the strap. I am going to figure out an alternative because the slate is worth using for all its other features.

As a SCUBA instructor, I have struggled for years to find the perfect dive slate. I had primarily been using a 3-page wrist slate until I found this one. I did a lot of research before deciding to buy it, and I'm glad I did. My first use of the AquaSketch was on a tech dive on the USS Oriskany where I needed access to lots of data specific to my dive including deco stop times and depths. Since then, I've found it to be ideal for my needs. The innovative technology makes writing and erasing much easier than on any slate I had previously used. I love the product!

I gotta tell, I really like this slate. I'm a new diver and this is so easy to use, read, and clear off. I've seen some complaints about the length of the strap and how it keeps spinning around your are. Easy fix, cut the strap to the length you need and tighten it up. It works great and even my dive shop loved it.

It's a nice idea but the plastic is cheap and brittle. I don't see this lasting very long.

The strap is so big! It just spins around my wrist! I tried it on my forearm, upper arm... It just spins around and ends up flopping and in my way. I guess it'll be another product that just sits on our scuba equipment shelf and doesn't get used.

Fantastic product. After going through many of the standard "flip top" wrist slates, never having enough room, flip-top "leaves" falling off, and fighting with Wet Notes style notebooks, the Minno is head and shoulders the best slate on the market.

Plenty of room for taking notes, deco schedules, etc. I use it for both trimix diving and teaching Open Water classes and keep finding more uses for it all the time. The solid graphite pencils that come with it are far superior to the little golf pencils some slates come with.

There are preprinted vellums available and I understand they are working on a pre-printed vellum with rows / columns for keeping deco schedules straight. Nice product, never going back to flip-top slates again.

the wrist band is to large even with a 7mm wetsuit unless you have a wrist the size of most peoples neck

Perfect for frequent communication or taking plenty of notes underwater. I was surprised how light it is, and I don't feel it on my arm.

I am an experienced diver and this item is nearly a five star but for the rubbish awkward strap. I have replaced mine to make it easy to don and doff. It would be a minimal expense for them to put an elasticated one on.

As for the rest it is fairly good. It is not perhaps as robust as it could be but for the money not bad. It is great for writing up a series of dive plans and scrolling to the one you want on a given dive.

Just used this product in the pool and it was very useful. I have skinny arms and the velcro was too long and therefore was not secure. Not tried it with my dry suit as yet but if need be I will have to see if I can replace the velcro tape.

Im hoping that one day we can have an underwater touch type screen avaiable

It works. Does what it says on the packaging. If you are unsure, just buy it and try it. For this price you can't go wrong.

Just what I require