YYST 2 Kayak Canoe Boat Course Thread Drain Plug with Screws


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  • 2 coarse thread drain plug kit. The plugs are made of nylon.
  • 4 stainless steel screws,and 4 rivets
  • 1" drain hole.
  • Rubber gasket on each plug protect hull from damage


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You are purchasing 2 pcs Coarse Thread Drain Plug Kits.
Product features
This kit includes:
2 coarse thread drain plug kit. The plugs are made of nylon.
4 Stainless Steel Screws.
1" drain hole.
Rubber gasket on each plug protect hull from damage .

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I bought these to replace the terrible drain plugs on my Club Clean golf club & golf ball washers because its plug would pop out whenever I cleaned a club as it would be hit by the club. I read the reviews & thought that this model, in particular, would be perfect. As I have two Club Clean units, I started with my old one (in case I screwed up). Everything was promising initially, with the only issue being that I had to open the hole in the Club Clean a bit for this to fit. Used the included pop rivets which seemed to work, so I moved on to my newer unit, which went even smoother. Great. Put it back onto its mount, filled with warm water, & watched it leak from under the washer-less screw-in plug, & from the center of each of the pop rivets. It also weeped from under its main, foam gasket.
I bought some garden hose washers to seal the plug, stainless steel screws, matching bolts, & flat washers to hold & seal the plug assembly to the Club Clean. Drilled out the pop rivets, cut down the new screws (I didn't want my clubs being scratched by hitting them) & assembled. Turned out to be a fairly big project, but it now works fine.
Side note: while not a tradesman, I'm quite handy & have been using pop rivets successfully for 30 years.

If you are installing on a fiberglass kayak you will have to use the rivets rather than the screws. To do this you will need a rivet gun. If you have this and some clear silicon putty or glue these plugs can be installed perfectly. The order of assembly is important. First remove the screw-in plug from the larger diamond shaped unit. Then drill the large central hole for the plug (on top the pointed end of the kayak) and make sure the unit fits snugly. Then press the unit into that hole and drill the two smaller holes on each side for the rivets. Take the unit out, apply silicon generously and reinsert. Install the rivets. If you have never installed rivets like these there are several YouTube videos showing how. Reinsert the screw-in plug.

I bought these to use on our Old Town Vapor kayaks that did not have a drain plug installed from the factory. They fit perfectly in the factory recessed mounting position. The drain plug outer diameter is actually 15/16", so use a 15/16" drill bit (not 1") and you'll have a really tight fit. As for the foam pad, definitely use it; you'll have to punch holes for the rivets to fit through the foam pad, but it worked great. I was skeptical at first because the foam pad should be about 2/3 the thickness, but it compressed well. A touch of RTV silicone on the rivet holes and around drain plug hole right before install is a good extra safety step. The trifold rivets popped well and were super tight. I would strongly recommend using the rivets on a polyethylene kayak. Self tapping screws won't hold tight over time, and may strip during install. Lastly, I made a second order a week after I installed these...why? To make sure I have spare drain plugs in the future if I lose one. Not all plugs are compatible with each other.

The only negative I can say about these items are the drain plug is a touch too long, so it sits 'proud' inside the kayak. When you go to drain the boat, not all the water can drain out. In hindsight I would have filed down the drain plug slightly so it sits flush on the inside.

We own old town kayaks. For the price of them I'm unsure why they dont come with drain plugs to get the water out. Any way you drill 3 holes on top of your kayak! 1 for the center and 2 for the rivets. Easy install highly recommend

Bought this to allow any water in my hull to be drained. Easy to install. I do not have water in my hull but want to have the ability to remove the water if some day I got water in there.

I had difficulty finding a replacement for my kayak. I found this one and tried it out. Nothing major or complicated. Just fit right, added silicon sealer and screwed it on. Tested and it kept water out. Been over a year and still functioning as it should be.

Let me tell you that theese were worth their weight in Gold on our buffalo river trip. It was flood stage and we were loaded. One in the group was swimming alot the first day and draining the kayak was a life saver vs using a hand pump!

Very easy to install. I applied some silicone while installing to make sure it wouldn't leak so I can't say if it would or would not have if I didn't. So far so good though and I like that it came with rivets and stainless steel screws.