LOKSAK - OPSAK Storage Bag, Re-Sealable and Odorless Protection from Water, Humidity, Sand and Snow


  • CAMPING MUST - Food and hygiene items attract bears and critters, odor-proof your campsite with OPSAK. This outdoor essential can filled with boiling water to cook food, with soapy water for washing, and more.
  • ODOR IN, ELEMENTS OUT - Odor stops here! Discreetly carry or remove waste, cigars, food, and more. OPSAK uses the same hermetic seal as aLOKSAK to keep odor from escaping.
  • KEEP FOODS FRESH - Prevent air-sensitive foods from getting stale, keep them sealed and fresh, chips, crackers, coffee beans, and more. No more freezer burn on stored foods.
  • 2 LEVEL SEAL - Patented 2-level seal and durable film stays sealed under pressure. To test, place an air-filled bag under water. A few bubbles are normal, but a steady stream indicates a malfunctioning seal.
  • MULTIPURPOSE PROTECTION - This leak proof, airtight seal can protect medical supplies, store precious metals, tools, liquids, documents, and more.



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Going camping? Well, you will sleep peacefully knowing your food is stored in “bear-proof”, state of the art storage bags. OPSAK is the cutting edge product in a class of its own—Why?—it allows you to enjoy your camping experience rather than worry about attracting bears that would normally smell the odors from traditional storage containers.

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We have a dog named "Bear". He's very intelligent, and very food motivated. We adopted him after he failed out of service dog training because he couldn't be trusted around food. He's perfect in every other way, but he eats everything left unattended. He has eaten through multiple backpacks to get at a snack inside, and recently ate an unopened can of dog food off the counter, leaving only the crumpled metal remains on the living room floor. It took us a minute to even figure out what it was.

Last night I put a cooked hamburger and some buns into an Opsak and left it in a plastic shopping bag on the floor about six feet from Bear's food bowl. He didn't touch it all night. We left this morning to run errands, and he did steal some bread off the counter, but he didn't touch the Opsak. That was when I decided to write a review. These things are amazing.

I'm going to order some of the larger ones to pair with an Ursack for backpacking, and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to never having to hang another bear bag! Not to mention, now we will be able to leave the packs in the car with Bear if we need to run in and grab a bite to eat, pay for gas, etc... on our way to the trailhead. These solve a lot of problems for us, because they actually work.

I have been using OpSaks since 2011 when I hiked the John Muir Trail. I use a 20 inch OpSAk in my bear-proof food container, I keep my daily on-trail food supply in another OpSak, and I use still another for trash in my pack and/or inside my tent. OpSaks/Aloksaks don't last forever (eventually the strip along the zipper will tear) but they last a long time and provide peace of mind in regard to critters large and small that could ruin your trip (or at the very least be a real bummer).

Like others have experienced, almost right away (i.e. the first or second time opening the bag), the lock closures separated/delaminated from their backing, making the bags unable to close. I honestly couldn't believe it. The bags were not subjected to any harsh conditions or use.

Upon contacting the company I was told I was out of luck. I wasted a bunch of money on these!

I love these things! I bought an assortment of four sizes over ten years ago, and all are still going strong. I use one to protect my iPhone when I go on bike rides and after hundreds and hundreds of uses the lettering is rubbing off but the bag protects as well as ever. This time I bought two larger ones to protect some Goal Zero lithium batteries while in a bike trailer, and I expect the same stellar results. I paid full price for these and was not asked to leave a review, so this is all me.

I love the idea of these and package all my backpack food in them and then place into my bear bag to hang. They are really good material and seem to have really good zip seals, however after a week long trip the section above the zippers both broke. With the strong seal it was pretty hard to open after that. I think they do what they are suppose to do, however there needs to be stronger material above the zipper. I give them a 3.678 rating.

My bags Rip and become unusable. These the only product I have seen in the market and am a value customer since 2010. but their too expensive if they keep ripping after minimal use. I used to get three in pack now only two another upsetting move. I wish they made them tear proof with zip sealer because they won’t fully close all the time. Is it possible for replacements I’ll return the torn bags.

Expensive ziplock bags for sure, but it really really works. I am sensitive to smells and zero smell get through this bag, even after it sits for weeks. Im very impressed. I bought one. And now I have about 5 or 6. I stash one in every backpack to seal up dirty clothes, wet items, garbage, etc. while on the go. Great for hiking, keep food smells contained. You could put a rotten fish in this thing and still wouldn't smell it!

Overall I think they do as advertised. Thick material. Gave three stars because first trip out one of the bags tore apart above the seals making it hard to open.

I picked up some of these bags 6 years ago. Loved them. One of the bags I continued to use regularly for 6 years. It is still going today. But I figured it was time to replace it as it is really getting wrinkled and it is only a matter of time before it leaks. Right. The new ones I received are much harder to zip close. I would rather continue using the old one rather than take the new one on my next trip. SOOOOO frustrating!

Great back up in bear country when bear canisters were full or no trees near by while camped on the beach. Unfortunately not rodent proof as one bag had some small holes nibbled through.

Fast shipping. Super helpful product!