Windrift Waterproof Dry Bag - Military Grade 10L Airtight Dry Sack Includes 2 Padded Backpack Straps - Perfect for Beach, Floating, Rafting, Hiking, Fishing, Swimming, and More


  • MILITARY GRADE PROTECTION - Waterproof. Airtight. Lightweight. Flexible. Anti-UV. Heat-resistant. Natural insulator. Puncture proof. Phone protector. Beer collector. You name it. Our 500D material features a polyester design with a thin tarpaulin film that is thermo-welded at the seams to handle whatever and whoever you throw at it.
  • EXCESSIVE COMFORT - Unlike other 10L dry bags, we added two padded backpack-style straps to use however you'd like. Carry it at the handle, strap it over your shoulder, wear it like a backpack, or make someone else carry it. Doesn't' matter to us. Just be thankful your back has one less reason to hate you.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED - After testing any and all dry bag sizes imagineable, we found a 10 Liter bag is the perfect fit for almost any outdoor excursion. With enough tetris experience you can fit up to 32 PB+Js, 20 beers, 4 towels, 51 wallets, 3 overpriced cameras, or 1 gallon of sunscreen in this bad boy. Seriously.
  • THE ULTIMATE SWISS ARMY...BAG - We've used this bag floating, camping, kayaking, fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, beaching, biking, drinking, backpacking, spelunking, stone skipping, toddler chasing, pretend football throwing, beer can stowing. If you can think of it, this bag has survived it.
  • NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE - We're a US based company that proudly interacts directly with our customers no matter the issue. We don't care if you flat out decided you don't like the color you bought. We're Amazon shoppers too, and we know the feeling of being disappointed with a purchase. That's why we have a 5 Year, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Don't like it? Just tell us. We'll make it right.


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How does it work?
Sealing the bag is vital in making sure your goods stay dry. Here's how it's done.

1. Fill the dry bag up with your essentials, leaving a little room at the top to roll it over.
2. Grab the plastic clip and roll the top of the bag over 2-3 times.
3. Clip the buckles on the top of the bag over your perfectly rolled dry bag.
4. "Accidentally" drop your bag in the water so you can show off your elite outdoor gear to your jealous companions.
5. Prepare to answer the question "Where did you get that?" way too many times.

Does it float?
The bag will float if sealed properly. First squeeze and listen to make sure no air comes out. If not, you're officially ready for any inconveniently timed flash flood or embarressingly unathletic spill into the river.
The waterproof sack can be submerged under a few inches of water, however anything much deeper and the pressure can cause some issues.

How big is it?
19 in. x 8 in.
The bag is 19 inches when flattened. The average height when rolled is roughly 15 inches. It is 8 inches in diameter.
This sized bag is convenient for a handful of items for a daytrip or several smaller items.

Who are we?
We like to think of ourselves as "not your average outdoors company" mainly because we are in fact, your very average outdoorsmen.
Waterproof dry bags are an essential part of our many adventures, but all the ones we had we'e bland or not-so waterproof. So we made our own, and we love it.
So we hope that somehow, someway, even if it's the most dumb and minor way possible, it makes your life a little easier too.

What does my purchase include?
-Two padded, detachable shoulder straps. Use em', throw them away. We don't care. We just thought it should be up to you.
-One 10L dry bag made to be actually 100% waterproof.
-A 5 year guarantee for any reason you can think of.

Product details Color: The Patriot
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I can't wait to use this bag over the summer. My fiance and I love to go to nearby state parks to hike and rent kayaks. This will be especially useful while kayaking as I'm always paranoid about water getting into our bags. I especially love that I can convert this into a backpack so I don't have to awkwardly carry it around.

Received this today and was initially a little confused as to how it worked. When I looked it up on Amazon I realized it's a roll down bag. Played with it a little and it seems to be great quality. The material is very sturdy and the adjustable back pack straps will make this a go to bag for hiking & kayaking trips. Can't wait for warmer weather to actually be able to get some great use out of it!

Received this "Waterproof, dry bag" the day that was expected. Was able to use the next day on my float trip, which was awesome, though, IS NOT waterproof. When I went to get in bag throughout the trip it was wet inside, I am sure probably from the rain and water when floating though, this item is to be waterproof and well it is not. I had it rolled over and snapped like it says. Otherwise you can tell it is sturdy.

Really love this bag. Went tubing and swimming. Kept everything dry for us. We loaded it with our phones,Snacks and smokes. It fell in the water a few times as out tubes flipped over playing in the river. Still dry inside. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Bag seems sturdy and has a nice design! I haven't used the bag yet, but I plan to when I go kayaking this summer. Only thing I would say is include instructions with the bag on how to properly close it as it took me a bit of experimentation to figure it out.

Really love this bag. It’s exactly what I was looking for. The USA bag was less expensive and made it a killer deal. I noticed that Trump supporters suddenly started thinking I was on their side. What makes this bag great was I could put stickers on it. It’s great and perfect way to show I love America and I’m a feminist too. ❤️

This bag is perfect for taking with me on a day trip with my paddle board. Holds one towel, sunscreen, and my essentials (phone and speaker).

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new bag! The pattern drew me to it cause, well....MERICA' but the quality is phenomenal. It's so sturdy I actually plan on using it more than its intended purpose. Thank you!