Earth Pak Waterproof Bag- 10L / 20L Sizes - Transparent Dry Bag So You Can See Your Gear - Keep Your Stuff Safe and Secure While at The Beach, Swimming, Fishing, Boating, Kayaking


  • FIND YOUR GEAR EASILY: Transparent material makes spotting your belongings inside that much easier! This see through dry bag eliminates the need to shuffle through your gear to find small grab and go items.
  • KEEPS EVERYTHING DRY: Made with a roll-top closure and constructed with the highest quality materials to ensure all your belongings stay completely dry! Perfect waterproof beach bag for surfing, boating accessories, rafting, biking, canoe accessories, diving, camping, paddleboarding, and sporting events.
  • EASY TO USE: Place your desired items inside ..roll the opening down 3-4 times, then clip the buckles together and you are good to go! Single over-the-shoulder or cross-body strap makes carrying easy & once buckled our waterproof dry bag forms a handle making it easier to carry.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & FLOATS! : Light as a feather and compact..perfect waterproof pouch for travel! Folds down and packs tight making it one of the best waterproof bags for travel. Leave a small amount of air inside your dry sack when rolling closed to help keep your dive bag afloat.
  • IPX8 WATERPROOF PHONE CASE: Submersible phone case included for robust protection and can be used in any wet or unpredictable conditions. Fits phones up to 6.5 inches (diagonally measured) and all large smartphones including iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8+.


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10 Liter / 20 Liter Dry Bags – Popular for Light Packers

Similar to our flagship Original Dry Bag, our Transparent Dry Bag now gives you peace of mind by being able to see all of your items without having to open the bag. The transparent PVC material allows for contents to be easily identified without taking out all your gear. You can easily spot what you need and grab it in a pinch!

Product Sizes & Details:

  • 10 Liter Dry Bag: This size is perfect for those who want to pack light but still have the ability to protect valuable possessions from the outdoors. It’s convenient size fits small personal items you’d like to protect from the elements: cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, camera, toiletries, small towel, and water bottles.
  • 20 Liter Dry Bag: The medium-sized 20L bag is big enough to carry everything you need for a day trip – without being a bulky, hassle to carry. It fits small and medium-sized items you’d like to protect from the elements: cell phone, camera, clothing, towels, toiletries, and shoes.

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Took it to six flags and hurricane harbor. Tons of people asked about this bag, because I took it in the wave pool and through the lazy river. My daughter even used it as a float in the lazy river. Did not take on any water. It's a great way to not have to leave your belongings behind at water parks. (Your welcome for the free advertisement and marketing). Lol. I'll be waiting for my free gifts. Anyway The cell phone case has held up as well. I have over packed it with phone, money, season passes, credit card, and car keys. It has zero leaks so far.

Ok I would Have given you it a 5 stars but before I used It, the bag started to rip at the seem. With that said. We put this bag to the test!! Even with the rip it still held up and it was put under water off and on for hours while on a white water rafting. The Cell phone dry bag worked like a champ.

Love my new 10L Earth Pak Dry Bag! Went fly fishing in the mountains last week, packed my bag with a down vest, a rain suit, a neck buff, Back up cell phone battery, Leatherman Skeletool, Small first aid kit, pack of cigars, fishing license, GoPro camera, waterproof phone bag, small tacklebox with prescription meds, two each 2-way radios, prescription sunglasses, bottle of Gatorade, bottle of water, small spray bottle of bug spray, a pair of fishing gloves.
Super easy to carry, easy to spot when I laid it down and of course, totally dry. Oh, also took snacks but I ate them before I took the photo.

Bought two of these (10L and 20L) to use for kayaking and for inclement weather when I'm camping. They are sturdily made and easy to close. One is translucent and I think I prefer that over the one I can't see inside of. They have a comfortable shoulder strap to use, if needed. The accompanying smart phone holder came in handy, but I found it was hard to slip my phone in and out of it to take photos during a recent kayak trip. I tried taking photos with it inside the waterproof case, but that didn't work. My 'home' button wouldn't respond. So the phone, when taking it in and out, stuck to the plastic a bit. Other than that, the phone case is a nice addition to the dry bag. It has a looped strap so you can wear it around your neck, if desired.

I recently went on vacation to the beach and this bag was super handy. It is very spacious; I carried my shoes (size 13), phone, speaker, towel, etc with no problem. Being a bit of a skeptic, I wrapped the bag up and dived straight into the ocean with it on my bad and swam about 20ft with in on...everything inside was dry as the desert. I don't have anything negative to say about it and I would purchase again as a gift or a back up.

I just took this bag with me on my trip to Canada for the purpose of a) holding wet clothes until we could get back to our rental house and b) so I would have something to take with me on our white water rafting trip. It was kept hooked to the raft and luckily our raft didn't tip over, but our raft got plenty of water inside of it and splashed on all of us throughout the ride and nothing in this bag was wet whatsoever after the 2-hour raft ride. Very impressed! I also have to recommend the waterproof phone case that comes with the bag - This one is far better than the other 2 I ordered for this trip and plan to return the other 2. Keep in mind - I did not 100% fully submerge this under water, but plenty of water did get on top of it and around it - It worked perfectly for my purposes. Would buy again and would highly recommend!

This bag worked great on our recent trip to Kauai. It spent time on a float tube, a kayak and a catamaran snorkel boat. Everything stayed dry and the clear bag made everything easy to locate.
The phone case worked great in the same circumstances. Not sure how long the plastic clips will last, but we will see.
My concern with the case was would my Note 8 fit ok. It fit fine even with the case on.

I bought this bag for a canoeing trip. I tested it out in the shower before hand. When I tested it, a small amount of water was on the paper towel after I was finished. I’m not sure if it actually got inside during the test, or when I unfolded the bag, got inside then. During the canoe trip, I bagged most of my items in sandwich bags separately and put them inside this bag, for an extra layer of protection. The bag did end up in the river when our canoe tipped, and nothing inside got wet! Not even my shorts, which were not in a separate bag for protection. It definitely floated as well, which is super useful in the water. I would absolutely recommend this bag! The 20L can hold a lot of stuff, it was perfect for sunscreen, snacks, clothes, phones, etc.

It is a great pack ! I have read it all the reviews here and for sports , travel and the beach this dry bag is amazing . I did not had the chance yet to test it at the beach as the summer it’s just starting here in Canada . I have test it the unique way or the mom way. I was reading about this dry bag that it will be great use as pre soak your clothes and I did. I was very surprised that it did not leaked at all and the clothes were ready for the wash, stains gone. It dos not take space which is very convenient to me. I like that it’s clear and you don’t have to carry on your hand , comes with a strap for easy carry cross body .So bottom line it is a great dry bag , I like it and I can’t wait to take to the beach.

I got this product because I needed a waterproof phone case and thought a dry bag would be great as well. I love that the phone case seals well and water can't get in, (I took it to the pool). I also like the dry bag, it looks stylish and I love that there are so many different uses for it. I used it as a cooler bag over the weekend to store a couple cans of soda, and then to store my kids' dirty clothes. The phone case and dry bag worked better than I thought.

I tried the earth pak dry bag waterproof bag and phone case and found them to work really well. Everything stays dry in both the bag and case. It is nice that both are transparent.

The bag is a great size to store a few things and I really like the strap for easy carrying. I have started using the bag for the kids swimming and they are able to pack it and carry it no problem.

The phone case will keep your phone dry should it fall into the water. I like that I can still use my phone in the case with no problem.

This bag is going to be perfect for the beach.
It’s compact but enough room to hold all of your items (keys,wallet,cell phone,money,camera and even a spare t shirt) and best of all its waterproof. It’s clear design allows you to see your items. Goes over your arm very nicely. It is the perfect bag to take
with you on any type of outing.

Good quality. 20 L has lots of room. Love the fact I can see everything in it, and love the carry strap. So far, stayed dry during first kayak day trip. Replaced the one that squirrels ate in my garage.

This is a great product. Very good quality, thick and still malleable. Keeps the everything dry. There is an odor but that's to be expected as it is plastic. Very durable.

Amazing dry bag!
I used it for kayaking this weekend and it kept everything dry, I even tested it out and put the whole bag under water and still dry inside.

I didnt like this product at all. Didnt work well for intended purpose. In fact used the phone component and it left condensation on phone.

Excellent quality bag and I love the strap!!
Great that you can see through the bag so you can tell where things are.
I use it on my motorcycle when I'm touring - it fits in one of my side boxes and is easy to grab to go into the motel for the night.

Works great for a day trip on the lake! Can still take great pics from my phone in the waterproof case

I have not used the dry bag yet, but it arrived quickly and appears to be of good quality.
I like that I can see through it to easily find items.

Très bon rapport qualité prix, joli look, efficace!
Odeur un peu forte de plastique mais a part ça, tout est parfait. On peut même s'en servir de bien d'autres manières. A l'air solide, un must have pour les sorties en famille!

It is quite sturdy and well built. Easy to use and water proof.

We love it. I got it for my husband as we go fishing a lot and its definitely meeting our expectations and keeping our phones dry. Definitely would recommend.

Très bon, j'adore. Comme sur la photo n'a pas une trop forte odeur. Je recommande