Vitchelo 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack for Outdoor Water Sports Kayaking Camping - Fly Fishing & Boating Gifts for Men - 100% Tear-Free, Lifetime Kayak Storage Bag - Free Waterproof Phone Pouch


  • WHILE OTHER DRY BAGS WATERPROOF leak, fail to protect your stuff, are too stiff or just uncomfortable to wear, the VITCHELO 30L wet dry bag backpack will safeguard your essentials on water sports, kayaking, hiking, camping or traveling adventures. Made of vinyl tarpaulin with a sturdy welded seam, its solid roll-top closure system provides secured watertight seal and holds longer than most brands. This means greater protection for your electronics and belongings.
  • PRACTICAL & VERSATILE - Besides a high-frequency welded construction, this Deluxe 30L dry sack waterproof backpack features an elasticated front webbing and mesh netting pockets on both sides for extra storage, a reinforced one-handed strap to give your shoulders a well-deserved break, chest & waist straps securing the bag and limiting side movements, breathable shoulder strap allowing for more ventilation, padded back to prevent back strain, all to maximize your comfort.
  • MADE WITH PURPOSE, MADE BY US - We've designed, tested and built this dry bag backpack waterproof to float, to be sand proof, lighweight, easy fold up to a compact size, and fit as a carry-on bag on an airplane. No matter you're boating, canoeing, swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, even groceries shopping... Our dry bag waterproof will protect and keep your adventure gear, electronics, clothes & essentials dry, bringing you peace of mind.
  • BUILT FOR YOU - Tested for higher performance, our waterproof bag satisfies the needs of those who prioritize durability, weight, and pack-ability. Favorite among campers who use them to keep food out of the reach of hungry scavengers. Particularly attractive to those who love surfing or snorkeling but don’t love what these activities can do to their expensive electronics or change of clothes.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - You are covered by our 60-days money back guarantee & LIFETIME limited WARRANTY. Our waterproof dry bag pack is a must-have for every adventure seeker in the wilderness where wheater is unpredictable. Get yours today, we'll include a TOUCH-FRIENDLY WATERPROOF PHONE POUCH, FREE of charge!


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WHILE OTHER DRY BAGS WATERPROOF leak, fail to protect your stuff,  just uncomfortable to wear,

  • EXPERIENCE THE GREAT OUTDOORS without any worries of your clothes, food items, costly electronics or a deflated sleeping bag getting wet, soggy and spoilt.
  • Carry all your belongings in this LARGE 30 Litre / 8 lbs dry sack so your trip becomes memorable. Also small enough to be folded and stored away in a trunk.
  • It's reinforced seams and non-rip material. KEEP SURVIVAL GEAR SAFE with a scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom that ensures maximum water resistance.
  • HIKE IN COMFORT with adjustable and padded shoulder straps as well as a waist strap. END BACK STRAIN and use the pack designed to keep both you and your belongings safe.
  • PROTECTION FROM DUST, DIRT, SAND, SNOW AND WATER. Keep your cell phone, tablet, watches, jewelry, and clothing safe & dry no matter what adventures await. While you’re unwinding and unplugging, the deluxe waterproof dry bag backpack will make sure your stuff is safe when you need it.
  • Perfect for bug-out bags, easily carried by any adult. FLOATS FOR EASY RETRIEVAL.
  • Black & Yellow Color is easily visibility & safety at night and also being able to spot it in the water
  • Stress Free ownership, NO HASSLE

wilderness where wheater is unpredictable. Get yours today,


Whereas the smaller 10L bags are more narrow and cylindrical, this one is a 30L large bag with size of 26.8” x 12.6” x 7.1” when the roll top is fully opened. You won’t have to resort to double bagging backpacks.

It's suitable for adults, thought kids can also use it after folding it to a suitable size.

Carry from the top grip handle or comfortably using shoulder straps as a backpack.

The shoulder straps & back have webbed material for breath-ability and for cushioning.

Read more BUILT FOR YOU - Tested for higher performance, our waterproof bag satisfies the needs Read more Perfect for: Beach-goers Boaters, Rafters Campers , Hikers Kayakers Skiers, Snowboarders Climbers,

One Dry Bag, Multiple Out Door Adventures!

Perfect for:

  • Beach-goers
  • Boaters, Rafters
  • Campers , Hikers
  • Kayakers
  • Skiers, Snowboarders
  • Climbers, Runners
  • Hunters, Fishers
  • Photographers
  • Theme/Water Parks

Read more Made of vinyl tarpaulin with a sturdy welded seam, its solid roll-top closure system provides secu

It has a roll top that you secure with a clip, to act as a seal. You can roll it 3 times to ensure a good seal and add air if you are going to be on the water and need it to float in the event of a mishap.

chest & waist straps securing the bag and limiting side movements, breathable shoulder strap allowin

Most dry bags you must carry from the top buckle strap because there isn’t a shoulder strap or appropriate handle. This one is capable of being carried by the grip handle at the top of the bag and also can be worn as a backpack.

There is a waist strap too for extra support. There is an added bonus of webbed pouches on the side that could carry water bottles.

A corded exterior at the front for gear allows you to carry stuff that you don't mind getting wet.

Tested for higher performance, our waterproof bag satisfies the needs of those who prioritize

A touch-friendly waterproof phone pouch which is IPX8 rated waterproof phone case which can detect your fingerprints and fits most handheld gadgets.

Particularly attractive to those who love surfing or snorkeling but don’t love what these activities Read more
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  • Product Dimensions: 26.8 x 12.6 x 7.1 inches ; 2.05 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Item model number: DB016

 The major claim that Vitchelo makes about this dry bag is that it is 100% waterproof and will keep gear dry. To test this claim, I loaded the bag with a 14 lb bag of baking soda to weigh it down and also a roll of toilet paper (if it leaked then it would be obvious as soon as I took the TP out). I headed over to my pool to do a proper submersion stress test (to simulate a kayaking mishap), which you can watch in the video I posted.

Since the bag was quite heavy, I was expecting that it would not be too difficult to submerge it. However, even though the bag was fairly heavy, it was actually incredibly buoyant, because of the size and the air trapped in it, and I had to struggle to really get it submerged. You can push out some of the air when you close and seal the bag, but I wanted to test it the way I usually use my dry bags. Air is not heavy, and having the dry bag to be very buoyant can make it easy to retrieve if it falls in the water, not to mention that, in a pinch, it can be used to help you float (in case you had a hard time swimming because of shock or injury).

I pushed the bag underwater, rolled it around, and pushed it underwater upside-down to test the area where I thought it would have the greatest chance of failure. When I opened it up, aside from a few drops that clearly got in the bag from the process of me opening it (and not from failure) the inside was completely dry. Having performed this test, I now feel confident relying on it when I take it on a real kayak trip in the future.

I didn’t actually swim with the bag on, but seeing how buoyant it was with a decent amount of weight inside, it seems very likely that it would be fairly easy to transport it across a body of water (if you were to fall out of a canoe and had to swim to shore).

Aside from the bag being legitimately waterproof, I really like the padded shoulder straps. I have another dry bag with no straps at all, and it’s kind of a pain to carry around. This bag can function as an actual backpack, if needed. The padded straps are fairly comfortable, and there is a strap that connects across the chest to help keep the weight distributed well.

In terms of interior storage space, if you roll it up properly to make it submergible, then you will have to sacrifice some interior storage space. However, if you are not taking it on a boat, but will be on land and mainly just want to protect your gear from rain, then there is an alternate way to close it that will maximize internal storage space (you will likely also be sacrificing a really good seal if it goes completely underwater, but it will still keep the interior safe from rain).

The last claim is that the bag is made of “double-stitched ultra tough non-rip material, sealed seams and scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom to ensure maximum water resistance.” Even though I can’t verify what the material is made of, after closely inspecting it, it does look extremely durable and easily passed my underwater stress test. This bag looks and feels heavy-duty, and when I brushed it against a bush (nothing thorny, just a regular bush, to simulate walking on a trail) there was no damage.This bag looks like it’s built to take abuse and last. I will update this review in the future as I regularly post updates on products after I’ve used them for a long time.

The only negative is that when it arrived, it had a very strong chemical smell. I kept it outside on my deck for a week, thinking it might be off-gassing. After a week, it still smelled so strong that when I brought it into my living room for a few hours to inspect and pack it up, it made the whole room smell and I had to open up the windows and air it out. Even when I was walking around with it on my back, the smell bothered me, although less. I returned the bag back outside to continue airing out. Since I know that PVC products (not sure if this bag is PVC, but it is made of vinyl) take about a month to complete off-gassing, if the smell disappears in the next few weeks, I will raise the rating from 4 to 5 stars, because without the smell, this is a 5 star product. Also must be said that I’m quite sensitive to smells, other people might not be bothered by this, especially since it’s supposed to be used outdoors. If you found this review helpful, please consider clicking yes below.

UPDATE 10/01/16: after sitting on my screened patio for 5 weeks, the smell is almost entirely gone, which is definitely good news!

I have noticed that several reviews I have written on items purchased through Amazon have had the "Verified Purchase" removed incorrectly and as a result are no longer visible, which is likely happening to other people as well. When you read reviews, be sure to sort by 'All reviews' since there is obviously a bug in the system and many helpful and detailed reviews are now hidden.

I have been using this bag while exploring Oahu for a week. I'm very impressed. I have used it to protect my valuables on numerous snorkeling excursions. It's been in the water for over two hours at a time, often totally submerged. Contents we're always bone dry. I'm sure the bag was not intended for such abuse but it performed flawlessly.

Uncompensated review, didn't get a free bag to review it. As a year-round bicycle commuter in the Seattle area, I use drybag backpacks to keep my computer and office clothes reliably dry. For the past several years I've been using a Seattle Sports Aquaknot, but when it wore through I decided to try this bag instead.

Almost identical in size to the larger Aquaknot 1800, but lighter weight and somewhat lower featured, as you'd expect for the lower price point.

Compared to the Seattle Sports Aquaknot:

- lighter weight
- uses the slick-skin tarpaulin material all over, including the sides, where Seattle Sports uses a rough woven surface
- side pockets have drawstring tops instead of just elastic
- outer face of shoulder straps has a waterproof fabric so they don't get wet as fast in the rain
- top carrying loop has a handle, not just bare webbing

- Shoulder straps are less padded (part of the lighter weight tradeoff)
- Back isn't quite as heavily padded
- Only a sternum strap, no waist strap
- Lighter grade of buckles that don't guide together quite as easily
- No reflective trim
- Less surface area is yellow vs. black

All in all, it feels well made and suitable for bicycle commuting. I'll check back when it's had time to break in or break down.

Just used this pack for the first time. Very rugged and durable. Keeps out the rain but not very breathable on your back, sweat just ran down my back and into my shorts. Especially when using my poncho. Great at keeping the rain and river water out and even comes with a clear waterproof case for your phone or camera and it is also touch screen compatible and is large enough for an IPHONE or Samsung 8, plus the lanyard is long enough to wear around your neck too. I used the large pocket webbing to hold a 3 liter hydration bladder. The side pockets were handy for my bug spray and poncho. Could reach them without dropping the pack and digging through it. Overall I like the simplicity and solid construction of this pack. I'd recommend this pack to anyone wanting to kayak or hike in areas prone to rain.

I do not use this backpack for water sports. I use it for carry things I need for daily for work. I walk aprx 1.5 mile after getting off the train, the same when going home. I need a pack that is waterproof and didn't cost an arm and a leg. This works perfect, I put my tablet, lunch, and jacket inside, it has plenty more room if I need it. My things are always dry. I highly recommend this pack. Since it is yellow, I am much more visible while walking in the rain.

I bought this dry bag mainly for kayaking, but figured it'll be useful for SO many other things, too. It arrived quickly, and I am SO impressed and happy with the product! So far, it's working phenomenally (although I've only used it a couple of times), and I LOVE the look and comfort of it, too. It's VERY roomy... you get a LARGE bag for the price, and the quality seems to be outstanding so far. I am extremely happy with my purchase, from the price to the fast delivery, to the product itself, and the customer service of the company is amazing! They reached out to me after delivery to see if I had any problems or questions. I will most definitely buy from Vitchelo again! FIVE PLUS STARS!!!!

As a standup paddleboarder and kayaker I have a need to waterproof storage, on the paddleboard in particular. I have a 10 litre dry bag that I've used successfully and I can store my phone, sunglasses, hat, car keys and packed lunch in it, but that's about it. There's no room for anything else. So I wanted something larger and decided to give this one a try.

I picked this one, because unlike a standard dry bag you might find for a paddleboard, this also has straps to make it a rucksack. That was just a bonus, but I figured if I stop somewhere on my board, I might want to walk up a bank to have lunch or camp or something and then having a bag pack would be handy. Also, if I went camping or trekking without the paddleboard, I'd need a rucksack anyway, so I may as well have a totally water proof one!!

Space-wise, it's a great improvement. I can pack a spare set of clothes in case I fall in (I don't wear a wetuit in summer, just shorts and a T-shirt). I can pack a small tent in it. There is plenty of space to take a packed lunch for a whole family if you are out for the day together. It is great! It is also totally waterproof!

There are side mesh pockets for bottles etc and also bungee's on the top. It fits perfectly on to my paddleboard and it is about the right size too. Too much smaller (like the 10 litre) and you don't have storage, plus it moves around. Too much bigger like a 50l and it would be too large and heavy. So it's just right.

I've not gone trekking with it yet, but I have used it as a rucksack for carrying stuff to and from my paddleboard and it is very comfy to carry.

If you like outdoors, particularly water sports, this is a great bag!

I've attached some pictures which show it on my board, packed with clothes and lunch for a full day out for two people.

I am a 5.4" woman and when this bag arrived my first thought was 'It's way too big'. BUT !!! The top of the bag does fold over (or can be used as part of the bag) and, folding this over, immediately made this bag perfect for my size. With the top of the bag unfolded, this will easy be a great size for a tall man.

Definitely recommend this - The plastic is tough and looks good. There are also straps to secure the bag so it doesn't bounce around on your back - essential for me as I bought this for my volunteer work with Search and Rescue.

Brilliant bag. Plenty of room and comfortable. I walk a lot, this was to replace my rip curl bag, which finally give up the ghost... This is a very good replacement, I can say, I have used the bag in the worst weather so far this winter... It has come through excellently, 100% dry and has held up great, with the bag full to capacity. Would recommend to all.

This bag was originally purchased as a rucksack for work as I wanted something waterproof. It was too large for that; however as a going to the beach,paddleboarding,kayaking etc. this bag is ideal. You can fit everything in for a whole day out (couple/small family); and I mean everything! from beach towels to books. It is ideal in that it stands well enabling you to dig down to the bottom, and with no fussy zips or pockets your gear is easily located/stored.
The 'fold down' clip closing classic of dry bags feels and has stood up to be secure, it is easily wiped clean and once emptied folds up almost flat.
Two points I have found is that the side water bottle storage can work loose; these would be better elasitcated.
I'm female of average height and I would have liked that the shoulder straps be given more padding for a bit more comfort and support.
On the whole this is a really good dry bag, it feels well made and does what it is designed for which is to keep your gear dry and secure.

Really useful bag. Bought for going around Asia for 5 months and was fantastic for any water or beach based activity. Could be improved if it had a pouch inside for smaller items that can just get jumbled with everything else. Also a comfortable bag to wear generally. Used when hiking up a volcano for a couple of days and had no problems with it.

Mostly using this for cycling to work. But I did take this bag on a boat trip and I am super impressed. Loads of room to fit clothes etc. Keeps everything dry! I even used the little waterproof phone/valuables bag (I used it for my phone) which took some great pictures even through the plastic. I also find it really comfortable to wear. Overall a great waterproof bag.

Great bag and of course waterproof even in the heaviest of showers. However the nature of the straps meant I'd lost one after a couple of my more adventurous journeys and as another reviewer has already mentioned the bottle holders don't hold bottles very well.

Absolutely fantastic for keeping my belongings dry in rainy weather (this is overkill for that). The only issue is the lack of internal pockets and pouches, although this is easily solved by using an old rucksack inside the Vitchelo Backpack.

Arrived quickly, just what we wanted. A gift for father-in-law, he seemed very pleased with the bag

Good bag and seems to keep things dry, but I am a cyclist and would say it’s not suitable for use .. the padding on the back is inadequate and you can feel the items in the bag digging into your back.. the padding is only in 3 sections not all over

Good quality and size, would but it again

Great value and dies the job well.

Fabulous product. It for a present for a boating enthusiast, can’t wait to give it to him. Looks tough and strong and fit for purpose. The speed of delivery was fantastic. Ordered one day and here the next. Would definitely come back again.

Excellent bag. I work offshore so the bag is regularly exposed to the elements, but still keeps all my gear nice and dry.

Bought for cycling commute. Super comfy (and no need to fasten the mid straps). Really excellent capacity too. Plus the distinctive yellow flashing at back gives great visibility. No fear of the rain now!