WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator - Wake Surf Shaper - Wave Generator - USA Company


  • WAKE SURFING MADE SIMPLE – Universal, Develop a Larger and Longer Surf Wave on Almost All Inboard Boats.
  • EASY TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION – Industrial Strength Suction Cup Technology, Easily attach and remove while in the boat or in the water in seconds.
  • AMERICAN QUALITY – Single piece solid body injection molded in the USA for strength and durability.
  • LANYARD INCLUDED – Quality hand made lanyard with carabiner clips to quickly attach to your boat.
  • NOW WITH NEW STRONGER CARABINER CLIPS! - Lanyard now includes strong 165 lb. inter-locking carabiner clips!


Brand: WAKE 10

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WAKE 10 Wakesurf Creator - Wake Surf Shaper - Wave Generator - USA Company
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I have used this several times and I really don't notice a difference in my wake. It is easy to install and stays on but I just don't notice a difference. My adult son went with a friend that has a different brand that is much bigger and he said it makes a big difference. But with this model, I am not seeing a difference at all. :-(

It fell off the boat many times, suction does not work very well. It is very heavy it even broke the tether that it came with. Literally it bent the hook to attach to your boat. For the short times it stuck to the boat, the wake improved some, not great. I have used other friends wake devices that work well, so I was tempted by this low price unit but don't fall for the low price it just does not work.

Finally got a calm day to try the Wake 10 on my 2001 Air Nautique. It doesn't make the wake bigger but it does a tremendous job improving the wake quality. I had 450 lbs in the rear tanks and 400 lbs in the mid boat ski locker running at 10.5 mph. With the shaper the face was clean, steeper, and longer. My interest is wakefoil surfing and this allows me to ride in a safer position further behind the boat on the first wake. The foil accelerates when you lose altitude and it is easy to get too close to the stern. With a 75 ft rope, I can easily surf the second wake. The suction cups have great hold and the leash is long enough to switch sides without detaching it. It floats but barely. Highly recommended!

I bought this wake shaper to see if it would be an improvement over the one I had. I don't usually write reviews but This product is a game changer for my boat (a 2007 Tige 24v) so I felt I should. I bought my old wake shaper the first year they came out and there were only 2 products. It helped but the pocket was short. The Wake 10 completely changed the push of the wake. It took a little while for us all to learn to ride it because the pocket is longer and taller. We can now pump back into the sweet spot from much further back in the wake than we could previously. The old one we also had to have one person on the boat and one in the water to get it on. Wake 10 goes on easily by just leaning over the boat edge. Then the icing on the cake is that it is also comparatively inexpensive. For $159 I don't think you can go wrong. Get the wake 10 and get out on the water.

The first time I used I ended up losing the wake shaper but they sent me another one because the first kit had wrong type of carabiner. It works really well now good product would recommend to anyone looking to wakesurf with small or big wakes

For what it costs, the Wake 10 makes a huge difference in the wake on my boat. I had a different shaper that fell apart pretty quickly on me. I wanted to continue to be able to use a shaper though, so I thought I'd give the Wake 10 a shot because it looks like a super sturdy product.

I didn't have any issues getting it attached to my boat (much easier to do in shallow water versus floating in the middle of the lake), but we did upgrade the lanyard to a bit of spare ski rope we had in the boat already. We never had it fall off at the 9.5mph or so that we have to surf at though.

We were super pleased with the simplicity of the shaper and the difference it made in the wake, just wish we didn't have to move it from side to side for different people. At least we don't have to move our ballast bags from side to side - we can leave those evenly distributed.

Again, great value for the money - would recommend!

One of these reviews said it doesn’t work and it keeps falling off is complete crap,This thing works great, put it towards the very end of the boat. Make sure and get the air out of the suction cups in the water before latching. It doesn’t take a collage degree to figure that out. Some people need a to go and get a common sense degree.

I went in a little skeptical but for the price I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I’m amazed, for the price this is an absolute Deal and works. I have Super Air Nautique 220 with the GoSurf Assist wake tabs and this Wake10 shaper was far superior. Wake had a good shape, push and was nice and clean.

I look forward to playing around with placement and weight configuration but so far so good.

For starters I checked and this thing did float but doesn’t sit high in the water so it might be tough to spot from a far if you don’t tether it. Like most, I would agree the clips are junk but that’s an easy fix. Mine survived day 1 and haven’t given problem but will probably replace before they do.