FPG Kneeboard


  • Go full electronic with IPAD or old school with clip board
  • Plenty of storage space for maps, writing materials etc.
  • Made in USA


Brand: Forceprotector Gear LLC

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Integrates seamlessly with IPad if needed. Adjustable writing station for left or right handed use. Adjustable and removable "Knee chocks" keep things from shifting on your leg. These allow you to use less tension on the leg strap keeping better blood flow to your leg. Built in grommets for checklists on a removable writing station. Adjustable see through retaining strap to keep pages neat and tidy. Cell phone pocket. Cockpit light storage. General Purpose pocket with Velcro enclosure for small item storage. Wraps up tight on itself like and Ace Bandage when in transport with no loose straps. The FPG Knee Board measures 10" x 18" and made of 1000 Denier Nylon MILSPEC Cordura, MILSPEC binding tapes, YKK Zippers, MILSPEC Hook & Loop, MILSPEC thread. The clipboard is a.090 HMWPE-1000 clipboard base. .

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  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.5 inches
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  • ASIN: B00W4TKH3A
  • Item model number: FOR102COY

Hi Quality Product for the price. I Fly Old Warbirds with minimum Electronics and room. This keeps it organized to Write and then easily Flip the layer back and use my Galaxy pro. It is the perfect size for the 10.1 with nice keepers. If you are going to use a Mini Ipad or the smaller Android pads. you would probably have to put Velcro on the back for this to Work. I also am Flying a Long EZ and with the seat configuration This really works well since your knees are a bit more angled than in a standard aircraft. Note: I also have short legs and this is about 12 inches so it takes up a good part of my thigh.FORCEPROTECTOR GEAR FPG Knee Board, Coyote

I don’t know why I thought this was sized for an iPad mini. It’s not.

I fly a 206, which is not really a cramped airplane, but it still gets in the way a bit, and ForeFlight gets wiped out by my hand or forearm. Probably best for a stick rather than a yoke controlled airplane.

The strap is secure, the wedge is comfortable, and the pocket is handy.

The routing of the FLIP strap should be between an option between the zipper or not. Also, pen holders and leg strap are pretty loose. I am not a little person and the leg strap is as tight as it gets and still feels loose.
The velcro feature is nice because it won't really hold the ipad pro 11 with the corner straps. So I bought a lear back only style case and put some velcro on it. Works great. Overall, it is not bad, but there are a lot of things I wish were different. I wouldnt recommend this if you don't want a large knee board.

I just purchased this kneeboard. This is the third different kneeboard that I've ordered, and this one is by far the best. I'm using the iPad pro 11inch ipad. I did like other people have done and got a cheap thin ipad case that can hold the ipad pencil. My kneeboard came with 2 additional pieces of velcro that I used to attach my ipad to the kneeboard. The only downfall so far is that I can't get the kneeboard tight enough on my leg. I'm thinking ab sewing additional velcro to the strap to make it tighter. I'm just glad I finally found a kneeboard suitable to fit my 11inch ipad, without it being ridiculously bulky.

I love this kneeboard. But one I've owned to date! I am an owner of an FBO and will be recommending this product to all our customers.

I bought this as another kneeboard solution trial; this being my third one. It’s not bad, and will serve the purpose it states. I had some mixed results.

It doesn’t get tight enough. I’m 5’6” and the straps are long, so I can’t get it tight enough on my leg. So it’s a bit loose and I have to always move it into place. Next, is the corners of the holder. It covers the edges of Forefight on my iPad Pro 10.5. I ended up putting my iPad in a cheap 10$ case and putting Velcro on the back. Now I can attach it and remove it easily, and tilt it a bit

The removable zipper part is fantastic, but wish I could reverse it to the other side. Meaning, zipper on right side of the detachable so I can open it, resting it on left leg while viewing iPad on right.

Overall it’s a great product but maybe a bit bulky for a smaller GA pilot like myself. I actually still uses pieces of this kit with a couple other ones to create an ideal solution.