Due North Everyday G3 Ice and Snow Traction Aid


  • Number one in fishing sports
  • Manufactured in the country of China
  • Made of the highest quality material
  • New and improved design enhances fit and function with a 360-degree spike pattern that provides more push and lateral grip
  • Special rubber compound stays strong and retains elasticity in subzero temperatures for maximized durability
  • Unique support hole on heel strap provides easy adjustment and makes it easy to put on and take off
  • 6 Tungsten Carbide Due North Ice Diamond Spikes are integrated into a proprietary rubber tread design for improved traction


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The versatile Due North Everyday G3 Traction Aids are ideal for outdoor winter activities that require urban and light-duty casual, dress and athletic footwear. Whether you're shoveling the sidewalk, walking the dog or just running errands, the lightweight yet durable design of these Traction Aids will give you the confidence you need when walking or running on icy and snowy conditions. The webbed sole design allows the Due North Everyday Traction Aid to adapt to the shape of your shoe, working with almost any style of shoe in your closet and its low profile fit means it's nearly invisible to the eye. When not in use, the compact design makes them easy to store in small places such as, your coat pocket, handbag, briefcase or the glove box in your car.

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I jog all winter long, a few miles every day. I usually wear some sort of slip prevention at least 2 months of the year. These are good and in fact, one of the best I've found. The competitor, (think Yak) at least for me, is NOT good on the ice. Packed snow, they aren't bad, but on any ice covered hard pack, or ice alone, I'll take these cleats any day of the week.

The do wear a little quickly. Especially if you are prone one way or the other, while running. But they are inexpensive. For walking, I'm sure they would last an entire season, but I sometimes go through two if the streets are partially dry, because I'm very overprone.

I have a pair of these in S/M that I like very much. I bought a L/EL pair for my husband, who wears a 10 and a half shoe, and they are about an inch and a half too short, no matter how hard he tried to stretch them to fit. I do not have a sales slip so cannot return them but am very dissatisfied with the sizing.

- I use these for cleaning my driveway when it is icy and these really grip into the ice and keep me from slipping.
- I'm not sure about those who have taken these jogging. These have worked for me while walking and moving slowly. I have my doubts if it can hold up to long-term pounding.
- I keep an extra pair in my car for those times when I might be caught out in the snow and ice. I keep these tucked in my car emergency bag.

I would buy these every one or two years. They used to come with two pairs for the same price. And they fit. And they were reliable. Thankfully, I still have two pair that have made it through the past two (2013 - 2015) long, hard, winters. In 2015 they changed the manufacturer and the design. They are also using a less pliable rubber, and the sizes are much smaller than stated. And you only get one pair. At least I can use the cleats to replenish the ones lost on my older, more reliable, better fitting pairs. I will never purchase this brand again. It is time to search for another brand.

Selling one yaktrax is like selling a left shoe separate from the right. That is just ridiculous. I have two feet not one, When most people see Qty1 when referring to shoes we assume that it’s 1pr. I have two feet people

Priceless safety. In 2012 I slipped on some ice in my own driveway and broke my femur in 4 places. No more. Got these and they work great. Tried some other brands that had things that looked like small coiled steel springs on the bottom -- they might work OK in snow, but they didn't grip on ice like the Due North. Can wear them inside on carpet or rubber mats just fine. Probably wouldn't use them on my hardwood floors. Anyway, best type of these tractions aids I have ever used.

Wife and I use Duenorth creepers, the one called "All Purpose" and use them daily, dog walking, hiking, over XC ski boots walking to trailheads. Use them on light shoes and large insulated boots, and everything inbetween. After three winters, one broke. Went to Amazon to replace, and found the lighter weight G3 said to be improved in other reviews. since these cost less and came with Amazon Prime ordered. First, the sizing is different. Whereas the All Purpose size medium fits my U.S. 9.5 and wife's ladies U.S. 8 boots, the G3 small/medium barely gets on her shoes. I had to order large/extra large. Second, they fall off. On first hike this happened recurrently, and one is lost for good. They were meticulously inspected for proper tight fit at start. So I have given 2 stars rather than 1, as this G3 might be OK for sidewalks in cities. More: compared with all other brands of creepers, the Duenorth do not load up with balls of wet snow, and have superior hold on ice, and can be used where there is bare ground, when driving, shopping, etc. But get the older "All Purpose" model.

The price is right and the quality seemed high, but these definitely did not work for on my running shoes. The L/XL size is too tight on my size 11 Mizuno Wave Riders and size 11 Asics Gel-Nimbus shoes, causing the toe to pull up/back and bunching the forefoot upper. It's so significant that my toes "ramp up" and the bunched fabric rubs on my feet to the point that it would definitely cause blisters on even a short run.

Granted, the forefoot of my running shoes is quite flexible and it would probably be fine on a stiffer walking or daily wear shoe. Unfortunately, while marketed as a winter running solution, these just don't work with actual running shoes.

Great quality amazing grip on ice

1 month later: I'm not happy with how the rubber compound is holding up (see photo). These boots get about 1 hour per day of use over the course of about 3 weeks by a 110 lb female. They are used only in the backyard where everything is covered with 2" of ice, so they've seen no use on pavement or sidewalk or even bare ground. Yet the rubber is already failing. My original pair that I've had for about 5 years has gotten intermittent use and is still going strong. Has the rubber compound changed for the worse? Disappointing.

My initial review: I love that this came with 2 extra little gripper spike pieces. This was a totally unexpected surprise. The product has improved since the version that I bought a few years ago (they are now stronger and fit over the toe better). Still, the spikes were the same, so I was able to use the extra spike pieces right away to replace the ones I lost from my original pair. When the old pair finally wear out, I can use those old spikes in the new pair.

I'm impressed and will stick with this brand, after doing extensive research on the various alternatives. These are inexpensive, do not rust like steel, and won't blunt their spike edges like stainless steel. The rubber seems good quality, remaining stretching and strong in the cold.

I can walk on glare ice paths carrying heavy loads with complete confidence in our Canadian winter. The spikes themselves are great, tungsten keeps very sharp edges, grips the ice, and does not rust. But you definitely don't want to walk on indoor wooden floors with them.

I bought a Large/Extra Large for my wife's big oversize winter boots (size 8) and they fit fine. I needed strong fingers to get them on, but this is a good thing, because it means that they stayed on (for the most part).

Before these, I tried Yaktrax for winter running. They were terrible. The spikes bent over sideways on the first run, and the springs rusted out and snapped after a season.

After one run so far, these Due North G3 seem much better constructed. The spikes didn't bend, even with the occasional bit of running on clear sidewalk, and the grip is good. So far, these seem very good. We'll see how they hold up over the long term, but I'm hopeful.

Shoes work well on icy surfaces but lose traction on small accumulation of snow due to a build up. Very tight fitting. bought the XL for size 11 running shoe and the cleat toe cap put too much rearward and downward pressure on the toes to cause folding of the shoe material and blisters on top of the toe. Maybe needed readjusting on the shoe to prevent the toe blisters. It took two people too put them on my size 11 shoe. I hoped the fit would loosen after a few uses but wore them 3 times with different shoes and still found them too tight.

I ended up ordering a 2nd pair bc one fell off while I was hiking. So that's why I'm giving it 4 stars, as it has that ability. But who knows, maybe I didn't put it on securely enough.
The pegs haven't fallen out yet either.
They fit easily over all sorts of footwear -from a running shoes to a thick winter boot.
Not for major ice trekking or for snow covered ice.

I bought the Large/X Large and I only take a size 9, but these were VERY hard to get on my shoes. Once they are on they stay on, and they seem to work ok though. My fingers hurt badly in getting them on, so these are definitely not something that can be easily put on\removed if I'm out walking.

They work great on glare ice walking in the trail system of my city. Icy hills and compact snow in shady areas. They work well with my hiking shoes, however, running shoes (I have tried a broke in and new pair) do not have strong enough toes to prevent the materials from collapsing and causing blisters. They are fine for short walks with running shoes as in under 2km or about 1.5 miles but not for longer walks.

Easy to put on/take off. Very comfortable to wear. It takes a few walks and you hardly notice they are there. Second pair ~ a friend "borrowed" the first pair . . . tips are very durable (he's still using my first 3 year old pair)

These are supposed to fit up to size 9 women's footwear. I bought 2 pairs. They don't fit size 8 or 9. They are so small you'd have to have super strength to stretch these things out to be able to actually put them on your boots. Naturally, we just had freezing rain, I can't even get them on my boots to test them! Waste of money.

Unfortunately, I waited too long to try these out, as I was waiting for icy conditions when I would actually need them. I would love to return them, but it was too late by then. Extremely difficult to get on, and they curled up my shoe, so no way I could walk with them on. Extremely poor design.

Works on ice ok but fits so small. I got the small/medium for my size 8 runners and they should have been perfect since they are supposed to fit up to size 10 I think. They were so hard to get on that I hurt my fingers. Once on, they bunches up the toe box of my runners and I irritated my toe. I would not buy these again.

Mon point de chaussure est 5 et pourtant j'ai dû retourner cet article car vraiment trop petit, il faudrait mentionner si c'est une grandeur pour enfants.

Some effort to put on size 11 boots but stable. Got used to it.
Not too much grip: they allow for a natural walking feel while very safe.

Indeed they will accumulate sticky snow under the boot. Which I find acceptable since their design allows me to fold the pair in my front jacket pocket.

Very good product. Excat what we want. very easy to put it on the shoes and very safe when walking on the icy road. The most important is ,it is lasting very long, not the other one I bought, poor quality it survived few days and then broken. ...

Not good on ice but for regular weather works well. Sizing an issue . I take ladies size8boot but medium didn’t work.gave them to a friend and reordered leg which worked.