Bradley Commercial Snow Tube for Adults and Kids | 50" Heavy Duty Cover | Made in USA


  • ★ DELUXE SNOW TUBE SET includes - Thick rubber inner tube. Commercial grade tube cover. Padded snow tube insert that doubles as a kids snow saucer. 6 foot long tow leash for hand pulling, and valve stem tool for quickly releasing air for storage (tool included inside valve cap).
  • SIZE: 40"-48" inflated diameter at full inflation. Tube becomes firm at 40". Continue to add air until tube has fully inflated (like a balloon). This size is ideal for people under 200 Lbs. Adults over 200 lbs. should choose a larger size.
  • ★ COMFORTABLE & EASY TO USE - Bradley snow tube sleds are the smoothest ride on the slopes! These snow inner tubes provide an air cushion ride, compared with any winter sled on the planet. When fully inflated, the bottom of your snow slide surface will make a drum sound when you tap on it.
  • ★ QUALITY ASSURANCE - Our customers agree, Bradley produces the best snow tubes on the market today. We make them here in the USA and we're proud of our workmanship. If you have questions about our product or you're not completely happy with what you receive, just give us a call or shoot us an email. We'll make it right. We promise!
  • ★ PRODUCT SPECS: Designed and manufactured in USA - Includes heavy duty 1100D slick industrial vinyl bottom using RapidGlide anti-friction technology. 2 sewn-in handles; patent pending sewn-in tow loop and strap secures tube and cover*** Not intended for towing behind a motorized vehicle.


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Cowabunga! Get ready for fast sledding on the slopes! Each Bradley Snow Tube includes a rubber inner tube with a 50" (deflated) cover that fits snugly around the tube (cover only option does NOT include tube). These covers are manufactured in the USA, with high quality polyester canvas top and super slick RapidGlide bottom. The cover has two sewn in handles for you to safely hold onto as you fly down the snowy slopes. The tow strap allows for easy, light weight hand-towing back up the hill. After you are tuckered out from all the tubing fun, quick inflate/deflate valve includes valve stem remover kit right in the valve cap. Choose your favorite color and get on your warm snow gear! Bradley inner tubes can also be used during summer time for water sports fun. Keep your snow tube cover in a dry place until next season, and keep using the inner tube in the lake, river, or swimming pool.

bradley tow strap

Hand-Tow Strap

2 sewn-in handles; patent pending sewn-in tow loop and strap secures tube and cover

  • Not intended for towing behind a motorized vehicle

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Includes heavy duty slick industrial fabric bottom with RapidGlide anti-friction technology.

UV and wear protection

This stuff is tough! Made to last many winter seasons.

Choose your favorite color

Pick your favorite color and get ready to hit the slopes. Waiting for your tube to arrive is the hardest part, trust us.

Made in USA

Designed, created, and manufactured by people who love winter sports just as much as you do.

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Snow Tube and Saucer Combo

Extra cushion, extra toys

Add this small sled as an extra cushion insert for your Bradley Snow Tube, or take it out and use as an alternative made for kids. This light-weight sled is easy for kids to bring up and down snowy hillsides.

Kid's Flexible Snow Saucer - Padded Insert

  • 24" Diameter
  • 600 Denier waterproof canvas top with 1000 Denier slick coated RapidGlide bottom
  • Flexible saucer with 2 handles, suitable for kids 30-80 pounds. Not for use in water; not towable
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Safety Information

  1. Use of this product involves inherent risk of injury or death.
  2. Use in a clear and open area, check the terrain and avoid obstacles.
  3. Do not use on ice or icy surfaces, near driveways, streets, or highways.
  4. Children should use only under adult supervision.
  5. Use protective clothing such as a helmet, goggles, gloves, winter boots, and warm clothing.
  6. Do not tow behind a motorized vehicle.

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I tried out a Bradley, Fat Tire, and L. L. Bean snow tube over a couple days. All of them are great fun and seem solidly constructed. I used the cigarette-lighter-powered tire pump from my car to inflate them.

The Bradley tube is slower than the others. The slick bottom portion of the cover is slightly textured. It also doesn't have a leash built in, though it does have a loop to attach the leash; I just tied on a rope, which worked fine. It's a good tube if you have someone who doesn't want to go super fast (though it can still get going quickly once the sled run is established; maybe 80-90% of the other tubes' speeds). The inner tube on ours ended up bulging a bit after some use, even though it was inflated about the same as the Fat Tire and L. L. Bean which didn't bulge; it seems to be cosmetic only, and may be user error.

The L. L. Bean tube is decidedly the fastest. It has a slightly lower profile than the Bradley or Fat Tire, and has a hard shell bottom instead of a plastic/canvas type bottom. It's slick enough that it often starts sliding down the hill on its own if you forget to flip it upside down when out of use. It also has a nice detail in the leash: there's a twist in the handle so that it's always easy to get a mitten through the loop.

Fat Tire is a close second (to L. L. Bean) for speed. Its flexible bottom cover is slicker than Bradley's, but the covers are otherwise very close to the same size and shape. It does have a built in leash, though the handle tends to flatten out, so it takes a moment to poke a mittened hand through. It does feature round handles instead of just canvas straps, but practically I didn't find it mattered much.

Any of these tubes is great on a sledding hill, and it seems like they'll last many seasons.

This snow tube is slick! I took it for the first run and went down the hill much faster than I expected to go. My two boys decided to stick with the plastic sleds since they went slower. I am 6'2" and 220 lbs and I fit in it nicely. The strap holds it in nicely although I don't think it's necessary since it doesn't seem like it would come out once inflated. The handles on the sides have nice stitching and look like they will hold up for a long time. Overall, I love this. I will use it until my boys get a little older and braver. Maybe I just need to find a somewhat slower hill.

Have had for a few weeks. Durability seems fine. The speed is pretty slow compared to our firmer sled. Probably in a steep long hill it would pick up speed but not on our backyard hill that is pretty respectable. The inner tube doesn’t fill up the casing. The inner tube is tiny. I’m pretty disappointed. So giving stars bc it’s durable

THESE ARE THE BEST TUBES EVER! We usually spend at least $100 on cheap tubes at the other stores. Because they pop so easily even if it's cold outside and we haven't popped one this season. We will purchase these again. We have a huge him behind our house and it has lots of sage brush and we usually lose lots of tubes... BUT NOT THIS YEAR!!

Bought in Feb 2016. Didn’t use that winter, stored in cool/dry room inside, opened in winter of 2017, tube had a hole in it near valve and would not hold air. Reached out for replacement tube, provided correct address via email, they sent to old/incorrect address, waited several weeks for replacement. Got new tube, used a few times in winter 2017, now trying to use for first time today, and new tube had another hole in it near valve as well. Poor quality. Poor worksmanship. Not a good value. For price, I’d expect to last a few years without issue. You’re better off buying new $20-30 tubes every year or two, or the LL Bean tubes for similar price.

Great snow tube! The tube really goes down perfectly even over holes and bumps. We have a blast using it :) and the insert really works great- you get going faster then you think you will- insert works best for adults when you are on your stomach.
We are looking into getting a second!

Durable and kid tested. It does take about 20 minutes to fully inflate. It outlasted all the other cheaper tubes. The box was partially open upon delivery. I thought this tube came with an insertable hard disc for the bottom. My tube did not. It was past my 30 day window of return. I will buy more for my other kids next season.

Didn’t know what to expect, but in this price range I hoped it was a good quality product. I know it’s a lot for a snow tube, but it was well worth the money. We had the only tube on the snow hill that didn’t pop and the ride down was super comfy. My 6 year old loved it! You do need an air compressor to fill it up though. Highly recommend this product!