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These G.I. Jeep caps are a very popular seller. Made of 100% pure wool, they will keep you warm and comfortable in the coldest weather. available in 3 colors. One size fits most.

  • Department: Mens
  • ASIN: B07C2M14ZL
  • Date First Available: November 3, 2006
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #198,875 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #41 in Women's Cold Weather Hats & Caps
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    I had one of these in the 70's. This not the same. The top sticks up like a cone head. Your ears are always covered by the cap (original one would fold down over ears) . At least it is made of wool and by the USA. It's cheap, I will use it to blow snow this winter and keep looking for one like the original.

    Well, I just got this a few days ago so I haven’t really had more than a chance to just try it on. I have a XXL head, and the hat looks like it would be a tight fit on a newborn. It stretched to fit me nicely.
    I bought the hat because I drive a restored WW2 Jeep with no heater or even doors. It remains to be seen if my head and ears will be warmer during the cooler months.
    All in all, I would recommend this hat for an authentic military look. The only down side is that even with wire rimmed glasses, not many of us would even vaguely resemble Radar O’Reilly.

    This Jeep Cap is solid, and will definitely keep you warm - perhaps a tad too warm if the temperature is not single digits or the wind chill makes it feel that way. The cap is a bit longer than the original caps, making them come down on the head past the ears a bit more than I would like, but it does ensure that covering your ears is never a problem. The wool is definitely itchy, even after a hand-washing and air dry, but as with anything made with this material, it takes a little getting use to before you are truly comfortable with daily wear. I recommend it to someone who likes the look and is looking for a seriously warm winter cover.

    A little lighter weight than I expected but my brother really likes it. A dark navy blue would be a nice color choice, too, but I could only find OD and black. The black was my choice, and it goes well with everything. Had hoped to find a replacement for a similar cap that was about twice as heavy and the crown was not as high; had purchased it many years ago from LL Bean, but they no longer have that wool cap. This is a nice hat: very good price, good fit, good go-with-anything color, stiff & short brim. The crown can be folded in to remove the peak, and the side fold can be pulled to cover the ears nicely. It isn't bulky so a hood can be easily pulled over it for extra warmth. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a cool or cold weather cap. Also, it arrived sooner than expected-- a nice touch!

    Differences between this hat and real Jeep Cap: (1) Hat has four seams on top, original has six; (2) hat is much taller than original; (3) this hat rolldown is much taller above the brim than original; (4) original hat came in sizes, this hat is one-size-fits-all, so it is VERY elastic.

    It does not fit very well because of the height, when pulled down to my ears it sticks up above my head by ~2 inches, which looks dorky. Only having four seams exacerbates the dork-look. I can pull it down over my ears without using the rolldown!

    Best things I can say about it are: The color was good, hat fits (but only because it is so hyper-elastic), and it was cheap. Overall, I would pay three-times the going price for this hat it they would make it right. Cheaper is not better!

    To see a real Jeep hat, do a YouTube lookup for Combat! "The Duel" (season3/episode4). Bobby Rydell wears one starting at about 3:00 into the show.

    Nice and warm despite being a little scratchy, definitely not Merino Wool.
    If you're looking for something light and fluffy to cover your head with, look elsewhere.

    I was given an acrylic version of this cap years ago and was never satisfied with the fit, construction, comfort, or insulation. This cap fits snugly, is well stitched and looks like it will hold up for a while, it's warm, even in the rain.I bought one of these for my wife, my 3-year-old son, and one for myself. Very satisfied.

    If you're looking for an affordable, durable, exceptionally warm, 100% wool, American made cap, this one is for you.

    I have a big head (7 1/2 ?) but this hat is "one size fits most". It is somewhat small, but is well made. The wool weave is less dense than another "somewhat small" wool jeep cap from another vendor. The cut of the hat and the angle of the brim on this one is better than the other vendor's cap which has excess material at the top and a brim is so high that it never protects your eyes from sunlight. I use the cap while layout boat hunting for ducks.

    Ok, The circumference around fits but I swear they knitted this for a cone head..actually more like mickey mouse ears. I have a rather normal head and wear most ball caps and knit caps just fine. This thing is embarrassing. I passed going to the local army/navy so that I could get a real wool jeep cap...should have saved my money. It is too inexpensive to bother with sending it back so I will throw it in the wash and see if I can salvage it.

    A very nice hat