WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves | Touchscreen Compatible | Cordura Shell, Thinsulate Insulation | Ice Fishing, Skiing, Sledding, Snowboard | for Women or Men


  • TOUCHSCREEN FINGER TIPS allow you to answer calls while keeping your gloves on. But let's be honest, these are still winter gloves, so NO you will not be able to have texting conversations with your girlfriends on them - enjoy the nature you are in and get off your phone.
  • WATERPROOF - We are talking stick your hand in the water, your hand ain't getting wet waterproof. So go ahead stick your hand in that ice hole and pull up that beast of a walleye. Or shred that powder with these skiing gloves, because your hands will stay dry.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION - First we take a Cordura nylon shell (none of that thin nylon crap that rips your first use), then we put a hipora liner(this is what makes it waterproof, it is basically Gore-Tex) then we have 70g of 3M Thinsulate and foam insulation(gotta keep those mitts toasty) and then a soft fleece inner liner (so soft you won't want to take them off and remember you don't have to because you can answer your phone with these babies on).
  • STORAGE - You can't ever have enough pockets, so we put pockets on the back of the gloves. These pockets are big enough for a credit card, a hand warmer or your key. We put a water resistant zipper to help keep the pockets dry. But if you have one of those fancy electronic key fobs, don't keep it in there and go stick your hand underwater for a while, because you will probably ruin it. So go ski in that -20, put a hand warmer in your gloves and have fun.
  • AMERICAN COMPANY, DESIGNED IN MINNESOTA - With a headquarters in Minnesota and warehouse in Michigan, we know cold, wet winters. We designed these gloves for all the great outdoor activities that take place in the winter and for the less fun ones (I mean who really likes to shovel?). We stand 100% behind our products and if you have any problems or questions, please call or email us feeling confident you will reach a real person in the US.



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Winter Gloves

No Longer!

WindRider Winter Gloves have unique touchscreen fingertips that let you answer your phone or take a picture without removing your glove.


Winter ski gloves
Check out our winter-ready features

  • Sealed zipper pocket
  • Extra long cuff
  • 4 Layer Insulation
  • Waterproof insert
  • Wrist tensioner
  • Nose wipe strip

Winter Gloves from Minnesota, USA

Our all american design team created these gloves for our own outdoor enjoyment and to keep our hands warm in the harsh Minnesota winters. That is why we jam packed these gloves full of features that make winter life fun, easy, and warm.

The result is a winter glove for men and women that stays put, covers jacket sleeves to keep snow out, and even has a pocket for hand warmers or credit cards.

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5 Layer Waterproof, Breathable and Warm Insulation

The first touch of our waterproof winter gloves tells why happy customers choose WindRider for their rugged winter adventures

Since water sucks heat from your body 25 times faster than air, our waterproof winter gloves are not just big, soft, and comfy, but they are also breathable and battle-tested for ice fishing, snowboarding, skiing and even snow blowing your driveway.

Unlike cheaper ski gloves with thin insulation and shells that rip and tear, your WindRider waterproof gloves feature 5 layers:

1. Water resistant coating

2. Thick and rugged Cordura Nylon Shell

3. Hipora liner that that allows air to escape, but stops water from getting in

4. 70g of Thinsulate insulation (not the 40g in cheaper gloves)

5. Plush inner liner (fuzzy soft fleece)

Skiing taking a photo

Gloves with a Purpose and a Passion

We love that we can can still enjoy our tech while playing outdoors. While we may not be able to play games on our phones (these gloves are thick and comfy), we are able to take pictures and swipe to answer calls, all while enjoying a glove that stands up to the snowball fights, hard wipeouts skiing, and general abuse that comes with winter life.

But don't take our word for it.

Use our easy-fit guide to find the right sized gloves, then join other adventurous men and women who are saying their WindRider gloves are the best investment they've made for enjoying more quality time outdoors.

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I don't like to post a review before actually trying an item, but I'm going to do that here anyways. I ordered these last Tuesday night and they FINALLY arrived this afternoon (6 days later). I wasn't big on how long it took to receive them, especially considering the fact they were a Prime item. But at least they fit, and they seem to be pretty warm. I'm actually going ice fishing early tomorrow morning and it will be about -10F actual temp. So I guess we will see how well they work in cold temps. I will also get to see how well they do what they're supposed to be great at doing (staying DRY!). Regardless of how they perform tomorrow, I will be coming back to do an update. If they work like the company claims, I will highly recommend them to the average person who doesn't live where temps are normally so cold.

***Edit after actually wearing these gloves for their intended purpose***
I actually went ice fishing with these gloves this morning (Feb.13th 2018) and it was around 10 degrees F with a "real feel" of about -5F. I can honestly say that I have FINALLY found a pair of gloves that actually work for these crazy temps and conditions! You have no clue how happy that makes me! I would have been thrilled to pay triple the price for gloves that are actually warm AND waterproof. These are truly GREAT gloves, at ANY price.

My friend had my ice scoop and I didn't feel like walking over to get it, so I simply reached down in the hole and scooped out the excess ice by hand. My hand was bone dry the entire time I was out there (about 4 hours) and my fingers never got cold! Several times throughout the day I had to take the gloves off for a minute or two because my hands were actually TOO warm. That's a great problem to have while you're ice fishing in Upper Michigan in February!

If anything ever happens to these gloves, I will be back to buy another pair. In fact, I need to buy my wife a pair of these in her size.
If you live in a place where temps can become dangerously cold, you absolutely NEED these gloves. So if you're on the fence, get off and buy these! If you're concerned about them being too bulky, you probably don't live in a climate where you would actually need these. People up here are much bigger on priorities (frost bite is no joke up here!) than we are on range of motion and comfort. Having said that, I actually had plenty of dexterity with these gloves. I only had to take them off to tie on new lures or hooks, and that kind of goes without saying when you're fishing. Besides, if I had full dexterity, I wouldn't have been able to have the incredible warmth and waterproof capabilities that these gloves provide. I would also like to point out that the fingers in these gloves DID freeze together after I skimmed the ice hole, but they only froze externally. And I honestly don't think that would have happened if not for me taking them off immediately afterwards to let my hands cool off for a few minutes. Had I kept them on and continued to move my fingers around a little, I think they wouldn't have frozen together like that. As a result of the fingers freezing (again, externally) together, the only negative was the fact that they became very stiff and impossible to bend my fingers or close my hand into a fist. I still had no issues with putting the glove back on. I chalk that up to a lesson learned. In the future I will remember NOT to take the gloves off immediately after sticking them into the ice hole.

All I can say is that these gloves actually delivered on what they claimed. After being ripped off by so many other glove manufacturers, that speaks volumes. I honestly think my hands would have been warm in temps down to -30 or even colder. I also have no doubt that I could have stayed out there all day and my hands would have been just as warm and dry.
I can't possibly thank the manufacturer enough for actually delivering on their claims. I'll try anyways, though. Thank you!!!!!!! -Adam

These gloves do just as advertised!(except the touch screen ability, barely registers touch). Good price for them i think. I was in temperatures ranging from mid 20's to 40°F when wearing the gloves. Used them as a snowboarding glove mainly. Outer layer was water resistant not waterproof which wasn't a problem for me as my hands were not getting wet at all from the outside due to its waterproof midlayer! Kept my hands cool to warm while out on the slopes, maybe even a little hot and sweaty at some points like after a couple runs but i just took the gloves off for a bit(which was easy btw) while i sat and rested while vaping lol. They are pretty breathable still. The fact that my hands got a little sweaty did not pose any kind of problem in the cold(and this is coming from a person who gets cold easily, especially hand and feet).
All fingers fit perfectly to length except for the thumb which.. did fit well inside but..had like a slight excess of the mid and outer layer extending out a little bit further than the other fingers as a flat flap lol. This made trying to open zippers on pants, jackets, backpacks, etc. a pain in the ass. I just ended up taking the glove off and wedging it in my armpit while i used my barehand to do those things. Also forget about using your smartphone with these gloves. That part along with previous statement is what takes off a star for me. It was just too much effort to get any of the e-tip able fingers to register a touch on screen. I could not even get past the lock screen code..i just gave up haha.

Gloves are worth the money. They aren’t as good as ice armour but they are $20-30 cheaper. I used them building the Red Bull crashed ice track while it was -15 to -25 the entire time in St. Paul. My hands were wet occasionally too. They held up pretty well. I’d recommend them.

I couldn't figure out how to touch my touch screen to make that work, but the gloves themselves are decent. I am really knocking off stars because they claim touch screen, which at least for me I didn't find that functional. Also, I did the test to stick my had in water wit these gloves, "waterproof vs water resistance" challenge. While the water did not penetrate into the liner, the glove does get wet AND THAT IS an issue. Visiting someplace that is -30C, you get that glove wet (say ice fishing), and the digits will freeze in place. I was in -30C, fortunately NOT ice fishing, but it is a claim they make...

Have used many types of gloves over the years for snowboarding in various mountains, climates around the world and wished to give this relatively unknown Minnesota based company manufacturing this glove in Vietnam a chance as Minnesota experiences severe cold climates. The price did cause speculation however at least the product is not made in China.

The glove works decent to protect the hand in climates up to about -7 degrees celsius without an inner glove. Any colder climate exceeding -10 degrees celsius will require a inner glove with this glove. Any colder than -15 degrees celsius, will recommend another more insulative glove. Even with an inner glove this glove starts to feel cold. In bad snow conditions where the sun is causing ice burn and melted snow, the glove does not repel water and is drenched in cold ice water.

The glove seams are poorly constructed and needs great improvement to withstand actual use as glove material already showed signs of wear from the 3rd day of use. By the 7th day of use the middle finger seam tore through the insulating layer and the glove was unable to protect the hand from the cold climate. Although pricier, they could cue and learn from other makers such as Phenix or Outdoor Research who utilize sowing, construction processes, fabrics and technological materials that provide better value than Windrider at the moment. As with most products you get what you pay for. We will continue to look for smaller startups and companies that provide good value with solid construction, technological processes and materials.

Was dragging these in snow doing tail presses, and throwing snowballs, waterproofing held up all week! Warm good gloves