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  • Polar Fleece
  • Lightweight Polar Fleece Material Retains Heat And Is Designed to Keep Your Neck and Face Warm While Traveling Through Any Extreme Cold Weather Environment
  • Full Thermal Head/Neck Coverage Can Tuck Into Jackets For the Perfect Cold Weather Protection
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Ideal for Campers, Skiers, Hikers, and Other Avid Outdoorsmen



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Rothco makes quality outdoor and sports gear for all types of situation. Whether you are in a combat intensive environment, or if you are a recreational user, Rothko will fit the lifestyle of many. Quality tested and performance driven, use Rothko.

Product details Color: Foliage Green
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 7.5 x 1 inches ; 1.92 ounces
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  • ASIN: B001IY8FG8
  • Item model number: 5580FOLIAGE

The Good:
I did a lot of careful research to determine the best head covering for a windy sub-zero day in New Jersey, and this thing won. My criteria were that it had to cover as much of my head as possible, stop wind enough that my nose didn't get cold, keep my peripheral vision clear for driving, and modularity would be a plus. This did all of those things and more. With the draw string tightened, it turns with your head so you can look out the side mirrors and even at the blind spots without any vision obstruction. Perfect for driving around without a heater in your car. I endured a blizzard with 40mph winds, in which the snow was moving horizontally, and I was just find with this balaclava under a nylon hood (think windbreaker). I've had wool caps over it, used it to keep my hair flat while drying, and used it as a scarf. It performs like a champ under all circumstances. It also works to keep you warm when wet. One bonus none of these other reviews are going to mention is that you can make a puffy area in front of your nose/mouth and your exhales will create a moist zone that makes inhaling a lot healthier and easier. This air warming and moisturizing is one of the main functions of any scarf, but this works a lot better than the scarfs I've used because you just pull it over your head and you're set, as well as how I didn't notice it freezing to my face. The drawback is that one of the three of them I ordered had the drawstring in a different configuration so that it was under my nose. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing from Rothco, but it got annoying and made my nose cold. The one in the picture for this product is the good one that has the drawstring at the back, keeping it out of my face. It also acts as a decent (better than nothing) mask to keep people from catching your flu and from catching their flu, since the moist air inside makes flu stick to it. Flu spreads best in dry air, and this makes your mouth surrounded by moist air. If you've ever seen what smoke does in the fog, that's because particulate matter doesn't stay airborne very long in high humidity environments.

The Bad:
Every time I walk from my ice cold car to a store, I have to tear this off before I get to the door. If I start opening the front door of a Dunkin' Donuts without taking it off, I get about 4 people staring at me, one of which looks like he's about to pull a gun and make my day for trying to rob his store. This looks SO much like a Counterstrike Terrorist costume that I had some lady in a diner almost choke on her toast cause I didn't get it off fast enough on the way in a diner, and I wasn't even in the diner when it left my head. My state is full of places with large front windows, and people will start getting ready to press the alarm button before you get within 90 feet of the door with this thing on.

That said, I'll keep buying these until I'm sure I will never be without one, because it's that good at what it does, for a very low price. This slaughters $50 hats for the same purpose, when paired with something another head layer like a hood, and if you're in a car where there is no wind, but there is also no heat, this will be perfect down to about 20F, after which you can toss a wool cap over the top of it and then it's good down to below 0F.

I looked at a bunch of different balaclavas to use while snowboarding and hiking in winter, and settled on this one because of the price and other reviews.

Obviously the price was perfect, so here are my thoughts on the product itself:
1. This fits well on a women's head. Mine is average size, but none-the-less I was concerned about a "one size fits all" balaclava actually fitting properly. It's a tad bit loose but still manages to stay in place and provide a nice, close fit so it can go under my snowboarding helmet.

2. The material is standard polar fleece, similar to what you get in a North Face. It does not have a breathing vent so it can get a big moist in the mouth area after a bit of heavy breathing, but it dries fast if you just pull it off your mouth for a little while.

3. It washes well. I don't put it in the dryer so I can't comment on possible shrinkage, but it does fine just getting thrown in the wash with regular clothes.

TL:DR Good balaclava for a woman that likes to snowboard in good conditions and winter hike in non-extreme weather.

These are perfect for what I wanted them for. I ordered two of them, and like them so much I ordered a third. They are soft fleece and are pretty form fitting, not bulky and bunchy at all. They fit with just your face showing from just above your eyebrows to just below your bottom lip. Just right in my opinion.

I initially complained because of US PS in b rooklyn ny the worker errored and after scanning it out , rescanned it backward back into NY and it never went and was lost over 10days was supposed to arrive 23 jan and got here feb 2nd . anyhow it was not the fault of the shipper in fact the shipper company was very p olite and helpful and a ppologized for usps and tried to r eship and accom pany the usps error . I f inally received it after i re p orted it to inspector general and it was in good shape and high quality it is very soft and comfy and snug i love the adjustment it has to adjust and the mater ial is very soft and pleasing. i love the color and it is so c ozy.. i might sleep in it to keep my head warm. ;) it will be wonderful since i live in cold damp uninsulated cabin and walls turn to ice. ;) my head is alwasy cold damp .. ;) HIGHLY RECOMMMEND THIS ITEM from this shipper .

It just so happens that my baclava arrived a mere two hours before a major blizzard hit. So I wore it to do chores and check on my horses in 40+ mph winds and 10 degree cold. It performed GREAT. I love that the face hole is adjustable - I can choose to have my entire face exposed all the way down to just my eyes, all with the tug of the string. And I especially love that, unlike the other facemasks I've tried, this one doesn't make me feel suffocated. The fabric around the nose and mouth tents out/hangs loose (while still staying snug around the edges) so I can easily breathe air without even thinking about it instead of feeling like I have to inhale and exhale with extra effort just to get air in/out. And the neck part is long enough that it tucks into my coat enough that no cold air sneaks in through the bottom. Love love love!

This keeps me nice and cozy on my daily walks with the dog - especially in below zero temperatures. The cord adjustment is a little clumsy - it seems to get hooked on my glasses every morning when I'm trying to slip on my head. And for my face, I can't seem to adjust so the bottom of the face opening isn't riding up into my mouth. I'm a female, maybe the average man's face wouldn't cause this problem? I wasn't sure if anything about the design was inherently "male". Does the mannequin modeling it look male?? This problem is annoying for glasses-wearers (since then your breath builds up a blinding fog into your glasses). The fleece is soft and the construction is not too heavy/too light. The "scarf" portion is longer so it tucks far into my coat and doesn't allow cold breezes to sneak in. Works for me and the dog (who enjoys the longer walks)!