Kroop's 13-Five Goggles - Eyewear Protection for Wind, Dust, Snow, and Rain. Great for Skydiving, Cycling, Ski, Snowboard, and Other Sports. Made in The USA Since 1947.


  • 100% UV BLOCKING - All of our scratch resistant lenses offer protection from harmful ultraviolet light. Made from an impact resistant High Definition, Spherical Lens that give you a Distortion Free View.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Multi-layer foam provides close contact that is soft so it can be worn comfortably all day. Non-Slip headband is made with a silicone bead to stay where you adjust it.
  • LOW PROFILE - High performance goggles for Men and Women that are engineered with a clean Frameless Design and Low Profile that ensures helmet compatibility. Anti-fog ventilation holes keep your view clear.
  • VERSATILE - Can be worn for sports or many other situations for safety glasses. Frequently used for skydive, bike or motorcycle riding, horse racing, atv/bmx, or even skiing/snowboarding with less bulk.
  • Includes One Pair of Kroops 13-Five Goggles and a Microfiber Cloth Carrying Case that can also be used to clean the lenses. Available with Red, Blue, Tinted, Amber, Clear, and Flare lenses. All of our goggles are proudly made in the USA.


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Kroop's Goggles by Kroop's Brands LLC 13-Five Goggles by Kroop's Kroops 13-Five Goggles Skydiving


Originally designed for skydiving, the 13-Five is named after the common jumping height of 13,500 ft. It has been one of our most popular models among skydivers across the world. These goggles will stay safe and secure while you are falling at 200 feet per second.

Kroops 13-Five Goggles Winter Cycling


The 13-Five is perfect for protecting your eyes from the harsh cold winds of winter cycling. They also do a great job of keeping rain and bugs out of your eyes. You can trust our goggles to keep your eyes safe and vision clear whether you are commuting or distance riding.

Kroops 13-Five Goggles MX ATV


Keep dust and dirt out of your eyes when you're out on the track or off-road. Our 13-Five Goggles have a low profile design which helps ensure helmet compatibility. The lenses are impact-resistant to give you that added protection from stray rocks or branches.

Kroop's 13-Five Goggles Other Snowboarding Skiing


You can use our 13-Five Goggles for many different activities where you need to protect your eyes from wind, rain, snow, dirt, or other debris. Whether you are out skiing on the slopes or playing airsoft with some friends, we've got you covered.

Kroops 13-Five Goggles Skydiving


Kroops 13-Five Goggles Winter Cycling


Kroops 13-Five Goggles MX ATV


Kroop's 13-Five Goggles Other Snowboarding Skiing


Kroop's 13-Five Goggles keep you protected from the elements snow wind rain dirt

Kroop's 13-Five Goggles Secure Strap

Kroop's 13-Five Goggles Multilayered Foam

Kroop's 13-Five Goggles UV Protection

The strap has two adjustable clasps to ensure it stays as tight or loose as you want. We also added a thin strip of silicone to the inside of the headband to give it a little extra grip.

Two types of foam have been added to the inside of the lens. This gives the goggles a comfortable seal that is soft enough to wear for hours at a time while still staying secure.

Our custom lenses are impact-resistant and include UV-A and UV-B protection. The lens also has flex so it can better fit the shape of your face and increase durability.

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Kroop's 13-Five Goggles - Eyewear Protection for Wind, Dust, Snow, and Rain. Great for Skydiving, Cycling, Ski, Snowboard, and Other Sports. Made in The USA Since 1947.
Kroop's I.K. 91 Goggles - Protection from Wind, Dust, Snow, and Rain.
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I've tried various glasses and I always have a problem where my eyes water at speed which is quite dangerous when there are rocks and roots everywhere! I wear goggles when downhilling and it's not a problem but I prefer glasses on the trail. The Kroops 13-Five sufficiently block the air so my eyes don't water, even at 30/40 mph! I have not found this quality in other glasses, even padded motorcycle glasses such as Choppers.

They are comfortable for a long ride. The straps are slightly awkward with helmets but they work fine. I'd prefer standard glasses arms but no Kroops models are made that way. The foam padding goes all the way across the top and bottom and feel nice on my face. The field of visibility is excellent and large with no obstruction.

The amber colored lense is darker than I expected but nice. On an overcast day or in shady trees, a clear lense might work better. For me, they changed the perception of certain colors slightly; for example, I noticed that trees and bushes seemed more vivid green.

They do fog a bit when I stop riding but it clears up quickly once I'm moving again due to excellent ventillation. Other bonuses include 100% UV blocking, impact resistance, a microfiber carry bag and they are inexpensive.

Anyway, I finally found something that keeps my eyes from watering! Besides goggles... although, on the Kroops website they do call them goggles. But they are smaller than normal goggles and look more like glasses.

Very comfortable goggle for bicycling, in particular in colder weather. I have also worn conventional ski goggles for bicycling in colder temperatures, but they are too bulky and block my peripheral vision too much making me feel not safe, especially if I have to look backwards over my shoulder to check on oncoming cars if I need to change lanes or make a turn.

The Kroops 13-Five goggles are very low profile and hug my face in such a way that I don't lose any sideways peripheral vision and I hardly know I'm wearing them. The strap is not too bulky so I can wear my bicycle helmet over the strap (as opposed to wearing the strap OVER the back of the helmet which is what you normally do with a ski helmet + goggle combination). The goggles are very comfortable and stay put. The lenses are distortion-free and don't give me a headache.

The goggles have little vent holes at the top of the brow, and the left and right side also have a small opening that lets some air in, so they don't fog up. The potential downside is that in very cold weather (for me, it's around 20° F / 7° C) I would rather have a goggle with less vents to have a little warmer air bubble so my eyeballs don't freeze, but then a google like that might be more likely to fog up in slightly warmer temperatures, so it's all a trade-off. I might get a different non-vented pair of goggles for colder days.

I like the amber tint but be aware that for nighttime cycling, the amber tint is just a little too dark to see safely in traffic, at least for me. So if you're looking to bike at night, get the clear lenses.

I decided to try these as a last resort before buying prescription biking glasses. My contacts were drying out and becoming very uncomfortable with normal biking sunglasses. I’ve taken these glasses on two very long rides and love them except a few minor issues.
Cons: You will experience fogging and sweat retention in the bottom of the goggles. I tried using anti fog spray and they will still fog on occasion, just lift the goggles off your face for a few moments and it will ease up. When working up a steep hill in cool weather they like to fog really bad but will de fog when you start a descent. The goggles trap sweat, I’ve tried cutting a small section out of the lower padding to let it drain. Hopefully that fixes it. Sweat will splash on the inside of the goggles when the air is flowing fast, just be ready to clean them on occasion.
Pros: I can ride 150+ miles in a day without need for adjusting my contacts or experiencing dry eyes. Zero issues with tearing up even on 50mph descents. Clarity is great, field of view is better than any sunglasses I’ve ever had. The fit is great for my face, I usually wear large frame sunglasses. The band is unobtrusive under my biking helmet.
Overall this is an excellent product and a wonderful option for cyclists who want their eyes to not give them problems at almost all speeds and conditions.

These goggles run small for their size... The shading is good, reduces the glare of the bright sun. Unfortunately they fog up very easily, the provided vent holes are way too small. Don't use them for beach volleyball, not even in January!

My husband ordered these for his Ironman training. He rides about 85 miles on his bike and his eyes fill with tears from the wind. He wore these glasses this morning and loved them! His eyes felt great and he said he could feel a slight flow of fresh air coming in so they didn’t fog up nor did his eyes feel dry. He is very happy with them and best of all, they are MADE IN THE USA!! Woohoo!

I loved these and wore them on my first ride of the Iseason. Great goggles. Although i think it was defected since it split in half after removing them at end of ride. I did however order a new pair. Hoping this pair is better. Loved the look and comfortability so much im going to take a second chance

I was looking for some inexpensive non motocross goggles for motorcycling and someone suggested these. They work great and fit well over the helmet.

Other than they fog up quickly they do keep out the dust would I buy again I need to evaluate in warmer weather for a more refined response.