Original - 2 Ounce - Surface Safe Adhesive Remover Safely Removes Stickers Labels Decals Residue Tape Chewing Gum Grease Tar 2-Pack


  • Original - 2 Ounce - Surface Safe Adhesive Remover Safely Removes Stickers Labels Decals Residue Tape Chewing Gum Grease Tar 2-PACK


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Original - 2 Ounce - Surface Safe Adhesive Remover Safely Removes Stickers Labels Decals Residue Tape Chewing Gum Grease Tar 2-PACK

Product information Size:2-PACK Package Dimensions 4.72 x 3.58 x 1.18 inches Item Weight 4.8 ounces Manufacturer Goo Gone ASIN B07ZC4H1XD Item model number 43984

Way to expensive for a tiny bottle (I try to be careful, but it was not clear that this was almost a travel size). Felt a bit robbed, just the truth.

I love GooGone but the price is about the same for an 8oz bottle anywhere else. My bad for not noticing that this teeny-tiny bottle is only 2 ounces, I hope to alert anyone else who sees the price and throws it in their cart - this is the smallest bottle of anything I've ever seen.... and the price is what you can get an 8 ounce bottle for!

The photo shows the bottle with a black cap, but it was delivered to me with the silver seal, no cap, in a plastic bag. I guess I’ll make a cap out of the bag and a rubber band if I want to use this another time. This stuff actually works awesome, but I’m giving it 1 star for not being as shown in the photo (with a cap) b/c that’s just annoying.

Works good, but came without a lid, which is an important part of the product.

My item arrived without a cap on it. Just the silver seal to keep it from spilling all over the box, I guess. Totally pointless without the cap. Once I open it, I’ll have to toss it right away... or use this whole bottle at one time? Unlikely.
Writing this here because there is nowhere to submit direct feedback.

We had used double sided tape to hold down a cable channel in our living room. But the cable channel is no longer needed, so I started pulling it up. The double sided tape is so strong that I pulled up a couple of linoleum tiles! I tried scraping at the tape for over ten minutes and barely made a dent. So I purchased this small bottle of Goo Gone. I poured liberal amounts on a paper towel and soaked the entire length of the double sided tape. I left it there for probably a half hour. Then we came back with a plastic scraper, and the tape came right up! It was a breeze, and then we used soap and water to clean up the Goo Gone. Very easy. Will definitely purchase again!

Have been using this stuff for years, and it's never failed: tar, tree sap, sticker adhesive - just a couple of drops on a cloth will do. Would definitely recommend!

I bought this lasagna dish in a sale and I spent 3 days trying eveeerything on it trying to remove the sticker from the bottom of the dish. It was a huge sticker that was covering the whole inside of the dish and nothing worked. I ordered the Goo GOne and it worked like magic! It easily removed the whole thing. I highly recommend it.

Seemed to make things faster to remove the adessive type left from LCD and glass removal. I have tested to methods. This product and heat application. I found it did ok. I took care in washing the area with a rag and water and secondly with soap and again with water to wipe of all traces of the product. I found new glass hard to stick down. May have to super glue it if come up. Heat is much better with care and in small lengths only shielding battery and boards.
But if they can make a specific product for iPad and all electrical items work i will and would buy it

Bought this as I'm adding to my vinyl collection and you find some real good deals but they often put stickers all over the covers. It seems so far very good at helping to remove stickers but you need to be slow and gentle when removing, and it doesn't stain or leave any after marks.

Ordered this after reading some positive reviews. It failed to clean the "goo" on my car's steering wheel controls which is what I bought it for. The bottle is also absolutely tiny making it very dear to buy in terms of value for money. Would not recommend.

Absolutely brilliant. Some idiot at our local garage stuck masking tape to my side door and I couldn't get it off at all.

This stuff literally allowed me wipe it off with zero impact on the paint work! Very very impressed.

This is an absolutely brilliant product. I first used it while on holiday in USA and have now purchased some for use in the UK. Removes sticky stuff quickly, easily and with no damage to surface.

Doesn’t work on carpet for paint stains really small bottle (my fault for not reading size) not great value for money

Magic, it worked.

Got this to help remove some old adhesive from the surface of hardwood flooring. Some scraping involved but no damage to the wood whatsoever. It also seems to have improved the quality of the surface underneath!

Done the job
Got slime off my ceiling!
Bottle was tiny and I ended up using it all in one go!

It worked quite well on my carpet

Fantastic product did exactly as it should do Thankyou . Would buy again

Only need to use a bit to remove the toughest stickiness

Does what you want and easier than just scraping

Brilliant product! Sails through sticker residue on new windows, wish I’d knew about it years ago

Great product, really works