KEY-BAK SECURIT Retractable Key Holder, 24" Stainless Steel Chain, 8oz. Retraction, Polycarbonate Case, Aluminum Carabiner, Split Ring, Standard Chain (24"/8oz.), Black, Model:0008-003


  • Sport Type: Hunting
  • Heavy duty 24" retractable vintage polished steel chain
  • Protected by a 1-year limited and lifetime service Policy
  • Stainless steel spring in a 2" Diameter durable Polycarbonate housing


Brand: KEY-BAK

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Style Name:24" Chain (8 Oz. Load)

Product Description

The KEY-BAK #8 SecurIt Retractable Reel is Made in the USA and engineered for a lifetime of use. The SECURIT is designed to keep everything from several keys, radios, flashlights, GPS units and small tools secure and handy. Built with the best quality stainless steel spring, rest assured that you are buying the most reliable key reel manufactured in the world. The case is made of strong polycarbonate, the same material as bullet proof glass. The 2-Inch diameter pocket watch sized case is attached to a ballistic nylon strap and carabiner making it easy to attach to anything. With 8 ounces of retraction force, the reel will hold anything equal in weight to 15 large keys. Whatever you choose to secure, know that the 24-Inch of stainless steel chain that is in your KEY-BAK #8 SecurIt retractable key reel is the same high-quality that we have been manufacturing since 1948. Included is a chrome plated split ring and swivel end fitting for increased durability and versatility. Behind every Made in USA KEY-BAK key reel or key accessory, is over 60 years of experience and quality craftsmanship. Originally invented in 1948, KEY-BAK reels have become an invaluable tool in the daily lives of countless professionals who rely on secure and convenient access to all their keys. Not only are KEY-BAK reels perfect for your keys, KEY-BAK reels also work great for small hand tools, gauges, flashlights, law enforcement, Identification, and outdoor gear. We stand behind every product we manufacture with an Unconditional Lifetime Service Policy.

From the Manufacturer

The KEY-BAK #8B SECURIT Retractable Reel is Made in the USA and engineered for a lifetime of use. The SECURIT is designed to keep keys, radios, flashlights, GPS units or small tools secure and handy. This unit is built with a quality stainless steel spring and the case is made of strong polycarbonate. The 2-inch diameter, pocketwatch-sized case is attached to a ballistic nylon strap and zinc alloy carabiner, making it easy to attach to anything. With 8-10 ounces of retraction force, the reel will hold anything equal in weight to 15 large keys. Included is a chrome plated split ring and swivel end fitting for increased durability and versatility. Originally invented in 1948, KEY-BAK reels have become an invaluable tool for professionals who rely on secure and convenient access to their keys. KEY-BAK reels also work for small hand tools, gauges, flashlights, identification and outdoor gear. We stand behind every product we manufacture with a Lifetime Service Policy.

Product details Style Name: 24" Chain (8 Oz. Load)
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 6.5 x 4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B0088MPCCS
  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.
  • Item model number: 0008-003

I am a maintenance technician for Amazon and do use my keys and badges frequently, probably on average about 50 times a shift. Have had the xtreme duty for about a year. The pull was a little too strong for the amount of weight that i had on it, but overall really liked the product up until a couple days ago, when to my amazement the kevlar string snapped. Apparently over time the string started to cut into the polycarbonate case from slightly angled pulls on the lanyard. I didnt realize this until the string snapped from the sharp edge of the cut case. This defect could have been avoided by a simple metal eyelet installed to guide the string on angled pulls, instead of the tough kevlar string slowly cutting through the case until it failed. Bak claims the spring is good for 1 million pulls, I was no where near this amount when the string failed from a defective case design. For 20 bucks, I would have hoped for a longer service life.

I messed up, I bought a sling shot not a badge lanyard. If im not careful this thing will bruise me. God d*** the retraction on this guy can pull a 3500 out of the depths of hell. Given the reach isn't all that. One day I was getting out of my chair I felt the badge tug, within a split second it felt as if someone just snapped a wooden ruler over my kidney. I spent about a good 2-3 mins holding my lower back, keeping my flesh from falling off. If you buy this, pray. to. God. you don't get whatever it's holding caught on anything. If it does, you better have your health insurance up to date.

I'm not using this as a key chain. I have always hated when my dog's leash gets caught under his leg and I have to bend all the way down, I'm 6'7"--long way down, and untangle. I added this to his standard leash. I don't like fully retractable leashes for big/powerful dogs. My brother was jogging and passed by a German Shepard--with prior offences it turned out--and boom, her retractable leash went flying out and she couldn't reel him in, and said German Shepard bit said joggers's calf. Those are fine for little dogs. This is perfect. I use a leash that attaches to my waist. I made a fail-safe redundancy cord that is 1 inch shorter than the Kevlar cord so it in case the latter does break and to keep it from over-straining. I feel 100% confident with this setup. This Kevlar cord seems very durable. It's used for 2 hours daily.

I’ve had this for about a year now, and it solves two minor but annoying problems I had as a mom of young children. 1) No more digging in my purse to find my keys! I have the carabiner attached to my purse strap so my keys are always easy to find one-handed while juggling kids and their mountains of crap. 2) No more accidentally leaving my keys anywhere! I always know where my keys are because unless I make the effort to unclip them (which is easy to do when necessary), they stay in my purse. The chain is long enough for me to easily unlock the door with my purse still on my shoulder. No regrets!

Where has this been my whole career.....just the thing I’ve needed for keys. I have the carbon fiber line with the carabiner style hook. Hooks onto belt key hook or belt loop on pants and right into front or rear pocket. I don’t like jingling keys and I didn’t want to look like I stole the janitors keys! But I wanted to be able to access/use some keys without detaching them. I wear this on duty as a city police officer so it goes through the paces daily on a duty belt in uniform and in plain clothes. So far no issues. Truth is.....even if it broke and I had to buy 2-3 of them a year? I would. I like the functionality of it that much. It’s been rock solid so far. The retraction pull is pretty strong, but you get use to it. Enough to hold a decent amount of key weight probably. I’ve tried so many things and tried to make things that did what this does over the years with limited success. Ive included a photo that gives you an idea the scale/length etc from a belt to a pocket.

I am really happy with the quality & price of this product. We had one earlier that broke the other week, but it lasted for 2 years. That is far superior to the standard ID holder. This is also very nice, because it has an actual clip that you can put around a belt loop. It is perfect for my husband, as he is not afraid of losing his id badge, and it is sturdy enough that he can use it throughout the day without having to worry about breaking the darn thing. The other badge holders we got before this one only lasted a month or two at most. So, if you have to scan an ID multiple times during the day & have to worry about the security of your ID, I highly recommend this holder!

My job involves travelling to many different jobs, working out of a van. This means several trips to and from the vehicle as well as getting into several different compartments on any given day. All of these doors and compartments are locked. The retractable nature of this key holder works amazingly well to make this process seamless and more efficient. No more having to dig in pockets for keys or unclipping them off of my belt!

I've had two of these products and in both instances, the retractable chain held up well over the course of several months. There was some loss in the tension when fully retracted, especially with more keys on the chain, but it wasn't unbearable. I should also mention that it took a few months for the loss of tension to occur, so your miles may vary.

Every other aspect of the product fulfills its purpose with one exception: The carabiner clip has broken for me in both instances. While unfortunate, you can easily put another more durable clip on, and still have the main functionality of the product intact.

Overall, I'd recommend this product to everyone, with the exception of those who have to carry a ton of keys. While it may still work for you, I had to lighten my key load to keep it from hanging too low (Specifically when walking, where it would drop then retract with every stride).

Massively impressed at first, unfortunately the webbing between the caribina and the reel failed within a week, rending the whole point of the product moot rather.

Not as strong as I’d like but it does the job.

Quality product practical and durable

Only had the product for a few weeks but it seems to be keeping my keys safe and secure so far.

Whoa, I can't believe how strong the retraction power is on this thing. While it's a bit bigger than I wanted, it seems super durable. I'm using it to attach a small Olight flashlight to my backpack. The retraction EASILY pulls back the flashlight, in fact, almost too fast, so I have to control the 'snap back' so the flashlight doesn't fly back and hit me in the face! It is kind of expensive, but I don't imagine it's going to wear out for many many years.

Uno de los aspectos comúnmente encontrados en artículos publicitados por internet, es que son excelentes ideas pero con pésima ejecución ya sea por los materiales o por las tolerancias tan abiertas que manejan, es muy grato comprar un producto que muestra una buena idea y que está bien ejecutado con buenos materiales y tolerancias muy cerradas que llevan a una excelente calidad y espero que sea muy durable, por lo que se aprecia si será.
Siendo muy exigente quizá lo único criticable es que es un poco mas grande de lo que esperaba, pero eso también puede resultar una virtud

I was psyched at how sturdy this thing felt when I got it. I've worn it for a few months now but today the carabiner basically exploded apart when I clipped it to myself as usual. Without the carabiner, this thing's basically useless, so it's frustrating that they skimped on that part. I'll need to jimmy my own solution to fix it, which is not something I'd expected from this "lifetime warranty" product...

Nachdem mein Alter Keybak nach 6 Jahren mal langsam aufgegeben hat bin ich der Marke treu geblieben. Funktioniert wie gewohnt. Nicht zu viel nicht zu wenig Zugkraft denke er wird wieder eim paar Jahre seine Dienste verrichten. Der Preis dürfte gerne 5€ weniger betragen.

Broke off where keyring attaches. Supposed to have a lifetime warranty. How do I get in contact with the manufacturer?

The feel of stainless chain seems backwards in the innovation of personal affects tethering. The reel is much larger and the whole package is much bulkier.

I was looking for something to hook my RV keys to my person while connecting the trailer, the unhook, the set up and take down. Works perfectly, very well made. Highly recommend.

I have been using this since purchase and it does exactly what it's supposed to. It's feels like a high quality product.My key ring at work holds 25 keys and this has no problem retracting back . Recommended.

3 star because i was hoping the system will lock on after to pull out the wire and lock off to make the wire come back in same like a RETRACTABLE ELECTRIC CORD

Me harté de comprar porta credenciales que duraban un mes y se rompían. Éste está hecho para durar, con hilo de kevlar, jamás se me romperá. A varios meses de comprarlo, aún está en excelentes condiciones

I love it. This is something you need if you have a banch of keys at your work place.