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  • Easily load and unload the kayak with the pivoting felt-lined rear saddles that help Glide and center a kayak onto the vehicle
  • Two independent pivoting saddles with angle-setting lever conforms to limitless range of hull shapes
  • Quickly secure the kayak using the center load straps with car-protective buckle bumpers and QuickDraw bow and stern tie-downs
  • Protects the hull with large, flexible, cushioned pads
  • Accommodates kayaks up to 36 inches wide and 75 lbs
  • Fits a variety of Thule rack systems, round bars and most factory racks due to T-Track and FlipFit brackets


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A flexible, kayak carrier with felt-lined saddles that make it easier to load and unload.

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  • Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 8.5 x 8 inches ; 6.8 pounds
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These are exactly what I needed to allow me to easily load my kayak on top of my car by myself and without damaging my Honda SUV. I place a thick folded quilt on the rear window and top back end of my SUV, hoist and place the front tip of the kayak onto the back window, then carefully work ,my way back to the end of the kayak, keeping it steady with one or two hands as needed, them lift the back and push it up onto the kayak carriers. The rear carriers allow the kayak to glide forward easily over the front carriers, which grip the kayak with their rubber surfaces once the kayak is dropped down onto them. After practicing placing the carriers on the crossbars, I can now put all 4 of them on or take them off in just a few minutes. Have had my kayak out twice this week and expect to use it much more now that I have a good system for mounting and unmounting it. The seem very solidly built.

I previously had purchased a set of J-racks and locks from Yakima, which were very well constructed. But it was difficult to load my kayak into the J-racks by myself and needed something I could do without help. The Thule carriers also came with a set of hold down straps, which I haven't yet used since I'm still using the strap set that came with the .Yakima, but they look well built as well.

But even fully tightened they may rotate if you push the boat abruptly. I will have to put a piece of inner tube between the clamp and the crossbar. I have loaded my fiberglass sea kayak 4 times on them. I especially like the blue rope with a ratchet that is used to secure the two ends. Two of these are included and since I carry two kayaks I use these two to secure the front end of each kayak as I prefer these to the old webbing based setup Yakima supplied 10 years ago.
It is a plus that the blue rope holds a knot very well (does not get undone when you drive an hour at 75 mph) yet it is easy to undo the knot on arrival. To me this was a pleasant surprise.
Also when you take the boat off you can pull the rear end towards the ground lifting the nose up, then you can rotate the boat so the nose moves towards the side of the car where it is much easier to grab and lift off (if you don’t want to slide the boat off because the bottom is sandy)

I installed this carrier on my Thule square bar roof rack to transport a 50 lb 12-foot kayak. The IKEA-style instructions were more difficult to follow than they needed to be but were otherwise sufficient. I researched several carriers before deciding on this one. I like how the horizontal orientation allows me to easily load or unload the kayak by myself from the rear by sliding it up or down the trunk of my car (padded with a towel). With just the two cam-buckle straps my boat feels rock solid and stable at 75 MPH. Bow and stern tie-downs are also included but I don't find it necessary to use them because of how securely the saddles secure my kayak.

Very disappointed in this product. The specs indicated the docking system would accommodate a kayak up to 36 inches wide but it really doesn’t. My kayak does not fully seat between the saddles & slides during transport despite 3 straps & 2 end tie downs. The seller sent the product in a makeshift box with no clear instruction for how to return it. Overall a bad purchase

Rockstar! Hit every pothole and rough road in 2000 miles down in Baja, this rack did not skip a beat! Super easy load and unload on the Jeep.

Very easy to use, i am not a tall person and to get my kayak on top of my Van is now super easy!

This carrier enables me as a single retiree to explore distant rivers and lakes by myself.

Perfect fit for my car

Holds my kayak very securely. I can self load now (with the help of a kayak roller on my back window) and tie down in about 10 minutes. Very pleased with the product. It is quite sturdy and I think it will last a long time.

Fit my thule rack perfect. Holds kayak in place.

Pessimo le foto non rappresentano il prodotto

Il miglior porta kayak per il mio hobie outback mirage. Veramente facile caricarlo sul tetto. E con 2 cinghie a crocchette è la perfezione.

Thule through and through is high end top quality. And of course you're going to pay for it. This product very simple, is over 200 dollars so it's already setting the tone.

Secondly the instructions are difficult and initially gear towards installing on their own thule racks. Which we didn't own. So installation didn't go smoothly.

Thirdly, the straps offer little to no innovation and take a long time to string up. We were in a rush after coming back from the lake and becuase it took so long to string up, we got bitten by so many mosquitoes like you wouldn't beleive!

All in all this thule product is well built, however offer nothing innovative over the competition and is not their best work. it's a great "me too" product with some minor issues. You should just be careful as theres probably a better solution out there for you.

We have a Thule Aeroblade roof rack and installing this on it was a breeze. While there are cheaper options out there, I really like this saddle for a few reasons:
- The saddle matches the rack very nicely and looks very sleek... admittedly a shallow consideration... but if you didn't care about the design, you wouldn't be looking a Thule.
- The saddle pivots to conform to different shapes and it did a great job gripping to our kayak, it fits as tight as a glove
- Build quality is very good and everything feels solid and built to last
- The pads are really nicely cushioned and we did not notice any scuffing

It's a 5 star product for someone willing to stomach the comparably higher price. There are cheaper options out there if you don't care about the design or are willing to compromise a bit on quality.

Execllent produit

We were pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy these saddles installed on my wifes SUV. Badda boom, badda bing, and we were done. And it makes putting your kayak on very easy, at least much easier than I expected (we never put them on the roof of a vehicle before yesterday).

Thule made high quality products, and this is no different. We're thinking of buying a second set just because it was so easy to install and use.

These are very solid, well made supports. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were to install, and how much easier it was to load the kayak with them.
Both the car, and the kayak, arrived safely to our destination.
I definitely recommend these to anyone who needs to transport a kayak.

My partner and I bought kayaks a few years back. We have been transporting them in the back of their truck and just strapping them down. Which works okay. But what if I want to go alone with my vehicle? Enter the Thule DockGlide.

The system will accommodate kayaks up to 36 inches wide and up to 75 pounds. There is an angle setting lever to fit your style. I have no problem lifting my kayak and can tote it by myself. But this is the what convinced me I could load and unload by myself - the pivoting rear saddles. Get one end up there and the back saddles will help centre the kayak as it heads towards the main felt lined, cushioned saddles.

Thule makes high end, durable quality products. Their stuff is absolutely worth the price. But I wasn't quite ready or had a need to spring for the Thule AeroBlade or SquareBar rack system as the descriptions says the DockGlide will work with ' most factory racks due to t-track and flip fit brackets.' It did indeed. The written instructions are similar to IKEA's - lots of pictures - clearly drawn and detailed. Let me just say - I do not do this type of instruction manual well. So, I did end up asking my partner to help me. Follow instructions labeled 1.2 if you are using existing roof racks. In the end, it really was fairly easy to install. There was no problem using the existing racks on the vehicle as there are 'T-Track and Flipfit brackets' to adapt to your racks. See picture.

The front and back tie-downs are made of heavy duty nylon. Included in the instructions are the correct knots to use when tying down the bow and stern. I am going to have to refer to the drawings a few more times before I have those memorized! But this isn't a step to skimp on - you've got a huge aerodynamic missile up there if it isn't secured properly. There is a rubber protective cover for the buckles. Stainless steel is used within the whole unit.

So, was I able to do it alone you ask? Yes, I was. The lifting onto the rack and positioning was easily done. It's the tie down that took the most time. With practice and more runs on my own, it will get quicker.

Thule has included a USB stick that has a drool worthy catalogue on it. (There's a rack called the Hullavator PRO that can be loaded from waist height and then up to the roof carrier!) It also has a nice little video on loading and securing your kayak to the DockGlide.

The only minor negative is the inability to lock down the system. As they are easy on, easy off, someone could potentially remove the saddles while you weren't there.

Overall, I can't give the DockGlide less than a five - Thule is quality stuff and it did exactly as promised.

When it comes to a Thule product it never , in my opinion, disappoints . Exceptional quality and functionality fits perfectly and looks great . Thanks