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  • All in One Workout System - Includes all the tools and equipment to work out nearly every muscle group with more than 50 different exercises that exercise your arms, chest, shoulders, abdomen, back and legs
  • Mega Bundle includes All You Need to Get into a Consistent Fitness Routine – Workout bands with 3 levels of resistance, 5 Instructional DVDs, Meal Plan, Workout Guide Booklet, and Twister Seat addition for incredible ab workouts
  • Great for All Ages and Fitness Levels – From a beginner to the advanced level, the Chair Gym employs a revolutionary tension system band technology that allows you to customize your workout to your specific strength level
  • Compact & Portable – The Chair Gym assembles in minutes and folds like a folding chair for quick and easy storage when not in use
  • Padded Backrest – is padded twice for maximum comfort and great back support
  • Supports up to 350 lbs.
  • 5 Year – years of worry-free use


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Get fit with the As Seen on TV Chair Gym. It provides a convenient body workout that lets you exercise while you work. The free instructional DVD and 30-minute workout DVD provide 50 exercises that offer easy and convenient total body workouts. The handy workout chair lets you start working out at easier levels, and you can build resistance by adjusting settings. Once you are comfortable, turn up the resistance to increase difficulty. The fitness chair lets you follow on-screen exercises or you can make up other exercises to build strength in key body areas. Bring workouts to your home or office with the As Seen on TV Chair Gym. Chair Gym is a fitness workout tool designed to offer the easiest and most convenient way to achieve a total body workout without going to the gym. Instead of using heavy weights, Chair Gym uses 3 levels of resistance cords that give light, medium and hard tensions. This will allow anyone to work out the entire body and even the abs in as little as 10 minutes per day. You can be seated in a safe, stable and comfortable position and still enjoy the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Gain flexibility, energy, strength and feel better every after workout. Chair Gym is easy to use and store. Just unfold it if you want to workout and simply fold it away once you’re done.

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This Chair Gym came well packaged and everything in tact. I bought this for my mother-in-law who is elderly to use for strengthening exercises. It came with a video, so she has lots of exercises she can do with this chair. It sits firmly in place and I was surprised how sturdy it was. it has different levels of strength training(bands can be added or removed). It can easily be folded up for storing, just like a folding chair. This chair would be good for anyone of any age looking to increase muscle strength (not body building). We tested the chair before giving it as a gift and assembled it beforehand, which was very simple. I was very pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone interested.

I wasn't expecting much from this chair after the low price and appearance after assembly, but it has proven to be quite a great addition to my work out routine. While the construction of the chair is not the best quality, the actual use of it give you a great workout. The Chair Gym gives you an opportunity to use resistance bands to do an all over strengthing and toning to all major muscle groups. The instruction manual has very clear photos of all exercises you can do and the DVDs have some awesome workout routines . I have a bad back, and hips, and the Chair gym has been wonderful to help me strengthen both areas plus tone up the flab.

Our family is very glad we bought this Chair Gym,
It was mostly assembled and is fun and very easy to use~.
Items in box:Chair Gym, booklets , a floor mat and 6 dvd's and exercise ball, .pair handles, pair ankle straps, clips,
The seat is smaller than we realized it would be, is only 15 inches wide.
We like it has back support keeps you in form , I feel safe and secure working out on this chair ,.
I am glad we bought extra handles easier to switch from exercises,
When starting using this Chair Gym was 334 lbs.. This is fun to do and is helping with flexibility and strength as losing weight,
Also have a total gym, we like this Chair Gym is portable and can easily travel with us. in our RV.

Easy to setup, can use as regular chair and folds for storage. I use it to maintain strength in all extremities. I am 73 years and had a stroke 3 years ago. I want to maintain my mobility and not have to resort to a wheelchair.

OK, I'm 67 years old. I wanted to burn a few calories and tone up a bit at the same time. The Chair Gym is a great tool for that purpose. I've been doing the basic 15 minute work-out for two weeks now and, along with eating sensibly, I've lost an inch of waistline. Pretty cool. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble and it really does fold up like any folding chair for storage. Buy it. You'll love it!!

This product is a safety hazard. The Deluxe Bands that are supposed to lock in place clearly don't. The tension of the bands is the only thing holding the pulley on and the more you use it the less tension the bands have. While I was working out and had my arms fully extended to my front the pulley that holds the bands onto the chair came off and flew by my head. The pulley missed my head, but if someone was standing in front of me someone could have been hurt. Contacted Customer Service and their solution was to send the chair back at our expense and they would send a new one probably at our expense again! !!!

PROS :I have owned a Chair Gym for 7 months, it is a excellent addition to a Home Gym, or home fitness program. For home bound folks, the elderly, and those of us with mobility problems, the Chair Gym will definately help you with physical fitness. I have major back issues and cannot walk or stand for long periods of time. Four of the excersises I do allow me to Stretch and to work my back without hurting myself. In one regard it is better in my opinion than a Total Gym for a heavy person, the resistance bands used in a Chair gym does NOT require you to move your body weight, Try doing Chest Flies at 300 pounds with a total gym and you are out of shape, you are likely to pull a tendon. The Chair Gym resistance is in the flexable bands, and NOT in moving your body weight. Easy to assemble, takes less than 1/2 hour. Pemanent Assembly, once you set it up out of the box you are done. All you change is the position of the handgrips, (or buy a second set of handgrips on Amazon), (You CANNOT buy accesories to Chair Gym Using their webpage). And It is a FOLDING chair, that is REINFORCED at the joints with Welds, not screws. You WILL NOT get big but it will help with physical fitness, muscle tone and overall endurance. CONS: Lack of product support from the Company that markets Chair Gym. You CANNOT accesorize at their website, Rather limited excersize videos from Chair Gym, I go on line a lot and use U tube chair excersize videos. To me the pros outweigh the cons.

Hello, I have just purchased my Chair Gym. I have to say I was somewhat doubtful whether or not it would work for me. I have many health problems Fibromyalgia, PMR. I am in pain all the time. I am also on steroids which add to the weight problem. I have had MANY exercise equipment products over the years to many to mention. The money I have spent over the years is unreal, only to find out with my problems I just could not use what I bought. Of coarse, from not doing much moving around the weight goes on fast. Lately I said to my husband I have to do something. I also have 17 titanium rods in my back. So if I use it anyone can.
I saw the ad for the chair on TV and bought it from I could not believe how easy it is to use even for someone like me. I am 63 years old, and now I can get back into shape. Yes, I was sore at first but it has been a long time with doing nothing. But now I am into it really well. I use it every day without fail. I would have to say this is the best piece of equipment I have ever bought. You get a really good work out with this chair. It targets every muscle you have and then some more! I would recommend this chair for anyone who wants to keep in shape. I will use it forever. Betty Winnipeg Manitoba

Just finished my first work out and the only thing I didn't like was that some exercises require the bands to be tight against your outer arms (ie: reaching across your chest). That hurts a little, but not enough to make me dislike the chair. In fact, I really like it and will be recommending it to friends who are looking for an easy, at-home work-out, with something they can fold down in 10 seconds and tuck away for the day.

It's very light and simple to set up, and comes with two little set-up tools and two DVDs. One DVD has a short set-up demonstration video, a 15-minute work-out, and a 45-minute work-out. The second DVD has four 20-minute work-outs targeting different areas of the body. Also comes with a full colour manual showing/explaining 50+ exercises so you can create your own work-out.

Some of the movements take a bit of practice so be careful to follow what the instructor is doing. For example, if she says to put on one ankle cuff, don't put on both to save time later. She's using one cuff for a reason and you'll just have to take the second one off to do the exercise. Also keep a good hold on the chair back when you're standing, until you're comfortable with the exercises and have good balance.

I'm starting slowly and intend to continue using this chair as long as it lasts - hopefully for many years. If you're like me and reluctant to buy "yet another exercise machine", this one seems to be great and the monetary investment is reasonable. Hopefully it won't end up being a clothing rack in the corner of your bedroom but if that happens, it's not because the chair is bad, you just weren't as ready as you thought you were. When you're ready (hint: if you have to wait until New Year's Day, you're not ready), this chair is a great place to start. Best of luck to you all!

I like the chair and the DVD that came with it gives instructions for a good workout. The chair is sturdy and so far the bands have held up well. The only thing I would have liked to see with the package is another set of handles so that you don't have to stop your workout to move the one set from upper to lower hookups. Over all I am quite pleased with my purchase and amazon delivered quickly as always

I do like this chair gym as it is an exerciser that I am able to work with. I suffer from severe degenerative disc disease and find some it difficult to walk with a left hip (awaiting a hip replacement). I could have given it a better rating except that it arrived in a less than perfect condition. The foot plate is broken at the right side screw area. It did include two DVDs and instruction booklet. It takes very little space and is easy to work with. I am trusting in the 5-year warranty!!.

Arrived quickly but a little sloppy in the pulleys. For me it was hard to operate but in fairness I am very arthritic so maybe its just me. I returned it and got a full refund fast. The service was wonderful I can't complain about that . Would definitly recommend the dealer, no complaints with service at all.

I love this product and would recommend it to anyone, totally work it. Its cold in my basement were my Welder Pro home gym is located but I just use the CHAIR GYM at the front of my fire place and I love the fact that you can choose all 3 stages to work out, so far nothing negative. GET YOURS TOO!!!

This is a great product for a great price! I bought it for my mother and it's design is simple but effective. I keep it in my living room near the tv so she can watch a show and work out!

good solid chair-- very little assembly--takes up very little room and is excellent to work out on-- the instructions and video are easy to understand and are excellent for a senior like me .Rec'd the chair earlier than expected and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

Good product! Simple and convenient. Great for everyday workout to keep in shape. Lightweight and fairly portable, resistance bands don't cause too much strain. Unlike using metal weights is very easy on the joints but can still deliver a decent workout.

For the price I was a little concerned about the quality, I was pleasantly surprised. It is great for myself and husband as he uses the two cords for a stronger work out. The delivery time was very prompt and I received it faster than the expected delivery date. Thanks Amazon

Resistance bands seem strong enough, although I mostly use this device as a chair for 7 minute workouts. It's much sturdier than I expected. Easy to assemble, and folds away nicely. Well worth the price.

this is perfect for my body.I have a balance problem so a fulltime gym is out of the question. therefore gymchair is a perfect solution

Purchased this as a gift. Decently made, but a bit overpriced for what you get.

This is a good piece of equipment to add to your work out....folds away easily, so storage isn't a problem. At 5' 2" my legs are a little short for a flat foot work out, but I improvise. The informational work outs that accompany the equipment are an asset. I'm very pleased with this gym chair and would recommend it, to all ages.

Great if working at home. I mix this with outside gym. Amazing for price