Razer Nabu X Smartband-Green


  • Discreet notifications. The Razer Nabu X offers a no-screen, no-fuss notification interface, meaning you keep your head up and in the game at all times.
  • Stay active. All tracked by Nabu X's accelerometer and algorithms, with progress displayed on the companion fitness app of your choice.
  • Band together Nabu X is a social wearable, outfitted with Razer's proprietary Pulse technology to allow Nabu and Nabu X bands to "talk" to each other in a specified proximity.
  • All day wear Nabu X offers 5-7 days battery life, 30 days standby.
  • Open development platform The Razer Nabu and Nabu X both share integrations with the same apps and innovations.



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Color:Green  |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

The Razer Nabu X offers a no-screen, no-fuss notification interface, meaning you keep your head up and in the game at all times. It simply vibrates when you get an incoming alert from your phone, and the LEDs light up in customizable colors.

Product information Color:Green  |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product Dimensions 4.87 x 0.59 x 4.07 inches Item Weight 0.96 ounces ASIN B0124GYG6Q Item model number RZ15-01290300-R3U1 Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

So just to be clear the product is really cool, but it has stopped working about 2 months after I got it. I am in talks with the razer customer service, but they want Amazon to deal with the problem because I bought it through them.
*****After the customer service*************
I want to update this after talking with customer service I got a new band, just had to pay for shipping once I got the RMA number. The problem with this are two fold 1) There is a proprietary charging cable that connects to a USB port. I hate proprietary cables, but the first one I got was poorly made, the housing on the male USB was not secured. I had to remove the plastic then pull the cable out of the USB port. It wasn't a deal breaker but under there is never one cockroach theory...not a good sign. With the cable they recommend that you charge the device while you are working at your computer because of the second fault 2) it is super easy to damage it through overcharging. Once the battery gets damaged everything: data, notifications, charge life all fall into the toilet and in my case it was a race to see what would happen first - would I get past all the customer service barriers or would the smartband stop working completely.

As far as the cascade of failures, the sleep track stopped working, then I noticed that a charge would last 4 days then 3 days, then it wouldn't really send me notifications for calls and texts, then the steps were all messed up. It simply became easier not to use it because all the data was questionable (which was a secondary purpose for me) and the primary of not being able to get haptic feedback on my wrist was absent.

Overall I still like the idea of wearables, but I think I will pay a bit more to find something more robust. Also in full disclosure the second time the band failed I decided it was not worth the hassle to go through customer service.

For the price, this NabuX is a great little fitness tracker. It's simple for those of us who don't want to track high endurance workouts. It monitors my steps, my minutes of activity, my calories that I burn, and my miles. I rated it a 4star because of how well it works for these 4 things. I would have rated it a 5, but the sleep mode has problems. It will tell you the number of hours you sleep, but twice now, it's quit tracking how I sleep. Resyncing the bracelet to the app is nowhere as easy as it says. That's why I didn't give it 5 stars. I actually had to download a sleep app from google play store. Still, if you just want to get more activity daily or trying to lose a few pounds, this will help motivate you. I've never used the social app part, so I don't know if that works. It also works great to let you know any notifications from your phone or tablet. It is definitely one of my favorite fun gadgets.

I received the NabuX today. Plugged the charger into the unit and the USB port end into my pc. THe unit never lit up at all. Tried multiple ports, a different PC, and a power strip with a USB port, the issue remains.
The power cable/charger or the NabuX unit is faulty. I cannot even try to use another USB as the cable is USB 2.0 on one end and the other end is a proprietary connection type.
Would not recommend purchasing this item.

Pretty much total garbage, brand-new out-of-the-box battery can't hold a charge more than 5 minutes. I bet it would be cool if it actually worked. I have 17 Razer devices in my current set up, so I love razer to death, this is the only crappy thing I've ever got from them. The app it tells you to download doesn't even exist, so yeah pretty much useless.

The first item was nonfunctional, I went ahead and ordered a replacement and unfortunately, the replacement item has exactly the same fault...
It will stop working immediately after taking the USB cable off, the battery is DEAD. and the cable is so deteriorated that the plastic housing will go off the moment you touch it!
Such items should be removed immediately from sale on Amazon.

Bought this for a hard or hearing parent. Programmed it to vibrate with phone calls and texts on iPhone using the app. Works well for the most part. Battery life is about 1 week. Have been using for a couple of months with only minor issues.

Great product at this price range. I would like the app to show graphs, as the statistics are pretty basic. However, it's a great product. I love the vibration on email or phone, it's a great addition to the Razer phone.

It worked well, for about 24 hours. Then, it completely stopped working. No lights, no notifications, nothing. The app said that it still had good battery life and that it was connected, but there was no response from the device. I am in the process of returning the first one and getting a replacement. If that is better, I will edit my review.

As for the first 24 hours, I liked what I paid for. If you consider how inexpensive it is ($50). you get a good deal from what you pay for. I wish you could customize it a bit more, but it is a new product, so I expect that those updates will come along down the road.

This is my second one, I hate how these things didn’t take off like anticipated but I can pretend like it did by buying everyone for $20 each instead, that fixes that problem, I’ve had my band for a few months prior before I thought about giving them out, my buddy loved his and we spent a whole afternoon playing with the handshake function because I’m telling you, you’re not gonna live the social life this thing promised unless you make the effort to give everyone you know one, it’s good for gifts for all occasions in my circumstances because almost everyone I know stays active and still uses technology a large deal as well.

I am a huge fan of Razer products; but this one seems to have fallen short on us. I had hoped for more functionality / accuracy, but unfortunately it was easy to replace this with a generic ~$50 alternative with better results.

Buen producto, venía la caja rayada y una parte golpeada pero todo bien, realmente si me gustó.

Product works for initla setup, then about 2 days into use the devices doesn't sync right, notifications are random and don't reflect setting properly.
Cheap price, even cheaper quality. Hard pass on this one.

Nabu would not connect to my phone, i tried everything so i had to return it, but the value is amazing if you can get it to work.

I love all razer products but the razer Nabu was not the greatest by having a low life battery. It’s not accurate with the steps u take or notifications.

It was defective I could never pair it to my phone and every time I did it would un pair immediately and have zero battery.

I bought two of these, I was given one as a gift and it worked me wonders but these would even hold a charge for a full day! I have the package labels to return both and I will be doing that!

Only worked when plugged in.

It only works when it's charging and plugged in.

Battery is does not function well. Large gaps in data transfer.

I only got the wrist band it doesn't have the smart watch part

worst razer product I have ever bought...do not recommend

Muy buen producto y llego un día antes!!

Just received it today and it doesn't work at all