CampX 3L Hydration Water Bladder with Magnetic Clip BPA and PVC Free-Lightweight Large Mouth Big Zip Opening-Reservoir Bag Works for Hiking, Mountain Biking,Camping-Taste Free-Leak Proof No Drip


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  • ✅DESIGNED IN THE USA- At CampX, excellence comes from sleek balanced design with a wide mouth big zip opening, BPA & PVC Free and Anti bacterial Thermoplastic technology. That's what makes up our superior taste-free 3L Hydration Reservoir. Our quality paired with an unbeatable customer experience makes us the ONLY choice for premium water bladders!
  • ✅ CREATED FOR THE ACTIVE – From our drip free/leak-proof design to our slim profile with center baffle, every part of our water bladder is made with you in mind! We made our water bags reversible so that you could easily clean by hand or on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Our quick connect tube and 360 degree fast flow mouth valve is great for all outdoor activities.
  • ✅NO MORE WATER BOTTLES – Americans send more than 38 billion water bottles to landfills every year, the equivalent of 912 million gallons of oil. We believe we can change this by making more sustainable water drinking/storage choices.
  • ✅FREE ADDED BONUS – You’ll also be receiving our MAGNETIC CLIP worth $9.95 for FREE! Our extra strength magnets hold the hydration tube during any activity, making water drinking easier on the go! Simply clip to shirts, shoulder straps, center straps or molle straps. Keeping your water tube accessible is just as important as owning a great water bladder. Make any backpack a high end hydration pack!
  • ✅GUARANTEED PURCHASE – We know you have options here, and we want to make the best choice the easiest one, and that’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If for any reason our product doesn’t meet your standards, just send it back our way for a replacement or a full refund! The choice will be yours!



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Stay Hydrated While Active

* Want to have water without stopping your activity?

* Looking for a hygienic bladder that is easy to clean and dry?

* Tired of low quality water bags that are leaky or leave an aftertaste?



- Hiking

- Biking

- Climbing

- Running

- Camping

- Traveling

- Backpacking

- Mountain biking

- Festivals/concerts/theme parks/ amusement parks/ zoo/ trips


Packed with Features You'll Love



* Food-grade BPA-Free, PVC, and phthalate free for a clean taste

* material that is extremely resistant to bacteria

* Leak-proof experience with premium quality TPU material and leak-proof sealing technology


Large Big Zip Opening

*Simple, one-handed filling

*Easy to clean and dry using the wide mouth opening that makes it easy to get your hand/ a brush in to clean. Or simply put your hand in, push the bottom towards your hand and pull it inside out

*Enjoy cold water by easily adding ice from a scoop, slide the ice tray right in and pop them out , or an ice dispenser



* Effortless sipping and wholesome flow with soft and durable mouthpiece

* 360-degree turn lets you bite on the valve easily while you are active

* Prevent leaking with easily accessible ON/OFF valve


Quick Disconnect Tube

* Extra long 40-inch tube

* No struggling with screwing in the hose. Simply click in/out to connect/disconnect. Quickly disconnect tube for easy storage.

* Conveniently place filled bladder in refrigerator or icebox without the tube. Tube connector shuts off automatically when tube is detached

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First, clean the bag with soap and water. squeeze a lemon into the bag once it's dry--dont let any seeds fall in. then fill the bag with water, seal it, and put it in the freezer for a day or two. haul it out, let it melt all the way, then clean with soap and water again. no more bad taste! this is a tried and true method from back when platypus was brand new.

on to the review. this bladder is packed full of features and is shockingly nice, even before considering its rock-bottom price. my 3L model has a baffle in the center that causes the bladder to retain its shape when full. this makes it a little hard to clean, but a lot easier to use. the valve is a pretty common form of high-flow bite valve that has proven durable on other models, and the CampX version is angled at a wide 120 degrees, which I found comfortable. the hose disconnect is right at the base of the bladder and arrived wet on the inside, either as a return or from product testing; neither one a good implication, but nothing a solid wash can't fix. the top opening is strongly reinforced and features the smoothest-sliding closure I've ever come across.

this is one of those rare products that does nothing new, but everything right!

Best water bladder I’ve ever used by far. Better than Camelback , better than Osprey and Platypus. Having 3L over 2L is so much better.
Even when I put it in my running pack I just don’t fill it up all the way and it fits because it’s so flat. I’ve never finished the water in the bladder when filling it all the way. It’s amazing to not have to worry about water again For me and my doggies. The nozzle flows fast. The quick release tube is amazing. I leave the tube right on my backpack and it makes things so much easier.
It being see thru makes it so easy to see if there is anything dirty in there. And the MAGNETIC CLIP is the besttttt. Being able to ride the mountain bike with all that bounce and it holds perfectly. I love it!! Would highly recommended <3

I love how easy to use this reservoir is. I have used other bladders for years and their thin O rings always seemed to leak. This quick connect tube system is much better quality than any of the other water bag I’ve had. While on hikes it’s great to quick fill up my dogs water bowl.

With the magnetic clip, large mouth opening and the flat profile design I feel it’s better than the over $30.00 Osprey or Platypus bladders out there. Osprey has a magnetic clip that you have to own a specific bag to use. I love that I can throw this in my regular backpack if I need to and take it for my day out. It’s great to clip to my shirt to use. This has been completely leakproof and the drip free valve has been amazing.

I tried their suggested trick of 1 large lemon’s juice in it with 3 quarters filled of water and freeze it..
It’s COMPLETELY TASTE FREE after!! The first time I have ever experienced this. So awesome.
I would definitely suggest this over any other bladder on the market!

For me, this is better than osprey!!! Having the clip, makes it way easier to clip to any backpack! This water bladder makes any backpack into a hydration backpack instantly! It is economical and can create any pack into a cheap pack with a luxury feature, which includes a magnetic clip which is amazing! I love the 3L size, durable. The quick release is amazing, never even a drip from it.. the 360 spin nozzle and soft bite of it makes it so easy to drink fast on a mountain bike ride or running. Being able to easily clean with the reversible cleaning option, on the top shelf of the dishwasher or just sticking my hand In for a quick clean.. not something I could do with the small hole of most of them..

P.s. the center baffle is another thing I noticed over time .. most don’t have it and makes it completely flat.. I don't know about other people, they are saying that it is ‘ballooning out’ or not being 3L but that is not the case with this product!! It is absolutely amazing especially with its 3L and also being the flattest bladder over used making it ride way better in my pack. There hasn't been any leaks from it! I've been using it for the last couple of weeks for my hiking trips and it has been amazing! No leaks and I am absolutely in love it!! I'm going to yosemite this weekend and I will make sure that I won;t leave my house without it! Completely recommend it!!!

I already like it so much better than my old Wal- mart bladder which was the same price. The design is so smart, my old bladder was constantly leaking thru the o-ring but this bladder uses a fold over method plus the hose can be detached while the bladder is full. I will use the lemon juice thing or bottle bright tablets to get rid of the taste but it didn’t seem any worse than a normal plastic bladder taste. It’s amazing having 3 liters versus 2. For those wondering- I did measure out the capacity of the bladder and as some have noted you’re not getting a full 3 liters due to the beveling strip. But I measured it about 2.75 liters of you fill it to the max fill line. Still great capacity! It’s also so much more lightweight than my old one.

I also love the magnet clip for the spout- game changer! Although apparently you can buy a magnet clip separately. But for $16 and the clip was included I’m over the moon with this purchase.

I like that this bladder is sturdy. It has a wide opening at the top making it easy to clean and fill. It also has a quick connect where it connects to the bladder allowing for the hose to be disconnected without any water leaking. I did learn to deal with the hose releasing it's water. Didn't think about that the first day. Also a very important point for me is that I can remove the bite valve and fill a cup of I want Crystal Light or I can fill my dog's water bowl. I found everything I need in this bladder. All for a great price.

Update: I hadn't had any trouble with this bladder until one day I could not slide the clamp off. I was afraid I was going to damage the sides of the bladder. I asked my mom for help. We finally got it open. Now I spray cooking oil like "Pam" on the slide and no more problems. Still love this bladder.