Zacro Automatic Electric Balls Pump, with Inflator and Handheld Air Inflation, for Balls, Basketball,Volleyball Rugby and Swimming Ring (with 7 Needle and 1 Nozzle)


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  • Multifunction: With the ball needle and swimming ring air nozzle, Zacro automatic ball pump supports volleyball, basketball, rugby and soccer ball, and also some inflatables pool floats, swimming ring. 2 in 1 smart pump use widely
  • Professional: The unit of PSI is accurate to 0.1, supports pressure zero, accurate inflation, automatic pressure measurement, accurate pressure measurement
  • USB Charging: 2000mAh lithium battery, compatible with USB cable. The battery is very long lasting, inflating multiple balls with one charge. The battery is durable and can continuously inflate up to 45 naturally deflated basketballs on a single charge
  • Fast Ball Pumping: The air volume of this electric ball inflator is 4.0L/M, 1-2 mins to refill or inflate, it airs up balls faster than pumping a with a regular hand pump, making the job of keeping large numbers of balls inflated MUCH easier before the game starts
  • Portable and easy to use: long 16CM, 4CM, with a carrying bag, can be taken to outdoor courts, with LED light design, can meet the night use scene, this smart air pump does not limit the use place and time to meet your different needs


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  • Not suitable for bicycle tire.
  • Do not leave during the inflation process.
  • Keep it far away from flammable or explosive materials
  • Avoid moisture, intrusion of sediment or drop
  • Do not store the product in a place that is too hot or cold

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Zacro Automatic Electric Balls Pump with Inflator and Handheld Air Inflation

Can quickly inflate, football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, water polo, swimming ring, etc.

How to use?

Step 1: Connect needle and adapter with the ball.

Step 2: Long press the “power switch” 3 seconds,all lights are on .

Step 3: Short press "<"or ">" button to preset PSI set the pressure.

Step 4: Short press “Power Switch” start inflate,the pump will automatic stop once inflate to set pressure.

  • Automatic smart ball pump.
  • Durable and affordable materials.
  • LED flashlight function.
  • Portable and lightweight design.
  • Fits for most inflatable Balls.
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Battery:2000mAH/ 3.7V

Charging:DC5V 1A(MAX),0~60℃

Output air pressure:12PSI(LBS)(MAX)

Output air flow rate:4.0L /M

LED flashlight:1W

Working temperature:-15~60℃


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I never realized how much I actually needed this. I typically use those cheap ball pumps where you pump the handle over and over. While that works just fine, this automatic ball pump only requires you to push 1 button. On top of that you can actually set to the exact psi you want. My football for example says inflate to 10-12 psi. I always thought I knew what that felt like but it probably takes more air than you think. This pump was able to achieve 12 psi easily which immediately helped with throwing spirals. You can also set it to 2 psi for toy balls to make sure you dont overinflate and pop it. I definitely recommend this.

This thing is sooooooo easy to use. I never even knew something like this even existed until I was looking for a simple hand pump to inflate my kid's basket balls and came across this. I LOVE IT!!!
-So easy to use.
-Rechargeable battery powered.
-Compact size.
-Fills a ball really fast.
-Sleek design and nice packaging.
-Comes with several needles.
-Ill never have to hand pump another ball again!!!


Great electric air pump! Been using it to inflate my nieces and nephews pool floaties and as well as their kiddie sporting balls! Love the feel of this pump as it's not made of cheap plastic, feels very durable! Nice add on that it gives you a psi reading as well as built in flashlight! Battery lasts quite a while too so no need to worry when taking it with you on the go! Definitely a happy customer satisfied with my purchase! Absolutely recommend and an absolute must have! Thank you for making great products!

This air pump is a dream. I have never seen anything like it before. My favorite part about it is that it takes the ambiguity out of pumping a ball. Before I would just pump it until it feels “right” but now I have a more accurate method of pumping balls. Also the bag it comes with is super nice and protects the screen well. It’s nice that it comes with needles because I am constantly loosing needles but now with bag it comes with they’re hard to lose. I recommend this pump to anyone who just wants to be more accurate when they’re pumping their ball.

I recently bought a manual pump for my sons basket ball and other inflatables. I was getting sick and tired of manually pumping up these items. This pump, compared to the other one I purchased takes the effort out of filling them with air. Its small and easy to store too. All in all this was a good purchase.

Amazing pump! Fully automated, all you do is set pressure using provided chart depending on which ball. Pump is powerful and quick. Comes with everything you need, including extra needles. Has an led flashlight in case you are working in the dark. Carrying sleeve is a plus! Recommend!

This really helps with blowing up the balls. We had a hand pump and it was getting hard to di daily on multiple balls since the kids are playing with it more.