Unique Sports Ball Doctor Puncture Flat Repair Kit Basketball Football (4-Pack)


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Ball Doctor seals leaks and punctures in all valve inflatable balls without a bladder. Simply insert the syringe tip into the ball valve and depress the plunger. Then pump up the air pressure, bounce the ball vigorously for several minutes, and its ready to play!

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UPDATE: I guess I jumped the gun on the review. The next day the ball had deflated. The seal did not hold. We went ahead and just got a new ball.

Seeing the problems others had, I thought I should get the 4-pack just in case. I followed the exact direction, which I recommend! On the first try the plunger wouldn't budge. Only a little stuff got in there I pumped the ball and bounced it but it still leaked. Since it was a slow leak I had to wait 'til the next day to try it again and this time was successful.

HERE'S WHAT I RECOMMEND!!! Follow the exact instructions. But, once you remove the white cap from the plunger, wet it and get it in there as quickly as possible. I believe this is key, but my experience is limited to these two attempts. Push it down and then pull the plunger back slowly (as instructed) and get the pump needle in there as quick as possible to pump the ball up. When you remove the needle and start bouncing the ball, rotate it to spread the stuff around.

Are ball was brand new and was thrown into a cactus within 5 minutes! Glad I was able to save a brand new ball.

I bought a 4 pack of these because my kids have a bunch of basketballs that seem to keep going flat. Out of the 4 that we bought, 1 and 1/2 of them worked. The first one worked great with no issues. The next one did not work at all, would not discharge no matter how much we tried. I finally took off the needle and found that the liquid had dried up and therefor clogged the needle not allowing it to work. The next one was the exact same issue. And finally the last one.... it worked for about half of the tube then stopped. After taking it apart, I found that it was also dried up. So would not recommend. The product works but apparently the company is sending out old garbage.

This has brought back to life 8 soccer balls in my family likely saving me $240! Instant return on investment. I bought the ball doctor single and the. Went back in for more. The description says it will not work on balls with a bladder, but all my soccer balls are like that and it has worked. We live in Arizona and my son often hits cactus or other thorny bushes and creates large gashes in his soccer balls. This plugs them right up.

Works! Like another reviewer the local cactus has ruined most of our balls and this has given them a second life. Just ordered another pack.

Used it on an Adidas size 4 soccer ball that wold not hold air for more than 6 hours. Followed the instructions and rigorously bounced, kicked, and spinned the ball for at least 20 minutes. Ball held air for remainder of the soccer season.

Great product, we have rocks and stickers that are hard on our boys’ basketballs. This works great, on our second order. Adds a little weight to the ball but that hasnt been a big issue.

We now usually just squirt a fourth of a plunger full into each new basketball just to insure they hold air.

Tried it on two basketballs that my dog got ahold of, and it didn't work for either of them. Maybe they were too damaged? Not sure. Visible damage didn't seem like much.

I've repaired three footballs using this, and two of them have remained repaired; the other did not. The reason I wanted to repair the balls was because of the environmental impact of throwing away balls and buying new ones, but this product creates a fair amount of non-recyclable waste, so not that great on that front. It would be nice if the syringes were refillable.

On the plus side, it was easy to use and effective on 2 of the 3 balls I repaired.

I was very sceptical that this would work but thought it was worth a punt. Bought a pack of 4 and salvaged several balls that cost in excess of £25 each, so this was an absolute bargain. Very easy to use. Have just ordered another 2 packs of 4 as so pleased with the results.

Doesn’t work, I have tried this with 2 balls, of different materials, neither with a bladder and despite following the instructions they still go flat. In both cases it’s a single hole caused by a bramble bush and in both cases the sealant comes out of the hole but doesn’t seal it

I bought 4 of these and although the two that worked did seem to keep the balls inflated, the two others just squirted out the fluid all over my hands. They were impossible to squeeze without distorting the plastic, very cheap syringes .

Missed the bit that said this wasn’t for balls with bladders but as it had arrived I gave it a go. I agree with other people that squeezing the glue into the ball is really hard but of the two balls I repaired both have stayed inflated so a happy son and dad!

Great product, all the footballs that i was going to throw out and replace are now fixed, 2 very happy children .

Used the ball Doctor on a couple of footballs that had been punctured by thorns. One was a Sondico and the other a Mitre. Worked on both really well and after three weeks only just had to top up the Sondico.

Excellent product and service. Used for rugby balls.


Works perfect saved us money buying a new ball