SpiderTech Single Roll (6 Pack) [Yellow]. Preferred by Athletes. Reduce Pain and Inflammation, high-Grade Cotton Material, Help re-Train Muscles. Kinesiology Tape for Shoulder, Knee, Back, Legs, etc


  • Water-resistant, latex-free and easy to use.
  • Easy to use. Breathable material.
  • High-grade 100% cotton material with a 100% poly-acrylic adhesive.
  • Drug-free. Enhances performance.
  • Engineered to mimic the thickness, weight, and elasticity of human skin.



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SpiderTech Single Roll (6 pack) [Yellow] Acceleration healing process and brings a functional approach to muscle, joint, and myofascial injuries and dysfunction treatment. Provides Outstanding Feel On The Body And Great Support. Our New Spidertech Rolls Deliver Performance That Is Measurably Superior To The Traditional Cotton Based Kinesiology Tape Products. Product Measurement (Width x Length) 50mm x 5m 2’ x 16.4' What is SpiderTech? SpiderTech is a comprehensive line of ready to apply Pre-Cut kinesiology taping applications. Get back to what you love faster with the world’s #1 Pre-Cut elastic therapeutic tape – SpiderTech. Used by medical professionals, top Olympic, professional athletes to the weekend warrior – SpiderTech Pre-Cut elastic therapeutic tape is easy-to-use, drug-free, enhances performance. How does SpiderTech work? SpiderTech achieves its therapeutic effect naturally by either providing structural support or by altering the patient’s sensation of pain which is dependent on how the tape is applied. Structurally, if the tape is stretched and applied over muscles in a shortened position it will provide a mechanical barrier to potentially harmful postures and ranges of motion. On a neurosensory level, SpiderTech helps to normalize the alterations in neurological signaling that occur after injury or as a result of chronic pain. What is the tape made of? SpiderTech products are engineered to mimic the thickness, weight, and elasticity of human skin. Thus, they use high grade 100% cotton material with a 100% poly-acrylic adhesive. There is no latex in the product, therefore, making it hypoallergenic. The tape is water-resistant and breathable.

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