Nexcare Cushioned Waterproof Foam Bandage, Knee and Elbow, 8 Count


  • Advanced water-resistant adhesive sticks to damp or sweaty skin
  • Waterproof design stays on skin in the bath, shower or pool
  • Cushioned material helps protect cuts, scrapes and blisters
  • A unique shape is designed for a better seal around the pad
  • Leaves minimal adhesive residue on skin when removed



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Style:Knee & Elbow  |  Size:8

Designed for on-the-go lifestyles, Nexcare Waterproof Cushioned Foam Bandages let you tend to minor wounds like scrapes, cuts and blisters without missing a beat. A 360-degree seal keeps out water dirt. Constructed with a flexible, waterproof backing and a non-stick pad, these bandages are designed to stay stuck, even on the most difficult body parts to cover. A necessity in any medicine cabinet and first-aid kit, Nexcare Waterproof Cushioned Foam Bandages offer quick, minor wound care to keep you moving at the speed of life.

Product details Style: Knee & Elbow | Size: 8
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 4 inches ; 1.44 ounces
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I bought the same multi-pack two years ago and thought these bandages were great. Several bandages into the first box of this new multi-pack and there is definitely a problem. The bandages rips off skin when they are removed, leaving behind raw skin that becomes red, irritated, itchy, and painful. This happened to both my husband and daughter. Husband used it for post-surgery wound care, and the nurse at the follow-up appointment thought it was an allergic reaction to latex. (He has never had a reaction to latex, and these bandages should be latex free.) My daughter’s injury from the adhesive was oozing and bled.

I'm really happy with this purchase! I received four packages in a timely manner. I am constantly washing my hands so it's hard to find bandages that will stay more than just a few hours. I was using the clear waterproof BandAid bandages, but the adhesive would wear off quickly or lint from my clothes would get under the top and look gross. So far, I have not had an issue with these and noticed that even after washing my face and sleeping (I move a lot in my sleep), the bandage wasn't altered and was as if I had just put it on!

I have used the Nexcare Active for quite a few years now and I really like them. When I have a cut that needs additional cushioning or needs to be protected from water, this is the adhesive bandage that I use.

Nexcare's standard Water Proof bandages and I have never gotten along...somehow I often wind up making the ends bunch up because they are so flimsy & thin, so I find them difficult to apply, plus the generally are not very good at staying adhered to my skin. The Nexcare Active, on the other hand, has worked great for me, personally. The foam used (which does NOT contain latex) provides some extra cushioning to the wound. For some wounds/sores, this reduces pain and can help avoid healing complications...and this especially goes for wounds on the hand and feet which are always getting banged around. These foam bandages are flexible and like other Nexcare bandages that use this "diamond" pattern, they seem to do a better job at contouring to various body parts. Simultaneously, these also protect a wound from getting wet as they are waterproof and they go a good job at staying waterproof even when doing something active (ex: swimming).

The adhesive used is strong enough to allow the bandage to stay put even with physical activity, but is not so strong that it causes severe irritation upon removal. Like other Nexcare bandages, the pad portion of the bandaid does a good job at reducing sticking to the wound, making removal simpler and less uncomfortable. Additionally, these are also easy to open (a very small detail but one which adds a little convenience.)

Overall, I really like the 3M Active bandages. If you need a bandage that will function with your active lifestyle, provide a little extra padding to a sensitive wound or sore, and/or protect the wound from getting wet, this is a great product. These aren't the cheapest adhesive bandages on the market by any means, but they are very good quality and I think they are definitely worth the money.

These large, knee and elbow bandages are great! I’m what my wife lovingly calls clumsy and I have to agree. Since a child, I’ve always seemed to bang my elbows (and an occasional knee) in one way or another. It ends up with scrapes, abrasions and even bone bruises. That has carried over into my adulthood with all the yard work and outdoor activities I’m involved in. I use these larger bandages exclusively when needed and they’re far above the others. The adhesion is great, covers on all 4 sides and moves with all my elbow movements freely without peeling or becoming uncomfortable. They stay on while swimming, showering, exercising, etc.. Currently have a bandage applied on my elbow to protect a deep bone bruise and I can leave it on for 4-5 days at a time without it loosening or becoming bothersome. I’ve told my wife to keep us stocked up on these larger bandages.

I used to love these bandages. I have a rare form of psoriasis on my hands and feet, and often use 3+ bandages every day. These used to be the best bandages for protecting and cushioning my sore fingers and toes. Then they changed the shape of the pad on these bandages to a thin strip instead of the square/rectangle of every other bandage. They still cushion but are nearly useless for any injury more than a few millimeters wide. My parents hate them too.

I use these as sealed eye patches/moisture chambers daily. They are just a bit too small for this purpose, but do completely seal both to air and to liquid. I can make a little air pocket so my eyelids don't rub, and the pad allows moisture to be added and retained in a clean way. To correct for the size I had a strip of nexcare absolute waterproof tape. This bandage is slightly more sticky than the tape. So they does leave red marks/streaks when I take them off. The tape seems to do this slightly less. So one star off for being a hair too sticky. I couldn't live without these though! I'm allergic to everything (including adhesives and latex), and these are comfortable and not itchy at all. They are latex free. I wish there were way more in a box.

In Florida the mosquitos like to assault my ankles while I wear flip flops, then when I go to work the socks heal to the open wounds from the bites and the shoes cause great pain as they grate on these wounds. That is what I use these for. Unlike Band-Aid brand, these stay in place all day long. Their extra padding protects the wounds from the shoes greatly reducing or eliminating the pain altogether.