SIMPATCH – Universal Adhesive Patch, 0.8-Inch Hole (30-Pack) – Waterproof Adhesive, CGM Tape – Multiple Color Options


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  • STRONG ADHESIVE - Our unique manufacturing process ensures our dexcom patches sticks longer, and with less irritation, than any other CGM sensor tape on the market.
  • EASY TO USE - Our applying method ensures applying Simpatch as easily as Band-Aid.
  • BREATHABLE, INNOVATIVE MATERIAL - Our innovative material dries quickly and keeps the sweat and water from loosening your device.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC ADHESIVE - Latex free, Waterproof, 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Simpatch are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.



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It all starts with quality adhesive – innovated and designed to perfection so every SIMPATCH product is created with you in mind.

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The simpatch 0.8” hole adhesive pad works great for securing my Tandem autosoft 90 infusion sets. This enhances the adhesive on the set and helps to last for almost a full week.

These are amazing! My daughter loves to swim and she had trouble with her infusion set staying on at times. Since we ordered these she has not had one to come off early. We recently visited a theme/water park and she got so many comments from other diabetics about a similar issue. She was thrilled to show them these patches and recommend them to give it a try. We will definitely be buying more!

I ordered this for the first time and will definitely be re-ordering them. I use the Simpatch to hold the insertion sites for my insulin pump in place. The center hole is the exact right size and the circle adhesive covers and secures the insert in place beautifully. It is not too large which I have found to be the case with other similar products, the paper backing is scored in quarters which makes it easy to remove, the adhesive adheres well, and it is just a simple, easily used effective product! I highly recommend them.

I have been wearing insulin pump for 12 years. I was using a plastic thin skin that worked well but has been discontinued. The sure T has butterfly and is very easy to catch on clothing. I have wore these for two weeks now in hot humid weather. Everything lasted the proper amount of time. They are a little large but you may need that to make sure it stays put. Did not have residue from glue on my body or equipment. No sensitivity to adhesive which I have experienced in past with other products. I wish offered in more colors I choose the purple this round. They are a little pricey but the cost of replacing sensor or infusion set 250.00 each with out insurance is worth securing so you do not waste any. Also inconvenience to replace one falling off early.

Yes, this patch is working wonderfully for my son. He wears an insulin pump and the adhesive that is on the tubing that comes with his pump just doesn’t stand up to my sons active lifestyle (perspiration and water from showering or swimming, etc). So we decided to try this patch. We like that the patch is stretchy so we can manipulate it to fit around the cannula device on his body. Plus it is super sticky. Don’t have any issues with it peeling off before we need to change his site. BTW we also use the simpatch brand patches for his Dexcom transmitter site and rarely do we need to re-apply a patch prior to the 7 days between site changes!
Great product! Keep making them with the high quality you do!

I haven’t had my Freestyle Libre Sensor for long, almost 2 months now. I knocked a couple out of place in the first few weeks. I was having terrible time finding an adhesive/tape/patch that
1) didn’t interfere with my readings
2) didn’t hurt/irritate my skin
3) actually stayed put for days at a time with normal daily life (mom with 2 small, active kids and a very active dog)
This patch works perfectly for me! I do have an additional sensor cover that I use with the patch, but that makes replacing it that much easier since the adhesive only touches the removable cover. The picture I included was after 4 days of wear, including regular showering. Minimal fraying on the edges. I’ll definitely be sticking with these patches!

Bought for my daughter because she was swimming A LOT on vacation. We never have a problem with her site staying on with showers or short periods of swimming. Went to Arizona for a week. 1st day swimming for 3-4 hrs jumping in and out of pool and swimming from side to side my daughters site started to peel off. So we ordered there. The day we got them we put them over her site. Swimming the same way as first day in salt water pool in and out of pool all day this patch that was supposed to stay on over her site started to peel off almost immediately! After so much of the "waterproof" patch started to come undone we peeled it off and found out that her pump patch was perfectly in tact!! And was stronger then this patch. We did try the patch again to make sure (also only brought so many extra sites with us on vacation) same thing. Within a few hrs it was peeling off. Agai. Her normal site stayed on. Now im thinking maybe her original site came off 1st day. Cus it got bumped a few times in the water.

I've tried several over bandages and patches and this one is my favorite. Some of the patches that completely cover the Libre cause it not to read correctly (at least for me) and I've had sensors fail after being completely covered. And I don't really like the huge patches that just circle the edge of the sensor, either. This seemed like a really good compromise. I used SkinTac underneath and then had no trouble at all applying the patch almost perfectly the very first time. Its only been 4 days but you can see in my pic that its still perfectly stuck! And I haven't had any issues with scanning the sensor at all. I'll be sticking with this patch and I recommend it!