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  • Provides Soothing, Breathable Protection That Promotes Healing.
  • Contains A Bitter Agent To Help Discourage Licking.
  • Miracle Care - Complete First Aid Care Program, remedies for wound care, pain relief and intestinal remedies


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Style:Liquid Bandage Spray

Protects minor wounds with a easy to apply waterproof seal. Provides soothing, breathable protection that promotes healing. Contains a bitter agent to help discourage licking. Note: This product is designed to help protect and heal minor wounds. In order for this product to work how intended, the wound must be clean and dry, with all bleeding stopped. Once the wound is clean and dry, this product can be used on wound. Must allow 1-2 minutes for liquid to dry completely in order to create bond.

Product information Style: Liquid Bandage Spray Product Specifications Item Package Dimensions L x W x H6.3 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches Package Weight4.8 Ounces Item Dimensions L x W x H1.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches Item Weight4.8 Ounces Brand NameMiracle Care Target Audience Keyworddogs, house-cats DirectionsMiracle Care R-7 Liquid Bandage Spray formerly Gimborn protects minor wounds with a easy to apply waterproof seal. Provides soothing, breathable protection that promotes healing. Contains a bitter agent to help discourage licking. Made in USA Warranty DescriptionNot Applicable Model Name542455 Color- Size4 Ounce Age Range Descriptionall ages Number of Items1 ManufacturerGimborn Products Part Number542455 StyleLiquid Bandage Spray Sensitive Ingredient InformationGluten Free Included ComponentsHealth Care, Healthcare Topicals and Treatments, Pet-Health-Care-Supplies Specific Uses for ProductActive Number of Boxes1 Are batteries included?No Are batteries required?No FlavorOther Model Number423659    Additional Information ASINB000GLJ9XC

My cat had a large scab that was taking ages to heal, he eventually scratched the scab off and was left with a nasty wound that he kept scratching, and it kept bleeding, and my dog kept licking it. So I tried the liquid bandage spray, I managed to get one good spray on first time, it didnt seem to bother him, it seemed to dry just fine and completely withstood his vigorous scratching and the dogs licking. It healed super fast, I think it has a substance to aid healing and this really seemed to work. The wound was on his back and so hard for him to lick himself, so I can't say how effective this would be if he could have got to it more easily, but it really did work.

For most dermal injuries (scratches/shallow cuts) you're better off not dressing the wound. I first tried to dress a rose thorn cut on my Labrador's paw with bandages dabbed with neomycin (Neosporin) but it quickly started to rot due to the moisture and lack of air flow. I did some reading and found a lot of human physicians urge not to overuse antibiotics and to just rinse off wounds since the body's antibodies are usually enough---this depends on the depth of the injury please consult your doctor!

I bought this liquid bandage because my dog would also try to get at his dressing. Not even a E-Collar helped since he'd just try to scrape it off some other way. And dogs can be wonderfully flexible, so I decided a liquid bandage to cover the wound, which wouldn't even matter if he licked it or not. But looking back, all I had to do was put the E-Collar on him and let the wound heal itself. He didn't really try to lick it when there was no bandage around it, and just keeping his wound clean was enough.

This stuff is safe for dogs though so if you must cover the wound with something, I suppose this is still better than covering the wound with bandages that block off air flow and traps moisture. Good luck!

A little messy to apply. Lots of overspray
Takes a while to dry - probably 3-5 minutes before the shine was gone. Otherwise it will wipe off

I bought this specifically for my child with autism. He started chewing on his fingertips a lot when he got his first loose tooth. I actually bought a liquid bandaid marketed to humans but it took weeks to arrive. After the first week I ordered Miracle Care and had it shipped with prime. I did try it on myself first and we use it specifically before we use the kiddie pool. I don't think it stays on very long otherwise.

It doesn't stop active bleeding, which I didn't expect. But, it does add a layer of protection for open wounds or the super delicate fine skin. Unfortunately we have 2 more loose teeth to deal with and this can help deter him from chewing on his hands. It did stay on in our kiddie pool but after an hour of play it seemed to come off pretty much. It does not sting though, so if you have been using the nail polish style stuff this is a good alternative that does not sting.

I've received two bottles of this very good antiseptic spray. One was an original purchase, and the other is the replacement for the first. Unfortunately, both of them have the expiration date of 08/2019. Today is 08/18/2019. I had hoped that the replacement bottle would have been from a different lot, with a later expiration date. Unfortunately, my hope was to have this product in my first-aid kit for my pets. It's not difficult to understand my frustration. Aside from the expiration being the same month as when purchased, as I mentioned, this is a very good antiseptic spray. It has been my 'go to' for years. I hope that AMAZON SERVICES, INC. is reading both, reviews and explanations for returns, and updates their stock. Great product... simply expired.

I live way out in the country. Being in the country, my dogs come in with small cuts all of the time. Some of the dogs have low immune systems and everything becomes infected. With this product, I can clean the small wound, put this on, let it dry and the wound is semi-sealed. I say semi because you will need to reapply about every 36 hours or so. Which actually works out well because it gives you a chance to take another look and insure that it is staying clean. Just a cloth with warm soap and water works just fine. Let the wound dry, then apply. Keep the animal kind of quiet for about 5 mins so it has a chance to set properly. None of these dogs have licked it off. I have used it on wounds up to the size of a quarter that were not deep, just a tear in the skin. A stitch would have been nice, but I had been traveling when it happened and it was too late for stitches when I returned.
The only issue I had was that the instructions say to "Spray" but the bottle comes with a pour spout. It still worked just fine. Squeeze it directly on the wound. I gave a bottle to a neighbor that has a dog with immune problems. This has really helped cut down on the infections and trips to the vet for antibiotics.

Doesn't really produce a "bandage" but it helps to keep the wound from getting infected, when I can get the cat to tolerate the spray sound. My cats all hate a spray sound, even when it's not directed at them, wish it just came in a squeeze bottle so it doesn't make that sound. It's so thin you can't even see that anything is on the wound so can only guess if it's there, takes a lot of pumping to even make the area wet looking so I know it there, by then the cat is having a hissy-fit and that's about all I can do.

I purchased this product for our 4 year old rescue Goldendoodle who suffered from urinary incontinence. In spite of surgery and medications for the incontinence and infections that were indicated by what appeared to be blood in her urine, her condition really never improved. As a last resort and as an effort to improve her quality of life, I started a nightly regiment that included using this product in a spray to clean the ureata area, then using a pad in a doggy diaper to keep the area clean over night. After 4 years of medications, vet visits and frustration she has been infection and incontinent free. Of course this is my experience and a change such as this one should be monitored by a veterinarian but we will be keeping this product on hand for any other issue that needs infection protection.

I ordered this on the 23rd September and it arrived today 12th October. I had checked to see why I hadn't received it and saw that it was coming from the States! It wasn't obvious from the description that the supplier was in York, Pennsylvania, US. So if you want this in a hurry look for something similar in UK if you can find it.
Anyway, the product arrived safe and sound, is exactly as described and for the sizes of the bottles, good value. It has a 2 year shelf life, and I hope I never have to use it. However, It will go in the first aid kit I have made up specifically for our dog and keep it handy.

After spraying my dog licked his wound straight away. I sprayed it on my arm just to see; it stung a little and did NOT dry into a soothing, breathable protecting coat! It's not expensive but don't waste your money!

I bought this for a puncture wound. There was nothing in the product description to say that it couldn't be used for that.....but when it arrived it stated quite clearly on the label "not to be used on deep or puncture wounds". I did get a refund. Don't know if it's any use for other wounds as didn't ever get to use it as it was unsuitable.

Didn`t really work for me. I tried it for several days but each time my dog was continually licking his sore foot within minutes of application

This product has been very useful in the latter stages of lick wounds on my dog will use again as the sore has now completely healed ..

Malley the man cat had fleas and was biting hinself silly till he had a big sore with fur missing. Got rid of fleas and his sore has healed. Malley rates it.

Seem to work very well & dried fairly quickly .... unfortunately my cat licked it all off


Used it on a graze that my dog had. Used it for two days and the wound healed up

Tried this and seems to be working

did the trick on my dogs leg , healing nicely now

Unfortunately my beagle started to lick this off the minute that it tried so back to the drawing board....but i'm sure it's probably her!

Its OK for a temporary fix - vet says it is a pain to clean off though - and it is!

great to have in the medicine cabinet if your dog has cut itself or has irritated skin , very pleased with purchase