Flexible Fabric Bandages - Flex Fabric Adhesive Bandages Knuckle Bandages for Finger Careand to Protect Wounds from Infection - (100 Count Box)


  • TRUSTED! BREATHABLE + LATEX FREE: Picture an adhesive bandage that is comfortable for you to wear all day and doesn't cut off air to your wound, while both protecting allowing open cuts to heal faster. Because our knuckle bandages are made from LATEX FREE, hypoallergenic, stretchable woven fabric you’ll be able to wear the bandages without discomfort. Moves with you for a better fit so you can wear it anywhere!
  • KNUCKLE BANDAGES TO KEEP YOUR WOUNDS COVERED FREE FROM INFECTION: Tired of having your wound healing with pieces of cotton stuck to it? Don't have your bandage become part of your skin with our Finger Bandages! The absorbent non-stick island pads will protect your skin from dirt and keep your wound free from infection without becoming part of you. Tough on germs, gentle on your wound and skin.
  • PACK OF 100 - AN OUTSTANDING GREAT VALUE: Unlike other Flex Band Bandages that only contain 20 bandages in a box or multi-size bandages that only include a couple of the size you want and need. Our flexible fabric adhesive bandages solve that problem! Why? That's because our flexible fabric adhesive bandages have 100 individually packed bandages which means that it is great for replenishing first aid stations, kits, and wear every day. Never suffer from not having the right bandage when you need
  • TOP QUALITY DURABLE KNUCKLE BANDAGES: Our Neutral tan color bandages will stay in place longer while you live life all day at work or school, out in the garden and playing sports. They protect on all sides, sealing out dirt and germs.  Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages measure 3" x 1", the Flexible Fabric Knuckle Bandages measure 3" x 1 1/2, and the Flexible Fabric Fingertip Bandages measure 2" x 1 3/4".
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. When you invest in MEDca Adhesive Bandages, you want it to work. We stand behind EVERY flexible fabric bandage we make.



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Protection and Care For Your Cuts, Scrapes and Bruises. Have a recurring injury? Need to protect your fingers from the elements? Tackle everyday activities with our latex free Adhesive Bandages without worrying about infection. Our stretchable woven fabric moves with you and is great for sensitive skin.

COmfortable! All Day WearTired of having bandages falling right off, as soon as you put them on? Tried putting a bandage on before bed only to find it stuck to your sheets? For your life on the go, daily errands shouldn't be interrupted by a fixing your bandage every five minutes. Our bandages are made with a unique adhesive and a more durable fabric, helping the bandage stay on your skin, longer.

Looking for your favorite bandage size, in bulk? Now you can and save money too! Other Flex Fabric Bandages only contain 20 bandages instead get 4 times that! Get 100 individually packed bandages to put in your first aid station, kit or medicine cabinet. Now you have plenty to wear every day or when you need to cover minor cuts and wounds!

The Medca Thumb, Knuckle or Finger Bandages - Fabric Fingertip Bandages and Thumb Bandage Has Everything You NEED in an flexible adhesive bandage.

IT'S EASY TO SEE WHY CUSTOMERS LOVE IT WITH SPECS LIKE: - Sterile absorbent non-stick island pads, protect on all sides, sealing out dirt and germs.  - Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages measure 3" x 1" - Flexible Fabric Knuckle Bandages measure 3"" x 1 1/2, and the Flexible Fabric Fingertip Bandages measure 2" x 1 3/4".

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. When you invest in MEDca Bandages, you want it to work. We stand behind EVERY flexable fabric bandage we make.

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This is the second time this has happened, 100 Band-Aids that don't stick. I would like a refund, or send me a fresh batch of Band-Aids. Ones that have not set in the back of a hot Warehouse. If you cannot send me a hundred Band-Aid refund me my money. No one needs Band-Aids that don't stick. But I'm sure as I've has gone and passed in the past you probably won't do anything you're just selling garbage.

I have ordered and was very pleased with them in all reagards, so I ordered more. Big time difference! Tiny pad, smaller bandage overall. The picture is of same product, but didn't look close enough to description (of the "same") that the name was different. Thinking I'll be sending these back...not interested in paying equal amount for a lesser product. Seller may want to make sure pictures match description so as not to MISLEAD customers

This is an excellent product that does all it says it will. However, it's similar to all the other band aids in that it's almost impossible to open. A few of the band aids have an area at one end where the ends are slightly uneven, making it easier to separate and peel off the covering. When you're in a hurry to cover a cut, that makes a big difference.

Advertised as ParAid bandages and item received is a cheap knockoff brand. So lame that MedCA puts a STICKER over the label and acts as if it’s their product, as if we won’t notice. Adhesive on the bandages suck. Pay up a little extra and get better bandages

Have purchased these 3 times and will keep buying this same brand as long as they are available. They stick well, cover well, and apply easily. The description is accurate. Good product.

Very functional, good product, until you get it wet. Adhesive must be water-based because as soon as the bandage gets wet, it comes off of your skin. Sometimes, after drying, it will stick again, but not as strongly as it needs to.

Why are these hard to find at the grocery store? My husband cut his finger with our super sharp chef’s knife (see knife sharpener product review— it works great). These bandages are perfect.

I’ve ordered these before and been very pleased. This time, the non-adhesive pad is much smaller and it can no longer cover the larger scrapes. Otherwise an excellent product. Sticks well, good for price.

No, these are not the same quality as Band-Aid brand. At a fraction of the cost, that should be expected. They hold okay; would be nice if they held just a bit better.

I used them on my big toe without issue (this is what I purchased them for), but used one on my finger now, and immediately developed a rash/blistering. Typically, that's why I'm stuck on Band-Aid brand (because other, cheaper brands cause issues for my skin), but with only small, expensive packs available, and needing a lot for my toe, I thought I'd give it a try. Unfortunately now I'm paying...

I should have known that bandages that don't carry the name Bandaid, just don't have the same quality. I needed this bandage not for a knuckle, but for my nose, and found that the glue really didn't hold as well as I wanted it to. I did have a hundred, though, instead of less than a two dozen for the same price, so I just kept putting the bandage on every time it fell off.

Very pleased with this package of high quality, well designed fingertip bandages that saw me through a week's recovery of a badly cut thumb. I was able to keep the wound clean and healing with a supply of bandages that didn't break the bank.

Good finger/knuckle bandages.

Item received are not the ones pictured. Product received are a poor quality different brand that are barely usable. The ones in the picture were excellent and what we expected when we ordered.

As described

Poor adhesive

Good value for money, but needs a bigger gauze pad in the middle.

Great value.


good quality, will order again!

Exactly what I was wanting

Prix intéressant.
Souple donc facile à ajuster.
Taille bien adaptée pour les orteils des pieds.

Exactly as it was described on the package. It is good to use.

Génial pour tous les petits bobos (coupures, gerçures, ect.) sur le bout des doigts! je vous recommande vivement ces produits.