Mepitac 298300 Soft Silicone Tape, 2 cm x 3 /0.8 in x 3.3 yd


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  • Reduces pain and trauma upon removal
  • Leaves not residue upon removal
  • Breathable
  • Moisture proof
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Mepitac tape, with Safetac technology, is an ideal fixation solution for patients with fragile and sensitive skin, and is suitable for patients requiring repeated application and removal of tape over the same area, such as neonates and dialysis patients. Mepitac minimizes pain and trauma for patients, even those with eczema, allergies, and other skin conditions. Waterproof and flexible; Mepitac conforms exceptionally well to body contours and is excellent for use under compression bandages and tubes.

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Product information Product Dimensions 2.9 x 5.8 x 0.9 inches Item Weight 0.48 ounces Manufacturer Molnlycke Health Care US, LLC ASIN B002VE9AL8 Item model number 298300

After reading all the wonderful reviews on this. I thought it would be a good product to use after my breast reduction revision. It was cheaper than the other brands and all the reviews seemed to be positive I started using it three weeks after surgery thinking the earlier the better. I used it with the silicon gel. After the first week i started to see the scars look really bad; they were darkening. I thought since everyone had had great results I should continue. It wasn't until I did a spot test on another scar on my body that I realized that the darkening was caused by the tape. I am African American so I am prone to hyper pigmentation but the scars are darker than my first surgery. I am on my sixth week after surgery and I have stopped using the tape. The gel is alright to use but I would not recommend the tape. I don't think it is good for darker skin, at least not in my opinion.

I have been using Biocorneum silicone cream twice a day on my scars after surgery, as recommended by my surgeon. I came across the Mepitac silicone tape while looking for something to block the UV rays from hitting my scars while tanning. These strips are sheer, so they did not block the UV rays, but they have worked incredibly well to reduce the purple area of my scars and change the last bit of purple to white. I have been using Biocorneum underneath the Mepitac tape and my surgeon is blown away with the progression of my scars. I am someone who scars easily and whose scars generally heal very slowly (they stay purple for a long time). I highly recommend using this tape, especially in combination with Biocorneum if you can afford it. The tape holds up well to sweat. I shower every day and work out every other day. I would change the tape every other day, but I could have left it on there for longer, if desired. Lastly, every time I changed the tape I re-applied the Biocorneum. I highly recommend this combined usage of Mepitac and Biocorneum.

I bought this prooduct about a month ago and have been using it constantly. First of all, like most of the reviewer's stated here, the picture is misleading. So, please, before you buy and then leave a negative review because it's small, grab a ruler and measure 3/4" of an inch so you'll know exactly what size this is. Mine came in a box that was a little banged up but the product was fine. I use these on my forearm and they REALLY STICK. NOT in a rip your hair out way either. I've kept the same one on for well over 48 hours. During this time I ran 5 miles twice, took 2 showers and spent about 3-4 hours swimming in my pool. Even after all of that I still had to peel them off.

I am surprised by the low ratings people gave this tape, but not shocked at their comments. People you will not see the results you think you will in 2-4 wks! scar pads take longer then that on new scars and twice as long on old ones but this tape does work. I gave it a 4* because it is way better than the Scar-Away type pads Now those pads are thicker and have a nice clothlike backing but this tape...well, I have a scar that goes across my chest from the farthest part of my armpit across to the other. over 2ft long. I was using an entire pack of Scar-away pads and they were bunching and falling off. Don't get me started on them not sticking because of a single drop of sweat or oil on my skin.

This tape is way better to apply to a long scar and it sticks better. I have kept it on and showered!!! Not possible with the other ones. I will say getting it wet wasn't the best Idea. The next time I took it off a little bit of skin came from a spot I believe a drop of water got under. I now make sure it is 100% dry at all times. washing the tape and hanging it to dry is easier than individual pads as well. My doctor saw me for a 2 month checkup and was shocked. Like the other Black person mentioned, yes there is a little bit of darkening along the edges of the scar (which is still reddish pink for me). I am medium toned and barely noticed it until her comment made me pay attention. Even with the darkening, my doctor says the scar looks lie it's 2 years old not two months. I have been sleeping in these things and wearing them all day. So the proof is in the Doctor's words. I took one star away because they are very thin and if they fold over it's difficult to get them flat again.

This silicone tape works great. My wife used it after a breast augmentation and you can see the results in the photos we took. She started using the tape at 2 weeks post-op on only the left breast incision so she could see the results. She used just a bandaid on the right breast incision. The photos were taken after only using the tape for 1 week and you can see how much faster the left side scar healed than the right side scar. The scars were "fresh" so I think that made a difference too. She has also used the tape on her 4-year old c-section scar, and it has made a small difference. I would recommend using this silicone tape as soon as possible after a surgery, once the surgical tape is taken off, or an accident.

This tape is brilliant if you suffer from allergies to normal surgical tape, have sensitive skin or just hate the pain of removing surgical tape. The Safetac technology is a game changer!

Had to get my wife to help me put it on because of location but easy enough to put on, came off easy too, no pain or anything.

I have old keloid scars from when I was a child and new ones from a holiday trip last year which is what I bought this for. Spent a small fortune on versions from the pharmacy that were just a waste of money. This in 1 month has started to fade a small keloid scar I've had for around 15 years. I don't wear this consistently every day as I want it to be fresh. I use essential oils when it is not wrapped. Will continue using as I can see results and will purchase my next roll shortly.

I bought this after reading reviews about silicone and scars. I had a pretty rough looking surgical scar on my lumbar back after surgery but applied a strip over it as soon as possible. I kept the strip on as long as it would stick. Showered with it and everything. Sometimes it would fall off but I would wet/clean it, let it dry, then reply as long as it was still sticky. Since it was on my back I had some trouble with it curling off when sleeping so I'd make it last longer by using some medical tape horizontally across it during sleeping. I'd cut a new strip when it no longer stuck or was too gross. I made the box last 8 months and wearing it 24/7 and all healed up nicely.

What made me happy was that it worked wonders on an area of the scar that was raised...flattened it out beautifully! You can still see my scar but it is white (I'm pale Caucasian and scars can remain red for me if I don't do anything) so it does not completely heal you back to normal but it is better than another scar I have where I didn't use anything.

Tried different creams for a small raised scar on chin I had created by way over picking a blemish, mederma was decent cream, but at the end of the day the best thing that has worked and shown improvement was this silicone sheeting, I see people complained of box and showed pictures, but to be honest it’s yes in cheap box flimsy, but don’t care, the product was cheaper then rest yet does same job...and it works!

Ordered it for laugh lines. This tape is very soft and flexible, yet it stayed in place the whole night.
It was also easy to remove and did not leave any redness or irritation on my skin. Wrinkles looked less noticeable in the morning. Also very fast shipping. It came in less than 24 hours. Recommended!

Bought this to help with some scars Im trying to lighten up. After using for approx a week, I have not personally noticed a difference, but will continue as google states you may need 6-8 weeks before results can be noticed. These are reusuable and the stickiness remains sticky for quite some time (approx 3-4 days) then remove, wipe off the oil and reapply! Will update with any progress noticed when I'm able to post if they helped reduce the appearance.

Very sticky! And didn't leave any residue when removed. I was wearing it anywhere from 12-24 hours at a time and removed it before a shower, ran it under warm water, shook excess water off and laid flat to dry, it was just as sticky as the first time I used it. I cut 4 pieces to the length I needed and all lasted over a week with 12-24 hours of wearing constantly.

I bought this product as a result of a burn that needed a skin graft. It has smoothed about where the two grafts joined a little bit although I've only used it for about a week and it recommended 6-8 weeks of use for optimal results, so I guess I'll wait and see

Package wasn't sealed, looked as if it was opened a few times and the product whithin was not even a proper roll. It was clearly opened and tampered with. I am very disappointed.

I bought this product for scar management, but my scar isn't ready for this stage yet and I was impatient to test it, so i cut a bit off and tried it out. It sticks well and keeps the area beneath moisturized. I have no doubt that it will do the job. Silicon is highly recommended by doctors to improve the appearance and texture of scars.

I bought this to try and help my scarring heal post op after Top Surgery. It's been greatly helpful in flattening out my scars and giving me a little extra protection and support as my body recovers. I waited till no more scabs were showing and then started using this. It's waterproof and stays on for a few showers before needing to be replaced, and even then it's still pretty sticky. If I need to remove and replace it because its crooked, it sticks just fine. The only thing I don't like is it tends to bunch up a little bit and cause ripples on my skin so I have to remove and place it again when that happens. Doesn't hurt to remove though, which is nice.

Purchased this for a scar I had visible below my collar bone. The silicone help reduced the red risen scar tissue. My scar is still there but not as ugly as it used to be. I still have tons of tape leftover as well. Surprised that this actually worked.

Never thought it would work as my scars are quite old, but it did! And let me tell you, it works wonders! I've noticed drastic improvements. Highly, highly, highly recommend.

Compre esta cinta para desvanecer unas incisiones pequeñas tras una operación. La cinta se adhiere fácilmente y puedes llevarla durante el día sin que se desprenda, inclusive aguanta después de una sesión de ejercicio. Estoy bastante satisfecho con los resultados.

I've been using it for 1.5 months now, and the scars don't look much better than when they first started (I am 4 months post-op by the way). Perhaps I need to wait for a bit longer. As for the product, it really does stay on through showers, working out, sweating. I've only had to cut 3 strips in 1.5 months so far! And you can wash it with soap to renew its stickiness!