Premium Adult Elbow Immobilizer Stabilizer Support Brace/Splint - Small/Medium


  • ALL NEW - Now we have two sizes to accommodate all size arms. S/M for smaller arms (teens and average size woman) and L for larger arms
  • Two rigid metal stays prevent the elbow from bending while still allowing for some movement
  • Made of soft, comfortable foam material that allows your skin to breathe
  • Ideal for an elbow fracture, night splint, damaged ulnar nerve, after cleft palate surgery, IV therapy, or whenever the elbow needs to be restrained. Can also help relieve elbow pain
  • Fits left or right arm - Easily adjustable Velcro straps for desired compression



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ALL NEW!! - TWO SIZES! Elbow Immobilizer Foam laminated to hook-engageable fabric Comfortable and breathable two rigid stays. The soft fabric and breathable foam keep the arm warm, and the cotton lining allows the skin to breathe. Fits left or right arm. Washable. Latex Free.

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Product details Size: Small / Medium
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I work in orthopedics, so I think my expectations for this brace and form of treatment (of night bracing) is more realistic than most of the other reviewers. This brace, along with other night splints, are designed to alleviate or lessen pain at night, which is typically the worst time for this type of syndrome because people often lay with bent elbows for long periods of time, putting pressure on the lunar nerve. This brace will alleviate pain and numbness associated with ulnar nerve compression at night. It will not completely eliminate day pain too when only worn at night. As for the fit, I’m skeptical that people aren’t applying correctly. I have skinny arms (biceps diameter: 11 inches, forearm diameter: 9.5 inches) and I’m an active/rough sleeper and the small/medium fits me well and hasn’t fallen off after a week of wearing.

For my case specifically, I am currently experiencing significant cubital tunnel syndrome 24/7 because I’m 8 months pregnant. My day pain and numbness remains the same, but my hand strength is much better when I wake up because my nerve isn’t compressed while I sleep. My night pain has been relieved. I was waking up every 1-2 hours with severe elbow and forearm pain along with numbness of the ulnar nerve distribution (pinky, ring and 1/2 of middle finger) that would prevent me from falling back asleep and then prevent me from holding a tooth brush or opening orange juice in the morning because of the weakness caused by the nerve compression. The brace alleviated that for me. I will still wake up occasionally with pain because I would hyperextend (the brace prevents flexion past 20 degrees and hyperextening more than 5 degrees, but it rarely happens and the quality of sleep has drastically improved and the amount of pain has drastically decreased.

The summary is that this brace did not alleviate 100% of the pain, but it drastically reduced it and improved my quality of sleep and hand strength in the morning. I cannot sleep without it and am very thankful I purchased it. If your night pain and numbness is severe and preventing you from sleeping and/or causing weakness, then I highly recommend it! The most effective treatment is a steroid injection, but an orthopedic physician will want to know you tried the conservative treatment of a brace first. This is a reasonably price, effective first option for treatment.

Just received my immobilizer. After the nay sayer reviews I am delighted. I did not expect much. The quality is awesome. The padding is better than expected as one reviewer stated that there was hardly any padding. It is well padded and I cannot feel the stabilizer bars. When I tighten it the padding makes it comfortable even when I try to bend my elbow. I ordered the small/medium and there is a tag that says small. I am 5’3” and weigh about 150. I’m not small but I’m not large either. This fits perfectly. I did knock off one star because I thought the inner sleeve could have been a little tighter. But when you have to accommodate a wide range of people I guess it’s difficult. But with technology being what it is, there has to be some kind of fabric that would be more snug but stretch to fit other size arms. I haven’t slept with it yet but it does seem tight enough it won’t slip off. I am more concerned that in my sleep I may take it off so I can bend my arm.
Update: slept with only minor problems. Had a better nights sleep than usual. Good news is I did not remove it during the night. The only discomfort is when changing positions I tried to use that arm but couldn’t; which is really a good thing. Fell right to sleep after the position change. Woke in the morning with 35% less pain and marked less pain once out of bed and moving around.

First, I want to say that I am really happy with the quality of this elbow brace. It has done everything that I expected. I would buy it again, but in the smaller size. I ordered the large since I am a woman who wear size XL. But honestly, the size large would fit really, really round people or weightlifters. I pull the straps extra tight and everything works, but I wish that I had ordered the smaller size or had had the time to exchange it. My fault.
Bottom line: great product. But most people probably wear the regular size, not the large.

Upon the advice of my orthopedic surgeon, I was advised to see if a stabilizer like this would provide any sort of temporary relief from cubital tunnel syndrome while other options were being considered. If you are affected by a similar condition, keep in mind that this item is not going to replace the advice of a medical professional. It is intended for short-term relief as should only be considered an at-home remedy. Having said that, I did notice only very minimal relief from symptoms (as expected). The brace initially provided a minor amount of comfort by ensuring limited use of the affected elbow. The product itself cannot be held responsible for its inability to cure any ailment--again, it is only intended as a remedy.

The item itself has two sturdy metal plates sewn into its fabric covering, which do a good job of restricting movement of the arm on which it is placed. However, the fabric is thin, and although the metal plates do have a foam covering around them under the fabric covering, the foam lacks the density to make any difference in ensuring a comfortable fit. This is especially noticeable able wearing this brace for a couple of hours. The length of the brace is sufficient to cover enough of your arm to limit mobility. If you are looking for short-term relief from cubital tunnel syndrome (or something else requiring limited use of your arm/elbow), then this could be a good solution as you weigh other options. If your condition continues to aggravate you, do the wise thing and seek the advice of a medical professional.

I'd been waking up with a low slow throb in my elbow - felt like a problem with my funny bone, which carried over during the day. Investigation led me to Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the elbow (aka Cubital Tunnel Syndrome). The symptoms and likely causes described my situation exactly - I have long slept on my side with my elbows bent. I tried to sleep differently but the habit is too ingrained. I found this item on Amazon, tried it and it worked perfectly. No more pain, and no issues. I found it easy to work with and that it performed perfectly.