Bangbreak Copper Arthritis Compression Gloves, High Copper Infused Compression Gloves for Men and Women, Pain Relief and Healing for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Typing and Daily Work (Large)


  • Arthritis gloves are made from copper-infused Nylon and spandex materials. The seams of the gloves are reinforced, making them less prone to damage even after frequent use. Lightweight and form-fitting, it is like a second skin.
  • The anti-arthritis glove covers the portion of your hand responsible for carpal tunnel, providing the compression you need for comfort throughout the day and night. The glove promotes blood circulation throughout your hands, relieves rheumatic pain, relieves hand muscle tension, and relieves carpal tunnel pain.
  • The open finger design allows a better range of motion while retaining grip and a sense of touch for daily activities such as computer typing, writing, doing housework, driving, and more.
  • The specially engineered fabric has a high copper content, which helps stabilize muscle tissue, reducing swelling of muscle fibers at a micro level, and reducing pain.
  • Size: 3.2 - 3.7 inches. Do not iron, do not bleach.



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Are you tired of constant pain and stress from arthritis?

Our arthritic gloves are what you have been waiting for.

1. Helps joint and muscle recovery.

2. Relieve the intensity of arthritis and pain.

3. Promotes hand blood circulation while stimulating oxygen flow to muscles.

5. Reduces damage and provides good muscle support for daily leisure activities.


We want to help you regain your quality of life. We recommend wearing your compression gloves 8 hours per day or night, for the best pain relief and healing results.


For longest life, machine wash on a cold delicate cycle and tumble dry with low heat.


2.1 inches - 2.6 inches = Small

2.7 inches - 3.1 inches = Medium

3.2 - 3.7 inches = Large

3.8 - 4.4 inches = X-Large

Always consult your physician before using compression gloves for specific health conditions.

Product details Size: Large
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches ; 0.48 ounces
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  • ASIN: B083F93PJR

Cheaply made and instantly started to fall apart as soon as I put them on

My hand gets cold when sitting at work, so I went looking for fingerless typing gloves. I am between the Large and X-Large size on the size chart. I went with large. They do keep my hands from freezing while at work. I have also noticed that while my hands are not cold, the gloves seem "cool" especially when my hand are warm. As they are a compression glove, they take a bit of getting used to when typing on a full sized keyboard. The grips on the front are nice as well. Overall, they do what I bought them for, although that isn't not what they are primarily advertised for.

I have been trying wrist braces for years now. I have a really bad case of tendinitis. The problem is that they are always so bulky, I have been trying so many for such a long time. It turns out that these compression gloves are all I need! They are cool enough I can sleep with them, and light enough that I can type with him. It’s unbelievable.!

I have had arthritis in my hand for about a year now and finally got this, the compression helps me so much. Yes the arthritis is still there and the pain but this makes it much more bareable. I regret not getting this sooner.

I work 10 hours a day on my computer for work and many times recently I've begun to feel pain in my wrists and right thumb. I use a trackball as well.
I did a ton of research on these types of gloves and noticed the very high review ratings for these Bangbreak Compression Gloves.
I ordered these gloves and felt instant relief from the pain when I put them on, they work!
They are so good that I look forward to putting them on when I begin my work day.
They are very comfortable and you can do all the things you normally do with your hands with these gloves on.
I am planning to buy another pair very soon.

I have had surgery on both my hands a year ago and ever since then have had pain, poor circulation and discomfort in them as well as all the fingers. It has been difficult getting a good nights sleep. I have used some over the counter remedies which I found little success. I ran across some information on Copper Arthritis Compression Gloves and decided to give them a try. After receiving my Bangbreak gloves and eager to see how they were going to work for me within the second day, I found more comfort and better circulation in my hands. Now I don't want to take them off because I know finally I've found something that truly helps.

I wear these gloves throughout most days, they are so lightweight that after awhile I forget they're even on.
If they get dirty at all you can just rinse them in cold water and leave them to dry - the material is pretty sturdy, kind of like an underarmor material, and dries easily as well.

I wear them while typing documents and using the mouse, which I do for hours back to back at times. I've noticed since I've begun wearing these gloves that my hands are less sore and my muscles ache less, they feel much better than they used to! I love that I can wear them all day without them being uncomfortable.

When I am doing the dishes I just wear disposable gloves over my Bangbreak gloves and it works perfectly to keep them from getting dirty. They also help when I am doing yoga exercises or other kinds of exercise. I have noticed positive physical results since I first start wearing them. I will definitely continue to do so.

To preface, I don’t have arthritis; however, I spend copious amounts of time on the computer for my job. I was looking for something for compression to keep my hands from getting tired throughout the day. I also tend to have poor circulation, so the added pressure causes my hands to fall asleep less- which has been life changing. I can’t really judge these in arthritis, but they’ve been excellent so far.