New Breast Lift Tape boobytape Nude Plus for Large Size Breast, for D Cup up Size, DIY Breast Lift Job, Body Tape,Bra Tape,Medical Grade and Waterproof.Kim K's Trick.Better Than Gaffer Tape


  • ◕‿◕FABRIC TAPE &MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL:Made of 100% Professional grade cloth and medical grade glue.Thin design makes it suit for backless/strapless dresses, t-shirts, wedding gowns, sports bras, & swimsuits.Give you a natural, more youthful appearance,Flesh TAN color, very thin so it isn't easy to detect and It has a strong adhesion and does not fall off easily like gaffer tape. attached to the body like second skin.
  • ◕‿◕MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TAPE& WATERPROOF:It can be attached to your feet and protects your feet from being broken by shoes. Elastic cloth sports tape, you can fix your muscle tissue during exercise and will not be easily pulled.And it's waterproof,When you are wet with it, it will not fall off easily and For swimsuits.
  • ◕‿◕SIZE:Designed for large size breasts, it is suitable for E cups and E cups+ Size.(Enough length and width can make you more convenient to use.) does not irritate skin, Excellent quality safe Professional grade adhesive adheres to both skin and fabric.
  • ◕‿◕DIY BREAST JOB! : You can use the length and width of the tape according to your needs.Help you lift your BREAST,If you are larger than or equal to the size of the d cup, you can apply it multiple times from the side and below to lift your BREAST.It can really stick to the skin firmly.Better than gaffer tape.
  • ◕‿◕SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK : Email us or leave questions on our product page, We will be happy to asist you.(SATISFACCIÓN O DINERO ATRÁS)


Cindy's Tape

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Cindy's Tape

Breast Lift Tape


Waterproof and Sweatproof



Professional cotton material

Waterproof and Sweatproof

Will not fall off due to getting wet and sweating

Latex free

Made from pharmaceutical grade materials Latex free

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Step-1: Wipe the breasts with warm towel. Wipe all oil, dirt even sweat on body. Step-2: Put the breast lift tape onto the breast softly, Press hard with your fingers until tap stick to the skin. Step-3: Wear clothing and complete.

(Because it is very sticky, we recommend that you remove the tape after rinsing with hot water or alcohol to ensure that the product can be used better without damaging the skin)

Customer feedback


How to use

How to use

Suitable occasion

Suitable occasion

Can be used in a variety of occasions, suitable for backless/strapless dresses, T-shirts, wedding dresses, sports bras and swimwear. It gives you a natural and youthful appearance. It has a tan skin tone and is very thin, so it is not easy to find, and it has strong adhesion and will not fall like a belt. Attach to the body like a second skin.

Nudu for A-E Cup Pink for A-E Cup Blue for A-E Cup White for A-E Cup Nude Plus for Large Size Breast Nudu for A-E Cup Breast Pike for A-E Cup Breast Blue for A-E Cup Breast White for A-E cup Breast Nude Plus for Large Size Breast
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  • Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches
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This stuff is great for large breasts! I have been trying all different designs of silicone adhesive bras and have discovered that just because I wear a D cup doesn’t mean that D size silicone bra will fit. Not even close!! This tape is 4 inches wide, (and would be even better if it were 6 inches), and actually holds a lifted large breast. I went through almost a whole roll trying to figure out what method works best to lift and shape well. But when you have that figured out, I think it’s well worth the $$. However, removing it was extremely painful and I thought I may just have to leave it on for the rest of my life. But distracting myself by watching a program and inching it off bit by bit, I finally got it off. And that was using oil. I applied oil over the tape hoping it would soak through. It didn’t. I also used it while removing the tape. The second time wasn’t even close to being so bad! I don’t know why it was so different. But I learned to apply a half square of toilet paper over the nipple as I applied the tape. That, in itself was a life saver. Today is the 3rd time I’m using it. If it is too difficult to remove, I see that amazon sells different brands of skin-safe adhesive removers. Finally, I can be supported while feeling free of constriction and constantly having to pull down the back, adjusting the straps to relieve shoulder pain, and pulling down the front from creeping up.

After removing this tape at the end of the night, my chest area was on fire and red. Within a few days it started to scan over. Now 4 months later and my chest is still discolored and I have to wear makeup in order to wear anything lower cut than a crew neck shirt.

Holy Boob tape!! This stuff stayed on for 2 days through 3 showers and I still had to pry it off! I have D cups and these girls need some support and I've really wanted to wear some cute strapless and spaghetti strap summer dresses and tops without bra straps all over. FYI cover your nipples with something or cut them out.

I'm not sure what the others are saying about damaging effects. No you can't just peel these off, yes you need to soak them or wet then add baby oil to soak in, peeling perfectly and slowly

It did take me about half the roll to figure out how to position and peel the backing. So perhaps practice and decide placement with just some masking tape first. But once I got a few pieces in place, for the first time in my life I was able to walk around without straps and underwires poking, digging, hurting and sweating under the back strap. I wore it all day. Went shopping, walking, driving...Nothing budged. Taking off was not a problem. Just go slow, specially around the nipples. Next time I'll try putting a piece of tissue or something right over the nipple to keep the sticky stuff off that ultra sensitive area. Ordering two more rolls and looking forward to cool breezy wire free summer.

This is the truth works!!! It almost killed me taking it off tho!

Find you a tape cut out design that works best for your boob size. Some boobs require one simple strip. Others require a strip in the shape of an A. Some boobs require more than one strip. Find you strip shape that matches your boob and this tape will hold. I have DD's and got a 24 hour hold I still had to remove with baby oil. Great product.

I will use this product again & again. I've read lots of reviews about the adhesive being too strong so I bought, Goldfarm
Nipple Breast Covers, Sexy Breast Pasties Adhesive Bra Disposable, to protect my nipples. Turns out, the tape worked perfectly, came off with very little effort (there was one area where a little adhesive was left behind), BUT, the nipple covers hurt like h*ll!!! This was my first use, so I used a lot of tape trying to get the look I wanted & I couldn't give all five stars because the tape does not stick to itself. However, with a little practice (and different nipple covers), this will be my go to anti-bra solution! BTW, I'm a 36DD. #JustDoTheTape

This product is very good and I was able to wear a backless dress and dance all night. My boobs are about a size F and the tape did not struggle at all. However, I suggest buying 2 rolls. I bought one roll and I did a test run before I actually need to wear the tape for an event. When the event day came I was able to get most of the job done but I ran out of tape.

In addition, as some people already stated, the tape is strong so you might lose some skin. It peeled off a little of my skin but nothing major and I'm healing fine. I don't plan to use this very often so I'm not too bothered by it. I also have sensitive skin and I didn't encounter much irritation.

Resultó demasiado grande, la tendré que cortar a la mitad para poder usarla, espero que funcione igual, llegó antes del tiempo marcado

Worked great! The ad leads you to believe there is much more tape than what actually comes on the roll though.

No cumple con la función que promete, se despega fácilmente de la piel

Solo pega sobre la piel, si tratas de poner varias capas de cinta sobre ellas, no se pegarán. Resiste a pesar del sudor y el calor. En general si lo recomiendo

Not to good....

Lo pedi en enero y es 30 de marzo y no ha llegado

Waste of $$