Back Brace Posture Corrector for Men - Medical Posture Brace for Women - Best Adjustable Back Corrector Provides Lumbar Support - Lower & Upper Back Pain Relief - Shoulder Kyphosis Posture Device(M)


  • 【REALIGNS YOUR SPINE And LOWER BACK PAIN RELIE】The Wasakky Posture corrector for men is designed to mold seamlessly with the upper and middle back, giving you lower back support and stabilizing your clavicle. Once worn, the lower back brace will pull the shoulders into an ideal position, all the while realigning the thoracic spine and supporting the middle and upper back. Over time, the waist trainer for men will help correct and relieve the negative symptoms of bad posture which include back
  • 【POSTURE CORRECTOR AND SUPPORT】Our posture correction back brace provides with strong support to lower back and waist. Stabilise and support your shoulders, chest, and back with this posture correction brace. You can deal with bad posture, hunchback, back pain and tension. Besides, keeping your posture straight boosts your confidence and makes you look more attractive!
  • 【INVISSIBLE UNDER CLOTHES】Our posture back brace will not be noticed even though you wear under shirt or blouse while working in the front of computer, doing daily activities or just sitting for a rest. So don't worry about bad impression with our back straightener. Our back brace help you shape perfect back posture rather than slouching, thoracic kyphosis and show confident side to your friends.
  • 【CREATED FOR WOMEN, MEN AND KIDS】Our posture support is created to be a universal fit for adults and teenagers. Good posture is beautiful for all and moldAP back support will remind you to keep your back straight.
  • 【COMFORTABLE, ADJUSTABLE & EASY TO USE】Our back support belt for men and women is what we serve you & which is exclusively made for your comfort. Our Clavicle brace comes in Small, Medium, Large and XLarge Sizes to fulfill everybody's body size. Wearing the back support brace for some time develops muscle memory which means you’ll keep your back straight even without the posture corrector device.The package come with a resistance bands.And the mat have Random Color .



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Size:Medium (30-38 Inch)

Laptops, cell phones, and sitting down all day have had an adverse effect on our posture and body health. A correct and healthy Posture is so important for both our health and nice looks. We want to stand up straight and look great as well!

The Wasakky best posture corrector is your best choice if you:

✫Want to improve posture and stop hunching

✫Want to get rid of shoulder or neck pain

✫Upper Back Pain Relief

✫Sit all day long

When you keep your shoulders straight and have the posture trainer on, nothing brings you discomfort and you forget about the posture brace on your back.

But as soon as you start to slouch, the back corrector make you feel uncomfortable and you sit straight again. After some time of regular usage of corrector back brace muscle memory will build and you will have straight back all the time no matter if the upright go is on.


♣Adjustable posture support universal size fits from 26" to 47" in chest circumference

♣Waterproof breathable material, Premium quality

♣Hypoallergenic: doesn’t cause skin irritation

♣Invisible under clothes thanks to thin material

How to use primate posture brace?

Straighten the back and put the upper back brace shoulder brace on. Tighten all the straps so you feel no discomfort

During the first week use your posture corrector for 15-20 min then add 20 min every day

You may feel uncomfortable for the first 3-4 day, but later you’ll get used to wearing the back posture corrector

It is recommended to wear back brace for posture women when people are engaged in static position (e.g. work at the computer).

It is not recommended to perform physical exercises or sleep in the posture corrector for women.

Take the WASAKKY posture corrector and be the best New Year Gift for your family !!

Product details Size: Medium (30-38 Inch)
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Works well. Follow instructions. You will see and feel improvement over time.

I really like this product! Everything is well and evenly stitched, claps with which the corset is attached at the waist, holds perfectly! All accessories are of high quality! Wearing this corset is a pleasure !!!!

I made the first mistake of not realizing this was a justable. Once I realized the extra straps around the waist where to reinforce support I realized this is a great product. It works fairly well and is better that the simple type that only go around your shoulders. I could feel a difference instantly.

I noticed I didn't have good posture after watching my young children naturally have good posture. Everything I want my children to do, I feel I should model to them. Therefore, I did not want my kids to copy the slouchy posture that I display all the time. I researched a little on amazon and the internet in general about what features are good for posture correctors. Therefore,I bought this item and I started using the posture corrector for about 15 minutes a day, I find that I am standing more upright without needing to remind myself,

Very supportive Arms some how dig I my skin

I have tried several back brace/posture support products on Amazon and this one is the best. It is much easier to put on than some other products which some times requires a second person to help adjust. This one I can put on by myself and adjust by myself. The second thing I like about this product is that it provides full back support while most others only support the shoulder area. The third thing I like is that this product provides 2 extra square pads. Many people speculate that these are for the shoulder (and it can be used as such) but it also can be used to cushion under the armpit. The 2 extra squares can be wrapped around the should strap to cushion any part of the shoulder/armpit area that may feel pinched when you tighten the straps to pull slouched shoulders back.

The biggest drawback to using these posture support braces consistently is difficulty is putting them on and discomfort in keeping them on for long hours. This product goes a long way to solving these two issues.

Very handy and easy to use

It probably helps, but it is incorrect for table for me to wear. I'll try it for a while longer and see what happens..