(8 Pack) White Finger Tape - Athletic Tape | 0.3” x 45 Feet - for Rock Climbing, BJJ Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, MMA, Crossfit and Martial Arts by Hampton Adams


  • ✅DON’T STOP MOVING -- Get the ultimate protection for your hands and fingers so you can keep doing what you love. Our jiu jitsu tape & rock climbing tape is engineered with pro-grade materials and designed specifically for hands. Whether it’s getting back to the gym or on the rock face, you need an athletic finger tape that offers proven skin protection.
  • ✅PERFORM LIKE A PRO -- Designed and inspired by a BJJ Black Belt, our finger tape is the one professional athletes prefer. With a slender width, it’s made specifically for wrapping fingers and hands, which makes it an ideal hand tape for sports like judo, rock climbing, bouldering, weightlifting, and crossfit. If you’re serious about your sport, whatever it is, get the finger tape bjj pros rely on.
  • ✅SPEED UP RECOVERY -- If you’re committed to daily training, you can’t afford to miss a session, and with the right protective gear, you shouldn’t have to. Finger and hand strain can cause pain and limit your movements. Get the jiu jitsu tape that offers maximum compression to bind and immobilize fingers to prevent swelling and assist a faster recovery. Easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and durable.
  • ✅APPLY & REMOVE WITHOUT FUSS -- Many athletic tapes fray and leave a sticky residue behind. Our rock climbing tape is made with a cotton substrate that gives strong, no fuss compression and protection, and works well with chalk. Second Skin Technology adhesive keeps the tape securely in place without any irritating gummy residue left behind.
  • ✅60 DAY DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -- Your purchase of a jumbo 8-roll pack of bjj finger tape comes with 100% satisfaction. We stand by all our products, which is why our It’s-A-Wrap Guarantee offers a DOUBLE REFUND. If you're not happy with the performance of our finger wrap tape, simply tell us within 60 days and we’ll pay you back, twice! Buy now to get this unbeatable offer.


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Get A Grip Without Limitation

You need protection, support, prevention, and comfort in one finger tape. Possible? Absolutely, we guarantee it. Our finger tape was originally designed for BJJ but it’s ideal for all hand-contact sports including grappling, weightlifting, and rock climbing. Professional-strength material and adhesive securely and comfortably bind and compress fingers and hands to assist recovery and prevent injury and skin irritation.

You Won’t Find Better Than This

  • Made specifically for hands
  • Chalk-friendly, latex free material
  • Non-flexible for maximum compression
  • Skin-safe, residue-free, super strength adhesive
  • Jumbo 8-roll pack, uncut (that’s 2 more than the competition)

Can this tape get wet?

Our tape is made with a cotton material and a super strong adhesive that resists moisture. Because it was designed for hand combat sports like BJJ, rock climbing, and weightlifting, it's tough enough to withstand the conditions of those sports. It will stand up against sweat and light moisture but it’s not made for complete water penetration.

Will it stand up with extreme use?

All our tape products, including this finger tape, were designed by active lifestyle enthusiasts who were frustrated with poorly-made tapes that frayed after just one use. This tape is designed for hard use and will stay put for several days without fraying, unsticking, curling back, or stretching. Just apply with a comfortable tension and get going.

You get more than just skin protection with Hampton Adams, you also get purchase protection. If you’re not satisfied with our finger tape, we’ll DOUBLE REFUND your money. That’s right, we’re that confident that this tape will give you even better protection than what you expected. Get our incredible It’s-A-Wrap Guarantee when you Add To Cart now.

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I started rock climbing and started to get some nice rips so I bought these to cover them over. I was very very pleased when I got them. I like the fact that they're narrower pieces of tape so that they aren't taking up an entire pad of your finger and reducing your finger mobility. The tape does tend to start to roll up on the sides after awhile of using it but that is to be understood. And the price for 8 rolls is more than enough! Once I run out I will be buying more.

I didn’t think I would like the size, but I’ve used for different things. Strong and love the amount and price, will buy again. Every Xmas I put together first aid packs Cost me over $100 bucks each.
. The smaller China first aid kits just don’t have what you might need. I start with a 14” x 7” clear plastic bag , buy everything separately. End up with above 160 items.

This tape is amazing. I’ve been using it the last several weeks in jiu jitsu and I haven’t had to rewrap or reapply so far. The tape is easy to tear and yet it's durable and provides a lot of support, but still flexible enough to allow for some range of motion.

Seriously, some of the best tape I’ve ever used, and I've gone through plenty of rolls of different tape.

I was in search of athletic tape that was thin enough that i could use it to wrap around my fingertips to prevent blister and broken or chip nail for bowling, as well as reinforce my finger joints and something that provided some traction on my grip. I’d say this product provided what I needed and fulfilled what i was searching for. For the price nothing can beat it, comes in 8 rolls and the product held up well each bowling session. So if your looking for something to offer some protection or provide some reinforcement to your digits or finger joints i’d say this product is for you.

I do 15 hours of BJJ and kickboxing every week, so naturally, my hands and feet need tape so I can continue performing at my best without worrying about small joints, burns, and blisters. I've been using this tape for 3 weeks and can say it's an excellent product. It stays adhesive beyond 2 hours of rolling, washing hands throughout the day, etc. It's also easy to remove, and a bit of rubbing the area will easily remove any residual adhesive. The shipment arrived promptly. I will definitely buy again! Thanks.

I am very impressed with this tape. I used standard athletic tape for my hands when playing tennis. Standard athletic tape was horrible. This is amazing. It is easy to apply and remove. It stays in place and doesn't require scissors to cut.
I wish it was offered in a 0.5 or 0.6 inch width.

People complain about it leaving adhesive on your fingers when you peel it off, but I see it as a give and take. Good tape uses good adhesive and crappy tape comes off. Is what it is. It does what it's supposed to do and stays put for drilling/rolling. Good adhesive. 8 rolls in a box will last me a few months but I only tape two or three fingers on each hand. Will definitely order again.

This is the best tape I have ever received. It stayed on for my whole class, round after round. It applied very easily to my skin and when I went to take it off, it didn't leave any type of residue. The value of getting 8 rolls is also great since it is going to last me a while for my classes.

Duradera, fácil de cortar y no se despega después de 2 horas de clase y sparring, además no deja residuos