Copper Chief Gear Copper Knee Braces (1 Pair) with Free Patella Knee Braces (1 Pair) - Guaranteed Best Copper Infused Fit - Compression & Recovery Sleeves - Both Men & Women


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  • PROVIDES COMFORT/PROMOTES MUSCLE & JOINT RECOVERY: Copper Compression Sleeves provide comfort & can be worn every day to help you reduce pain and recover faster. Besides that the Free Braces relieves muscle stiffness, extra soreness & offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, pain & discomfort, allowing you to perform at your peak in any situation.
  • PROTECTING & SUPPORTING KNEE: It is designed to protect the knee from future injury or risk of damage. This protection is especially important for knees put under great daily pressure (running, jumping). High-performance knee compression sleeves which gives you support you need to succeed.
  • IMPROVE PATELLA PERFORMANCE: Knee joint experiences a variety of forces and actions in sports competition and training. The knees are vulnerable to wear, tear, and thus injury, especially if you have been active for a number of years. Using patellar knee braces improve muscle timing imbalances. Bracing the knees can also offer mental confidence so the fear of re-injury is diminished.
  • INCREASE MUSCLE PERFORMANCE: It is designed with the infusion only to increase the muscle performance specially in the pain and relief.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our preference; because we think you should try us out without any risk. If Copper Chief Gear doesn't meet all of your needs, we'll repay you the full purchase price.


Copper Chief Gear

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Reduce your knee pain, leg pain, and fatigue with Copper Chief Gear Knee Compression Sleeves.
Moreover patellar knee braces improve muscle timing imbalances
Copper Chief Gear Knee Compression sleeves are made from imported material. The idea behind this knee sleeve is to reduce pain. More specifically, the sleeve adds warmth, limits patellar movement, and can increase proprioception (the capacity to feel the position of a joint in space as sensed by the central nervous system). In other words, this sleeve is more than a mechanical support mechanism for the joint, but is also used to improve proprioception.


Do you suffer from sore knees and find it difficult to do exercise which involve knee movements?
Are you tired of trying out a number of solutions for knees pain without any beneficial results?
Chief Gear knee braces may help you get back in action and can also offer mental confidence so the fear of re-injury is diminished.

Perfect Treatment for Patella Pain
These knee straps reduce the pressure on the patella tendon and helps alleviate pain while running or exercising. It helps to secure your patella and the ligaments around the knee. You will be amazed to see how much effective these are, and how quickly they provide relief.


You can find the Sizing Chart in the Listing Images above.

Measure the circumference of your thigh 5" above the center of the knee. If you fall between measurements, size up for comfort or down for compression.

➤ S: 13.48" - 14.7"

➤ M: 15.06" - 16.6"

➤ L: 16.83" - 17.25"

➤ XL: 18.5" - 20.1"

➤ XXL: 20.67" - 22.25"

ORDER NOW this Copper Knee Compression Sleeves along with FREE Pair of Adjustable Knee Straps and get relief from the knee pain which restricts your physical activity.

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Highly disappointed with these. I don't see how they are infused with copper. And definitely not any compression to them. They are extremely soft silk leg warmers. There's none absolutely zero compression. I don't notice any difference with the strap. I was looking for a nice tight sleeve. There's no way these have copper. There's no color variation at all. In other copper infused products you can see copper stitched throughout but not these. A waste of $18. They will be good for leg warmers come winter time. So sad. I don't drive and returning items is a pain. So I will be sucking up this loss.

For the price, you get a pair of knee sleeves and a pair of knee straps - you can't beat that. It's one of the reasons I chose this item over the others I looked at. The sizing is also accurate. It does as described, it's comfortable and provides ample support for your knees. I have not had knee surgery, but my left knee is starting to bother me when I work out or run.

EDIT: Apparently, I am not supposed to use these according to my doc so I returned them. I was advised to just use another knee stuff that you can insert ice in. For the quality - this is still a winner; it's just not for me at this time.

I hyperextended my right knee several years back, and re-injured it somewhat within the last year. I bought these in order to bring my knee some relief and to help out during my workouts. This is my first time using a knee sleeve but i have to say I am very impressed. I can easily wear the sleeve from everywhere from the gym to while I walk around at work all day. Even better is the band supports it comes with, especially for my heavy weight sets at the gym. The sleeve is comfortable and compressing, without being constructing or abrasive. It is easily slipped on and has givcen me a good deal of relief from compression and light support alone. Very happy with my purchase, and will be looking to this brand for further purchase needs!

This knee Braces are just great, I have started wearing them as soon as I opened the package, I have an old case of arthritis in my left knee, so I have been put pressure on my right foot for walking, hiking and those sort of sports. The effect of this product was obvious, the pain is gone, I feel much more comfortable on left side and well as I do not need to pressure my right foot. Considering the quality of your product I am sure I will be ordering More items from you in very near future. I sent the other pair to my brother and he is very happy with it, consider it a good Xmas gift. I look forward to order some other of your products soon

We were on a trip to France and we planned to do a lot of walking so we purchased two pairs. First day was delighful. We managed to make through without the knee pain myself and my wife experience mostly when walking. By the end of the second day the elastic band located inside close to the skin was unbearable. It rubbed and created a rash and welts formed. We had to bear the pain for the rest of the trip. We switched to Mava and they are fine. Every so often one has to pull them up again but I don't mind.

I have used these for over a month. I purchased them to alleviate knee pain...mostly when golfing. My knee pain started a long time ago while playing golf and swinging too hard. I had the knee scoped and that worked well for a time Pain came back so I tried these. It id not relieve
all the pain, but I must say it alleviated most of it so I can still enjoy golf. In addition to the strap, which is really what helps with the knee pain, that comes with the brace I also used a
knee brace with metal support on both sides. I do not use the brace during golf as it gets not have to wash it as often.
I have older soft knee braces that I put under the metal braces. You will need something as the strap has Velcro and you need something
to cushion the sharpness against your knee area. Also, I found it very useful to golf with shoes that do not have cleats. This puts alot less
pressure and you knee when you swing, which is what caused all my problems initially.
..I ordered the brace that fits my knee size AND the next smaller one. I found the next smaller one to work best as it stays in place better.
I use the knee brace all other times when not golfing. It does not look too bad with shorts.

Took me 3 times to order to get a correct size, as they don't have it on the description. I normally wear L or XL, but ended up getting a XXL because it was cutting off circulation in my thigh when I wore it. I have a sleeve for my arm and don't have that issue, but its a different brand. I do like the sleeve, as it helps me with pain in my knee. I work at a grocery store and after 8 hours lifting products, my knee hurts and if I wear it overnight, it helps a lot without having to take advil. If it would fit better, I would give it 5 stars.

I love these knee sleeves they are super comfortable i wear them all day long. They don't slide down or roll up. as a bonus they are breathable so I can wear them no mater the weather without my knee getting hot like other knee sleeves. I was in a Major Car accident 3 years ago and had to have knee surgery i will wear this sleeve everyday. i really notice a big difference in how my knee feels at the end of the day if i forget to put it on in the morning