Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot High Top (Medium) with Compression Adjustable Comfortable Straps and Air Pump Rocker Bottom Ventilated Panels for Ankle Sprains Fractures Tendon Ligament Post-Op Rehab


  • Fits Mens Shoe 7-10.5 and Womens 8.5-12
  • The Ossur Rebound Air walker is the premier choice when it comes to an achilles tendon boot.
  • Fully-integrated air pump and release valve provides easy, tool-free inflation and deflation for fine-tuned, consistent compression.
  • Rocker bottom promotes a natural, stable gait, while a trimmable, semi-soft toe bumper provides added protection.
  • Moisture-wicking softgood helps keep skin dry and comfortable.



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The Ossur Rebound Air Walker is perfect for achilles tendonitis, tendon injuries, ankle injuries, fractures, and more. This brace provides excellent stability and comfort for many different injuries and conditions, and it gives a near custom fit with it's special air inflatable technology. If you suffer from achilles tendonitis or have recently had surgery to repair the achilles, then the Rebound Air Walker can assist.

Product details Size: Medium
  • Shipping Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • ASIN: B005PFW63O

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. I have had it for 48 hours and the rubber on the front is already cracked as other reviews showed. And they DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS.

Updated from one to three stars, this boot is by far the most comfortable I have had, the insert is just extremely flawed, starts cracking almost immediately. I bought another one (on my 4th month of having a boot after fracturing my foot in 4 places), my husband reinforced the entire back panel with shoe-goo and rubber for patching tires. It prevents all the cracking. But you do have to do it EVERYWHERE the flexible rubber meets a solid plastic part or it will eventually start cracking if you are not in a position to stay off your foot for the most part and have to walk quite a bit.

I ordered this for a Level 2 ankle sprain. The doctor's office wanted to charge a little over 3 times the amount I paid for it here on Amazon. Exact same boot! Added 1 day shipping to my order and was good to go the following afternoon.

The boot helps stabilize the ankle and offers custom cushioning on the heel or toes, depending on where you need it, thanks to a cushion pad in the boot. The straps secure it to your leg. There are even rubber outlets on either side that you can cut to give extra stretching room for a thicker calf, if this is a concern for you. I have not yet been able to put any weight when I walk in it, but the rocking motion the sole allows feels natural and comfortable.

I had an issue with the original air pump. It was not pumping air into the hose connected to the ankle air pouch. After taking the mechanism (the black squeeze button) apart, I found out the air pump mechanism on the boot did not work, so I emailed the seller. They overnighted a new mechanism to me the same day I sent the email! Excellent response time, excellent customer service. Highly recommend the seller!

One thing I will mention is the height of the boot. As with most walking boots, there is a height difference. My boot foot is about 2 inches higher than my good foot now (without shoes). I suggest getting a lift for your other foot for when you do start walking. Amazon has a lift called EvenUp, which offers customizable lift to help prevent hip and back issues while in the boot.

I purchased this product after my doctor advised I needed to rest my Achilles or would be facing surgery. Orthopedic office tried to fit me in a boot that cost over $300 and I knew I could find one for less. This one fit the bill and cost a fraction of what I would have paid. It was easy to use and fit well. I am a female who wears a size 11M so I got a Medium and it was just right. I felt the inside air pump worked well at stabilizing my ankle in the boot when it was inflated. There was a protective strip of material over the velcro inside the boot that I felt was a bit too short. I noticed that I had scratches on the front of my leg from where the velcro had come in contact with my skin. After using the boot for a few weeks, I noticed the sole was squeaking a bit as I walked. I also noticed that I needed to wear a shoe with a small heel in order to make up for the height of the boot. Finally, after several days of wearing it, it had a foot odor and I had problems cleaning it with the air pump device installed. Sport shoe deodorant spray was useful in addressing this. All and all, it did what it needed to do which was to relieve the daily walking pressure from my foot/achilles and allow it to rest and heal.

I had three boots, and after my calf atrophied and I could not longer wear the first, this was the last I ordered and it is the best one. I wish I had ordered it at the beginning. It's lighter than the others by far and so I can manage to get around with it on crutches without feeling like I'm dragging bricks. Despite only three straps, it's more adjustable than the others because the velcro is perfectly placed and together with the inflatable pump, I can get the correct amount of support depending on my activity. I have to wear it with orthotics since the bottom is flat and always use a compression or white fuzzy liner sock. I would recommend this boot to anyone with an injury who needs stabilization and would like to continue being mobile.

The CAM Walker My Podiatrist Gave Me Bruised My Foot Where The Middle Strap Was, And It Just Felt Awkward, I Have To Wear A Walker For 6 Weeks, So I Ordered This One Hoping For The Best.
As Soon As I Tried It On, My Foot Felt Comfortable In It, Walking Was Much Easier With This Model Compared To The One I Had, Now I Won't Mind Needing A Walker Nearly As Much, Plus It Looks Pretty Cool Too!
***So 5 Days After Receiving This Item The Rubber Part That Holds The 2 Pieces Of molding That Go Over Your Foot Is Starting To Tear,
This Is Unacceptable, I Contacted The Seller GenieCure Hopefully It Can Be Resolved.
GenieCure Customer Service Was Great, They Replaced The Boot.
The Replacement Boot Also Started Tearing, Would NOT Recommend This Product!

This was the fourth (and last) walking boot that I had in three months. The Aircast SP was better, more comfortable and effective, but not by much. This boot is similar in design and appears to be better made, but has the same issues. The biggest complaint I have is that the plastic outer cover is supposed to go over the inflation and deflation bulbs that are built into the liner, but the smaller deflation bulb would slip under the cover and was constantly getting pressed by the cover as it shifted, thus deflating the air bladders and causing the boot to fit loosely. Also, the toe cap at the front seems like a good idea, but anything that gets in doesn't come out without removing the boot. After three weeks of use, the rubber that holds the plastic outer cover together had broken and the ankle strap was giving out. Still, this is a good boot. The liner is good, it's pretty comfy, and the bladder setup is very good when it was inflated. I just prefer the Aircast SP. It's more comfortable and the inflation setup is simpler and works.

The concept of this boot is excellent but I am now on my 4th as the pump mechanism failed after a week or so on 2 of the boots and came broken on the 3rd. My current boot already has air escaping from the 'balloon' so I am unsure how long it will go on - I've had it for 2 weeks!

Very nice product, although very expensive. It's comfortable, but unfortunately the sizing is a bit off so it's unusable for me as my foot slides around.

Get a idea horrible in practice. Airs chambers pops too easy

A fantastic boot.I previously had a long boot but having this boot has been brilliant as I can't feel it on.I would highly recommend this boot and the suppliers with their excellent service.

I have worn item for 1 day and the black rubber on top panel is starting to split